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  • I Heard we need Hermione.


  • Is she here yet?


  • I got here hours ago.


  • I've been in the library researching cloaking spells Oh Welcome back.

    我去圖書館研究隱形咒語了 歡迎回來

  • How was your summer boring?


  • Nothing happened Seems like a lot happened.

    什麼都沒發生 好像發生了很多事

  • I don't know what you're talking about I can think of a couple things that happened, but it's just that um, we see it It's only been a few months since we we last saw you yet.

    我不知道你在說什麼 我能想到發生了幾件事,但我們看到的是 我們上次見你才過了幾個月。

  • Um, wow Thank You Harry, but we have to perform this cloaking spell to protect you from Voldemort Protectium invisibum.

    謝謝你 哈利 但我們必須施這個隱身咒 保護你不受伏地魔的傷害 Protectium invisibum

  • Come on.


  • What are you waiting for?


  • Are you concentrating on the spell?


  • It doesn't seem to be working Mm.

    好像沒用 嗯

  • Did you hear the news?


  • Yes Hello Fred George, how are you?


  • Hello?


  • How are you doing?


  • Yeah, let's hang out for a minute Incendio Calcio Stereo If you haven't heard Voldemort has returned and it's time to recruit the Dementors to take over Hogwarts It parts are cooler with the nerd stuff Listen we got a place off campus and a mini fridge filled with butterbeer.


  • I'm sorry boys.


  • We can't waste time We'll celebrate after we defeat Voldemort What a tease Well, if you'll excuse us, we're off to go beat a couple of bludgers No All right, the cloaking spell didn't work let's try a reverse enchantment a Brentian medicine a brentian medicine a brentian medicine the magic isn't happening.

    我們不能浪費時間,打敗伏地魔後再慶祝 真會挑逗人 請原諒,我們要去打幾個小混混了 好吧,隱身咒不管用 我們試試反向魔法布倫特藥劑

  • I'm going to disagree with you But it's not working oh it's working so much please don't stop what are you children doing out of bed?


  • Hey, oh Okay, let's break it up here.


  • Let's move along Hermione.


  • Is that you?


  • Yes, professor Snape, please.


  • Call me Severus.


  • No, no, please call me professor professor Snape.


  • Okay, that's 50 points He's from the from Gryffindor now go to bed All right, we have to hurry.

    好了,50分,他是格蘭芬多的,去睡覺吧 好了,我們得快點了。

  • This is our last chance Madame Helena's Book of Incantations Oh That's better I'll say it says here Sun to moon moon to Sun the twilight at will come undone What does that mean?

    這是我們最後的機會 海倫娜夫人的咒語書 哦,這樣更好,我就說這裡寫著 太陽對月亮 月亮對太陽 黃昏將被解除 這是什麼意思?

  • Oh Hello, who are you Hagrid?


  • It's Hermione Yikes What happened take it out on my brain take it out Okay, well, okay I better go go out to the woods and tame my dragon Ah, you got a new pet no, I Give up this is ridiculous.

    是赫敏呀,怎麼了,拿我的腦子出氣吧 好吧,好吧,我還是去樹林裡馴服我的龍吧 啊,你有新寵物了 不,我放棄,這太荒唐了。

  • We didn't get anything done and Voldemort's on the loose.


  • I'm going upstairs to have a bath Harry that um invisibility cloak.

    我要上樓去洗個澡 哈利,那件隱形衣。

  • Do you still have access to that?


  • You

I Heard we need Hermione.


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