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由 AI 自動生成
  • There are many algorithms, computer graphics is one, that you can operate completely in parallel.


  • Computer graphics, image processing, physics simulations, combinatorial optimizations, graph processing, database processing, and of course, the very famous linear algebra of deep learning.


  • There are many types of algorithms that are very conducive to acceleration through parallel processing.


  • So we invented an architecture to do that.


  • By adding the GPU to the CPU, the specialized processor can take something that takes a great deal of time and accelerate it down to something that is incredibly fast.

    通過將 GPU 添加到 CPU 中,專用處理器可以將需要大量時間的工作加速到令人難以置信的速度。

  • And because the two processors can work side by side, they're both autonomous and they're both separate, independent that is, we could accelerate what used to take 100 units of time down to one unit of time.

    由於兩個處理器可以並肩工作,它們都是自主的,都是獨立的,也就是說,我們可以把過去需要 100 個組織、部門的時間加速到 1 個組織、部門的時間。

  • Well, the speed up is incredible.


  • It almost sounds unbelievable.


  • It almost sounds unbelievable.


  • But today I'll demonstrate many examples for you.


  • The benefit is quite extraordinary.


  • 100 times speed up, but you only increase the power by about a factor of three.

    速度提高 100 倍,但功率只提高了約 3 倍。

  • And you increase the cost by only about 50%.

    而你只增加了大約 50% 的成本。

  • We do this all the time in the PC industry.


  • We add a GPU, a $500 GPU, GeForce GPU, to a $1,000 PC, and the performance increases tremendously.

    我們在一臺 1000 美元的電腦上添加一個 GPU,一個 500 美元的 GPU,GeForce GPU,性能就會大大提高。

  • We do this in a data center.


  • A billion dollar data center, we add $500 million worth of GPUs, and all of a sudden, it becomes an AI factory.

    一個價值十億美元的數據中心,我們添加價值五億美元的 GPU,一下子就變成了人工智能工廠。

  • This is happening all over the world today.


  • Well, the savings are quite extraordinary.


  • You're getting 60 times performance per dollar.

    每一元錢可以獲得 60 倍的性能。

  • 100 times speed up, you only increase your power by 3X.

    加速 100 倍,也只能增加 3 倍的能量。

  • 100 times speed up, you only increase your cost by 1.5X.

    加速 100 倍,成本只增加 1.5 倍。

  • The savings are incredible.


  • The savings are measured in dollars.


  • It is very clear that many, many companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars processing data in the cloud.


  • If it was accelerated, it is not unexpected that you could save hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • Now, why is that?


  • Well, the reason for that is very clear.


  • We've been experiencing inflation for so long in general purpose computing.


  • Now that we finally came to, we're finally determined to accelerate, there's an enormous amount of captured loss that we can now regain.


  • A great deal of captured, retained waste that we can now relieve out of the system, and that will translate into savings.


  • Savings in money, savings in energy.


  • And that's the reason why you've heard me say, the more you buy, the more you save.

    這就是你聽我說過的 "買得越多,省得越多 "的原因。

There are many algorithms, computer graphics is one, that you can operate completely in parallel.


由 AI 自動生成

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