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  • Hey there!


  • Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko!


  • This is the show where I answer your questions about your world and my world.


  • Let's get started! First question up, Nolando asks, "Dear Blocko, why do people keep telling me to touch grass?" Uhwell, "touch grass" is a saying that means to go outside and enjoy nature.

    我們開始吧第一個問題,諾蘭多問:"親愛的布洛克 為什麼人們總是叫我去摸草?"呃......嗯,"摸草 "是一種說法,意思是到戶外去享受大自然。

  • You may be hearing it from friends or enemies who think you could benefit from taking a break from technology and the online world by getting some fresh air.


  • Basically, uh, stop what you're doing and go outside, please.


  • And they're not wrong. Researchers found that spending time in nature can improve your mental and physical health by reducing stress and anxiety.


  • In Japan, this practice is known as forest bathing.


  • But some people take their nature walks a step further by going barefoot.


  • This is called grounding or earthing, and advocates say that being in direct contact with the earth allows its electrical charges to have a positive effect on your body.


  • While there's been little research to measure its effects, small, mostly subjective studies claim that it can improve inflammation, pain, and mood.


  • But whether or not you literally touch grass, spending time in nature can be really good for you. The next question about your world is from Skipwreck. "Dear Blocko, why do people like touching each other?" Oh, boy.

    不過,無論你是否真的接觸過草,在大自然中度過的時光都會對你大有裨益。下一個關於你的世界的問題 來自斯基普沃克"親愛的布洛克,為什麼人們喜歡互相觸摸?"天啊

  • Okay, uh, well, I will try to answer this without getting demonetized or receiving several angry letters from parents.


  • Okay, physical touch by someone you care about does a lot more to your body than invoke a warm, fuzzy feeling.


  • No, get your minds out of the gutter, people.


  • Okay, I mean touches like hugging or holding hands.


  • Triangle Bob, stop giggling.


  • You're not helping.


  • Researchers have found that these types of touches increase your production of oxytocin, which is often referred to as the love hormone, for its promotion of positive feelings and reduction of stress levels.


  • Yes, I do know about the Billie Eilish song, Triangle Bob.

    是的,我知道比莉-艾利什(Billie Eilish)的歌,三角鮑勃(Triangle Bob)。

  • But it could be innocent as well. One study found that holding hands and hugging your partner before a stressful situation can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure by half, which is good for your cardiovascular health.


  • Other studies have found that more hugs lead to a greater resistance to respiratory infections, and holding hands during a scary or painful experience can make you feel calmer and even lessen your pain. And now it's time for a question about my world.


  • Bordorella asks, "Dear Blocko, how do you spend your weekends when you're not making videos?" Well, thank you for asking about my weekend.


  • I wake up and scrub my face of unwanted data.


  • Gotta keep up this pristine appearance.


  • I'll head to the Blocktropolis Farmer's Market with Sir Clea to buy fruits, vegetables, and enough sourdough bread to fill a football stadium.

    我會和克蕾雅爵士一起去 Blocktropolis 農貿市場買水果、蔬菜和足夠填滿一個足球場的酸麵包。

  • Also, I've been getting really into restoring broken electronics, but Cubot keeps falling in love with them and then they disappear.

    另外,我一直很喜歡修復損壞的電子產品,但 Cubot 總是愛上它們,然後它們就消失了。

  • I'm not asking questions on that one.


  • This piece appeared in my backyard recently, though.


  • It looks like something from your world, so anyone know what this does? Anyway, at night I'll visit my favorite restaurant, Binary Bites, and enjoy a delectable digital donut for dessert.

    它看起來像你們世界裡的東西,有人知道它是做什麼的嗎?總之,晚上我會去我最喜歡的餐廳 Binary Bites,享用美味的數字甜甜圈作為甜點。

  • And then I'll spend the rest of the evening reading with Sir Clea.


  • It's so relaxing.


  • Although, I'm just realizing she's read a lot of true crime books.


  • So, do you have any questions about me or my world?


  • Let me know in the comments and use the hashtag Dear Blocko so I can find it. Wanna watch even more Dear Blocko?

    請在評論中告訴我,並使用標籤 "Dear Blocko",以便我能找到它。想看《親愛的布洛克》更多精彩內容嗎?

  • Well, then you should probably click one of these to watch another episode.


  • Make sure you check out Lifespan, the team that powers Life Noggin, down in the description.

    請務必在描述中查看為 Life Noggin 提供支持的團隊 Lifespan。

  • And as always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking.

    和往常一樣,我的名字叫 Blocko,這裡是 Life Noggin,別忘了繼續思考。

  • Bye!


Hey there!


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