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  • I’m not a chemistry guy by any means, but I do know that the half-life of a substance

  • refers to the time it takes for half of its mass to decayor something. Anyways, I promise

  • this is a clever joke, because Half-Life definitely hasn’t decayed at all in the fifteen years

  • since its release. Developed by Valve and initially published by Sierra Entertainment,

  • Half-Life represents both the incredible Valve track record to come and, perhaps most importantly,

  • a landmark achievement for the first-person shooter genre, and the video game industry

  • as a whole. Half-Life did, and still does, amazing things,

  • made no less impressive by the fact that this was, in fact, a developer’s first game.

  • One of the most noticeable aspects of the game, still from a modern viewpoint, is its

  • approach to storytelling. Loss of control over protagonist Gordon Freeman almost never

  • happens. Information is certainly told to the player, but never through cutscenes. Sure,

  • certain scientists and guards are necessary in order to open certain doors, but you never

  • have to sit and listen to the information they give, even if it is helpful and possibly

  • interesting. Luckily, the game’s plot is interesting. Playing as one of the most beloved

  • protagonists in video game history, Gordon Freeman the theoretical physicist, you try

  • to escape the desert Black Mesa base after an experiment goes horribly wrong and opens

  • up a hole through the dimensions, allowing a hostile alien race to pour into the facility.

  • Add in some government corruption with hostile marines, and a strange man in a suit, and

  • youve got yourself an intriguing reason to continue playing.

  • Obviously, that plot and storytelling is only a complement to the gameplay, however extraordinary.

  • But fittingly, the gameplay is fantastic. Valve shootersstill-characteristic and

  • now-unique inability to aim down sights is present, barring special snipers and the like.

  • But a slight auto-aim system certainly lessens any form of difficulty the missing mechanic

  • may have caused. However, the enemies and sparse ammo refills see to it that the game

  • isn’t just a walk in the extremely dangerous military base. On normal difficulty, Half-Life

  • can be quite the challenge, but it’s never unfair. Manual save states and forgiving autosave

  • checkpoints make sure the difficulty is confined to actual skill and game design, not due to

  • overall game structure. And, of course, there’s no self-regenerating health here. Fortitude

  • reinforcement can instead be found in health dispensers along many walls, and the HEV suit,

  • powered by batteries and energy dispensers similar to base health pick-ups, acts as a

  • second layer of protection against the alien and lead-filled attacks. And, unique among

  • many first-person shooters, Half-Life’s gameplay sometimes takes on the air of a platformer,

  • a welcome addition for anyone tired of the modern, and even other classic, shooters.

  • Of course, there’s much more that makes Half-Life great. Numerous enemy types, weapons

  • including the iconic crowbar, a typical assault rifle, organic alien weapons, and crazy sci-fi

  • energy guns, somehow unique environments in the same military base, and just the shooting

  • feel add even more appeal to the game’s design. There’s a reason Half-Life is not

  • only considered one of the best games of its genre, but of the industry as a whole. Find

  • the original game, the PS2 version, Half-Life: Source, the Black Mesa mod, whatever, but

  • play this game. I always feel uneasy before playing a game so widely beloved, but this

  • is one that lives up to the high expectations. This is Half-Life for PC.

I’m not a chemistry guy by any means, but I do know that the half-life of a substance


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