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  • La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la


  • So, how'd we get here?


  • Plenty of groups have La La La's in their songs, but none have made it so close to their core identity as Triple S. Look at the comment section of any of their four title tracks with the motif.

    很多組合的歌曲中都有 "La La La",但沒有一個像 Triple S 這樣把它作為自己的核心特徵。看看他們四首主打歌的留言區。

  • You'll see people talking about how the sound in the group are inseparable.


  • The girls themselves acknowledge it.


  • Every band has a musical style, but for Triple S, their identity is one magic syllable, repeated over and over.

    每個樂隊都有自己的音樂風格,但對於 Triple S 來說,他們的特色就是一個神奇的音節,不斷重複。

  • It begs the question, why?


  • Well, I'm going to show you that today, and how the La La La's aren't just a meme in the community or a catchy sound, but the very backing fabric of Triple S's concepts and message.

    今天,我將向你們展示這一點,以及 La La La's 不只是社區中的一個流行語,也不只是一種朗朗上口的聲音,而是 Triple S 的理念和資訊的基礎結構。

  • Let's get started by going all the way back to the very beginning.


  • La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la


  • T'was summer 2022, when all through the Triple S house, not a creature was stirring.

    那是 2022 年的夏天,整個 Triple S 房子裡沒有任何動靜。

  • Not even JiU.

    連 JiU 也沒有。

  • The first Triple S subunit debuts were coming up, and creative director and CEO of Modhouse,

    首批 Triple S 子單元即將亮相,Modhouse 的創意總監兼首席執行官、

  • Jaedon Jung, knew he needed a hit to give the group momentum.

    Jaedon Jung 知道,他需要一首主打歌來為組合造勢。

  • So the company contacted well-known hit-making production studio, Vendors.

    於是,公司聯繫了知名的熱門製作工作室 Vendors。

  • Vendors was founded back in 2018 by three boy group members, two from the boy group

    Vendors 早在 2018 年就由三名男子組合成員創立,其中兩名來自男子組合

  • History, who now go by the names El Capitan and Nano, and one from Hotshot, who's now known as Polar.

    歷史,現在的名字是 El Capitan 和 Nano,還有一個來自 Hotshot,現在的名字是 Polar。

  • It's a studio that by 2022 had developed several notable songs already, some being b-sides for large groups like Wanna One, TXT, and EXO.

    到 2022 年,這家工作室已創作出多首著名歌曲,其中一些還是 Wanna One、TXT 和 EXO 等大型組合的副歌。

  • Vendors is a bit of an unusual studio.

    Vendors 是一個與眾不同的工作室。

  • Being created and directed by ex-idols, and assisted by people from all over the globe with diverse skillsets, they pride themselves on the variety of sounds they produce to try and fit each group's image and vocal range.


  • Here's just a few examples.


  • So Jaedon Jung reached out to Vendors, and explained his vision for the song, and they got quick to work.

    於是,Jaedon Jung 聯繫了 Vendors,說明了他對這首歌的設想,他們很快就開始了工作。

  • Now lucky for us, we actually get a fairly in-depth glance at the production of Generation, thanks to an interview and demonstration on the Bristleife channel.

    現在幸運的是,通過 Bristleife 頻道的採訪和演示,我們可以對《一代》的製作過程有一個相當深入的瞭解。

  • Check out that video for the full explanation, but I'll just be focusing on the origin of the La La La melody.

    完整的解釋可查看該視頻,但我只想重點談談 La La La 旋律的由來。

  • We learn that the iconic La La La was actually the very first part of the song created, the melody spontaneously came to mind, loosely inspired by Korean Trot music.

    我們瞭解到,標誌性的《La La La La》實際上是這首歌曲創作的最初部分,旋律是自發想到的,靈感來源於韓國的 Trot 音樂。

  • The La's became the backbone in which the rest of the song was built around, chords, drum, bass, etc.


  • Jaedon Jung then added the lyrics, and the thematic and melodic masterpiece, Generation, was born.

    Jaedon Jung 隨後加入了歌詞,主題和旋律的傑作《Generation》就這樣誕生了。

  • As of now, we don't know the exact directions that Jaedon gave Vendors, but we do know that the La La La melody was born in a stroke of genius from them, and evidently fit Jaedon's vision.

    到目前為止,我們還不知道 Jaedon 給 Vendors 的確切訓示,但我們知道 La La La 的旋律是在他們的天才之筆下誕生的,而且顯然符合 Jaedon 的設想。

  • The composition became the ever influential debut song of Acid Angel from Asia, Triple

    這首曲子成為亞洲酸性天使樂隊(Acid Angel)極具影響力的處女作。

  • S's first subunit, and it was a hit.

    S 的第一個子單元,並且大受歡迎。

  • Triple S fans, still unnamed at the time, rejoiced.

    Triple S 的粉絲們(當時還不知道他們的名字)歡欣鼓舞。

  • The song, funky, trendy, and unimaginably catchy.


  • The fandom, which for months had never had an official song release, suddenly had their long anticipated first bop.


  • Even back in November 2022, when I wasn't that familiar with Triple S, I was listening to Generation on repeat.

    即使是在 2022 年 11 月,當我對 Triple S 還不是那麼熟悉的時候,我也在反覆聽《一代》。

  • Heck, I still listen to it almost daily.


  • I love this song.


  • It remains their most viewed music video, and it's important we briefly talk about it.


  • Generation shows girls rejecting stiff societal conventions, and choosing to be themselves.


  • Jaedon Jung likes to put deep meaning and feelings into his projects, and give them an element of reality.

    Jaedon Jung 喜歡在他的項目中融入深刻的意義和情感,並賦予其現實元素。

  • It's not just glamorous sets and stages.


  • It's skipping school.


  • It's walking down the street with your friends.


  • It's cramming yourself into elevators that really shouldn't be holding that many people.


  • And we see the girls choose to dance in this elevator, still high on the feeling, with


  • La La La's creating an unstoppable surge of energy that seems to drown out all other distractions.


  • It feels defiant.


  • Almost like how a kid might cover their ears and say La La La when they don't want to hear something.


  • Generation's La La La's are a similar drowning out of the world's noise, that instead of feeling childish, feels powerful, meaningful, and decisive.

    一代人的 "啦啦啦 "同樣淹沒在世界的喧囂中,讓人不再感到幼稚,而是感到強大、有意義和果斷。

  • But still at this point in time, La La La was not Triple S's signature sound.

    但此時此刻,La La La La 仍然不是 Triple S 的標誌性聲音。

  • There was no pattern, and no precedent for that to be the case.


  • Which is where the second song comes in.


  • Now, one might think based on the relative success of Generation, Modhouse planned to release a spiritual successor next.

    現在,人們可能會認為,基於《一代》的相對成功,Modhouse 計劃接下來推出一款精神繼承者。

  • However, due to the scheduled grand gravity for the full group unit in December, and already set debut of the second subunit, Crystallize, the next year, that was impossible.

    然而,由於整個集團單元的盛大慶典定於 12 月舉行,而第二子單元 Crystallize 的首次亮相也已定於次年,是以這是不可能的。

  • The grand gravity, for those not in the know, was essentially a tournament bracket of songs, that was completely controlled by the fans on the KOMO app.

    對於不瞭解情況的人來說,"萬有引力 "本質上是一個歌曲錦標賽,完全由 KOMO 應用程序上的粉絲控制。

  • The fans got full say in what Assemble, the name of the first group, was going to be.

    粉絲們對第一組的名稱 "Assemble "有充分的發言權。

  • But Assemble, the name of the first full group unit, debuted with.


  • With 8 songs to choose from, the competition seemed stiff.

    有 8 首歌曲可供選擇,競爭似乎很激烈。

  • But one song proved itself as a standout.


  • People praised the unique melodicism in the powerful instrumental.


  • And at this time, we got our first glimpses into those committing to the La La La trend, with comments like, let's keep the La La La's going, or return of the iconic La La La.

    在這個時候,我們第一次看到了那些致力於 "啦啦啦 "潮流的人,他們的評論是:讓 "啦啦啦 "繼續下去,或者標誌性的 "啦啦啦 "迴歸。

  • Inversely, however, there was a non-insignificant portion of the fanbase who vehemently disagreed.


  • They were worried that the song would be too similar to Generation, and would ultimately hurt the group and it's discography.


  • Now interestingly, this song was not produced by vendors, but by Monotree and Artronic Waves, who have worked on several Luna songs before.

    有趣的是,這首歌的製作人並不是小販,而是 Monotree 和 Artronic Waves。

  • It's possible the song had La La La's in it by coincidence, or they were added in response to the success of Generation.

    這首歌曲中出現 La La La's 可能是巧合,也可能是為了響應《Generation》的成功而加入的。

  • But it's clear, this was not supposed to be the spiritual successor to Generation, quite yet.


  • In the end, the enthusiasm for the song won over, and it was decided by the fans as the title track for Assemble.


  • And it released.


  • Now I would argue this was the moment that SSS's musical identity was really solidified.

    現在,我認為這是 SSS 音樂身份真正得到鞏固的時刻。

  • The group had a full chance to pivot from the more cool, stylish concept of Generation, into something cuter, or ethereal, or poppy.

    他們完全有機會從 "一代 "更酷、更時尚的概念轉向更可愛、更空靈、更流行的概念。

  • But the second title track of the group also contained powerful and stylish theming.


  • Complementing the distinct La La La's in the intro was an energetic dance track with lyrics centered around standing up for yourself, and rising past obstacles that stand in your path.

    與前奏中獨特的 "啦啦啦 "相得益彰的是一首充滿活力的舞曲,歌詞的中心思想是堅持自我,超越前進道路上的障礙。

  • The La La La's started to become emblematic of the SSS vibe itself, a vocalization of powerful defiance to conventions, and living your life in a way true to your heart.

    La La La's "開始成為 "SSS "氛圍本身的象徵,是對傳統的有力反抗,也是以忠於內心的方式生活的一種表達。

  • Now with a group this large, and supposedly of all possibilities, Modhouse knew that further pigeonholing themselves into just one theme would go against their concept.

    有了這樣一個龐大的團隊,而且據說有各種可能性,Modhouse 知道,如果再把自己侷限於一個主題,就會違揹他們的理念。

  • The original plans for units with different themes was still set, which led to Cherry


  • Talk in May from the third subunit, Crystallize.

    第三分會 "Crystallize "將於五月舉行會議。

  • It was a cuter concept, which while relevant to the themes of Generation, with its emphasis on the digital world, marked a very different sound.


  • While the song wasn't quite as large of a hit as Generation or Rising, it's still considered a bop by many waves, who by now had finally voted for their fandom name.


  • Now two is a coincidence, but three is a pattern, and in the time between Rising and Cherry


  • Talk, discussions for a successor to Generation were underway.


  • There was no grand gravity for the songs given to SSS Evolution and LoveLution, the next two subunits.

    接下來的兩個分隊 SSS Evolution 和 LoveLution 所獲得的歌曲並沒有什麼吸引力。

  • They were deliberately chosen by Modhouse, and this meant that it was the perfect time to arrange for the successor of Generation to come out, with a subunit that fit it.

    他們是 Modhouse 特意選擇的,這意味著這是安排 "一代 "的繼任者推出與之相匹配的子單元的最佳時機。

  • But how could it be iterated?


  • Many lauded the song as the pinnacle of its sound already.


  • Well Jaden and Vendors were hard at work, and managed to craft a song with everything that made Generation special, with a brand new shiny melody, instrumental, and concept.

    Jaden 和 Vendors 正在努力工作,他們成功地製作了一首歌,其中包含了《一代人》的所有特色,並採用了全新的閃亮旋律、樂器和概念。

  • Introducing Girls' Capitalism.


  • Girls' Capitalism takes the confidence-boosting rhythm and vibe of the first two La La La songs, but takes it to a hundred with a more self-indulgent twist.

    Girls' Capitalism》繼承了前兩首《La La La La》中令人信心倍增的節奏和氛圍,但將其推向了一個更加自我放縱的高度。

  • The lyrics are similar to before in that they talk about the digital world, but are now embedded with the concept of loving yourself, taking pride in who you are, and basking in the excitement for who you'll become.


  • The members belt out fierce La La La's in the chorus to a joyful and funky dance tune, embodying the confidence and message of the song all the way through.

    在歡快的舞曲中,成員們在副歌部分激烈地唱起了 La La La's,將歌曲的自信和寓意體現得淋漓盡致。

  • It was clear to everyone at this point, the 16 members included, that La La La's were officially a Triple S thing.

    此時,包括 16 名成員在內的所有人都清楚地意識到,La La La's 正式成為 Triple S 的一員。

  • The warm reception towards this release had proven that the Generation formula could be made fresh again, and Waves could enjoy it just as much as before.

    這次發行所受到的熱烈歡迎證明,"一代 "的配方可以重新煥發活力,"浪潮 "可以像以前一樣享受它。

  • The group's signature sound was born from lightning in a bottle, and it was being used to its fullest potential.


  • But one song was to embody the power of the La La La motif better than all that had been seen before.

    但有一首歌比以往所有歌曲都更好地體現了 "啦啦啦 "主題的力量。

  • In February 2024, right before the final four members were revealed, the full 24-member debut Grand Gravity was announced.

    2024 年 2 月,就在最後四名成員揭曉之前,24 名成員首次亮相的 Grand Gravity 正式公佈。

  • Now Jaden knew it would be a shame to not have a single La La La in the bracket, so once again he and Vendors had been hard at work, creating a song that would use the motif in a brand new way.

    現在,傑登知道,如果沒有一首《La La La La》入圍,那將是一種遺憾,是以他和 Vendors 再一次努力工作,創作了一首以全新方式使用該主題的歌曲。

  • And lo and behold, song A, called Girls Never Die, sounded like this.

    瞧,名為《女孩永不死》的歌曲 A 聽起來就像這樣。

  • It was a close battle, but after a fierce competition, song A managed to- who am I kidding?

    這是一場勢均力敵的較量,但經過激烈的角逐,歌曲 A 成功了--我在開玩笑嗎?

  • It was a complete landslide victory.


  • No song even got close to song A. It well over-quadrupled the second place's votes.

    沒有一首歌的票數能與 A 歌相提並論。

  • If Wave's voice wasn't clear enough before, it was now.


  • La La La was the Triple S signature sound, and there was nothing better to debut the full 24 members with.

    La La La 是 Triple S 的標誌性聲音,沒有什麼比它更適合 24 名成員的首次亮相了。

  • The lengthy and atmospheric intro, with a cheering crowd in the background, framed the


  • La La La's in an even cooler light than before.


  • But there's one thing I think is important to note.


  • The song wasn't the only La La La type song in the Gravity.

    這首歌並不是《地心引力》中唯一一首 La La La 類型的歌曲。

  • Maybe Modhouse wanted to give Wave some options because they were already resigned to the fact La La La was going to win no matter what, but song G, Recover It Now, had La La

    也許 Modhouse 想給小波一些選擇,因為他們已經接受了 La La La 無論如何都會獲勝的事實,但歌曲 G《Recover It Now》卻讓 La La La 成為了 "小波"。

  • La's, and eventually became the b-side 24 on the album.

    La's,最終成為專輯的副歌 24。

  • Side note, it even just won the Gravity to get its own performance video, so even it couldn't be stopped.

    題外話,它甚至剛剛贏得了 "萬有引力 "大獎,獲得了自己的表演視頻,所以連它自己都無法阻止。

  • Song H, Soulvice, has Na Na Na's, which I guess weren't close enough to La La La's for everyone.

    歌曲 H,Soulvice,有 Na Na Na's,我想這對每個人來說都不夠接近 La La La's。

  • That being said, I'm really looking forward to when this song comes out, because I'm absolutely in love with it.


  • But yes, Girls Never Die was victorious, and the SSS members themselves approved.

    沒錯,"女孩永不死 "獲得了勝利,而 SSS 成員自己也對此表示贊同。

  • The girls and production team worked very hard, and the song eventually released on


  • May 8th, 2024.

    2024 年 5 月 8 日

  • And this time, the concept had a completely different vibe.


  • Whereas previous songs had all been upbeat, something about Girls Never Die was somber.


  • The lyrics acknowledge hardships and weaknesses.


  • Compounding this more is the music video.


  • It shows the bodies of crows falling from the sky, and alludes to homelessness, death, and suicide.


  • Despite this, the signature lyric of 다시 해보자, or Let's Start Again, immediately gives way to a chorus of 24 La La La's in unison.

    儘管如此,"다시 해보자"(或 "讓我們重新開始")這首標誌性的抒情歌曲還是立刻讓位於 24 個 "啦啦啦 "的齊聲合唱。

  • The powerful chorus is interspersed with assuring, confident remarks.


  • We're not going to give up this time.


  • In the face of death, the group dances, rising up and touching the sky.


  • The crows come back to life.


  • The girls refuse to give up.


  • They refuse to let their dreams die.


  • This message has resonated to a viral degree with the Korean audience.


  • Look at all the posts under the MV.

    看看 MV 下的所有帖子。

  • People sharing their own personal hardships, supporting each other, relating and finding solace with others.


  • The defiant La La La's have become something more.


  • With the 24 voices of the members in unison, they've ascended just a catchy melody.

    在 24 位成員的齊聲合唱下,他們昇華出了朗朗上口的旋律。

  • They're a war cry, aimed at life's hardships, and refusing to back down.


  • This song is a perfect La La La song.

    這首歌是一首完美的 La La La 歌曲。

  • It takes what made generation, rising, and girls' capitalism so catchy and powerful, and integrates it into the core message and feeling of the song.

    它將 "一代人"、"崛起 "和 "女孩的資本主義 "之所以如此朗朗上口、鏗鏘有力的原因,融入到歌曲的核心資訊和情感中。

  • The La La La phenomenon hasn't just been established as the signature sound of Triple

    La La La "現象不僅是 "三重唱 "的標誌性聲音,也是 "La La La "的象徵。

  • S. It's been perfected.


  • It's bringing in new waves, comforting them, and showing them the way forward.


  • And that's how Triple S became the Queens of La La La.

    就這樣,Triple S 成為了拉拉皇后。

  • Hey, thanks for watching!


  • That was quite a journey, wasn't it?


  • To the waves watching, thanks for being such a welcoming fandom, and keeping the La La

    感謝觀浪者,感謝你們是如此熱情的粉絲,感謝你們讓《La La La》繼續流傳下去。

  • La dream alive over the past couple years.

    在過去的幾年裡,La 夢想得以實現。

  • And to the non-waves watching, what are you doing?


  • You should go watch Badge War, the full group version just came out.


  • Actually, I'm gonna go watch it right now.


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    如果您喜歡,請留下贊並訂閱更多有趣、有見地的 K-pop 內容,我們下次再見。

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