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  • The ASUS Republic of Gamers Ally X handheld is here.

    華碩玩家共和國 Ally X 掌上電腦來了。

  • What is it and how is it different from the original Ally?

    它是什麼,與最初的 Ally 有什麼不同?

  • Let's find out. ASUS Republic of Gamers re-upped its Ally gaming handheld and redesigned it with input from people like you.

    讓我們一探究竟。ASUS Republic of Gamers 重新推出了 Ally 遊戲掌上電腦,並根據像您這樣的用戶的意見進行了重新設計。

  • Well, maybe not you, you, but users and reviewers.


  • And ASUS took that feedback and made the new Ally X. Before I dig into the upgrades for the Ally X, here's what stayed the same from the original Ally.

    在瞭解 Ally X 的升級之前,我先介紹一下與原版 Ally 相比保持不變的地方。

  • The AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and the seven-inch full HD 120-hertz touch display.

    AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme 處理器和七英寸全高清 120 赫茲觸摸顯示屏。

  • Oh, and it's still running Windows 11.

    哦,它還在運行 Windows 11。

  • So if you were hoping for those to be replaced, maybe next time.


  • But that does mean a whole bunch of everything else was updated. For starters, instead of just the 512 gigs of storage in the Ally, the Ally X will have a one terabyte option.

    但這並不意味著其他所有方面都有了更新。 首先,Ally X 不再只有 512GB 的存儲空間,而是增加了 1TB 的存儲空間。

  • And if the one terabyte isn't enough, there's an M2 2280 slot for upgrading.

    如果一 TB 還不夠,還有一個 M2 2280 插槽可以升級。

  • The amount of RAM was increased.


  • ASUS said on its gaming laptops, the most popular configurations have 16 gigs of RAM with eight gigs of VRAM.

    華碩表示,在其遊戲筆記本電腦上,最受歡迎的配置是 16GB 內存和 8GB VRAM。

  • So the Ally X has 24 gigs of shared memory. ASUS also doubled the Ally's 40-watt-hour battery pack to 80 for the Ally X.

    是以,Ally X 擁有 24GB 的共享內存。 華碩還將 Ally 40 瓦時的電池組翻了一番,增加到了 80 瓦時。

  • So presumably you'll have double the gaming time, but surprisingly the increase barely added to the weight, which is a hair under one and a half pounds.

    是以,您的遊戲時間可能會增加一倍,但令人驚訝的是,重量幾乎沒有增加,只有不到 1.5 磅。

  • I got to play with one for a bit.


  • And while much of the weight is towards the bottom of the device, it's evenly distributed, making it more comfortable than the original design. The device's body was redesigned with slightly deeper, more rounded hand grips, smaller rear macro buttons to cut down on accidental presses, a more precise D-pad, and more durable joysticks with stiffer springs.

    雖然大部分重量都在設備底部,但分佈均勻,比原來的設計更加舒適。 該設備的機身經過重新設計,手柄更深更圓,後部宏按鍵更小,以減少誤按,D 鍵盤更精確,操縱桿更耐用,彈簧更堅硬。

  • And it's just a better overall control layout. ASUS also swapped out the Ally's XG mobile port for two USB-C ports, and one of them is Thunderbolt.

    而且,它的整體控制佈局更好。 華碩還將 Ally 的 XG 移動端口換成了兩個 USB-C 端口,其中一個是 Thunderbolt。

  • Also, ASUS was forced to redesign the cooling to accommodate the larger battery, but it actually came up with an improved cooling solution because of it.


  • And that includes a smaller but more efficient fan and an additional fan vent, which combined makes the components and the touchscreen cooler. Of course, since it is improved, the price can't stay the same.

    其中包括一個更小但更高效的風扇和一個額外的風扇出風口,兩者結合可使組件和觸摸屏更加涼爽。 當然,既然改進了,價格就不能不變。

  • The original tops out at $700 while the Ally X is $800, but it does come in black.

    原版最高售價為 700 美元,而 Ally X 售價為 800 美元,但有黑色款。

  • So now people will know on-site that you spent more money.


  • So bonus there.


  • Anyway, I did like the original, and hopefully the extra memory and cooling will help performance, and more battery life is always welcome. What do you think?

    不管怎麼說,我確實喜歡原版,希望額外的內存和散熱能對性能有所幫助,而且更長的電池續航時間總是受歡迎的。 你們覺得怎麼樣?

  • Is your wallet out, or are you gonna hold off for a fully new model?


  • Let me know in the comments.


  • Thanks for watching, and you'll see me when you see me.


The ASUS Republic of Gamers Ally X handheld is here.

華碩玩家共和國 Ally X 掌上電腦來了。

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