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  • A sudden announcement from China's Ministry of Commerce has Taiwan on edge.


  • The ministry says it's received complaints from chemical firms about foreign dumping in the Chinese market, specifically a tough polymer called polyformaldehyde copolymer.


  • It's strong enough to replace metal in some machinery.


  • And Taiwanese makers of the substance, alongside those from the US, EU and Japan, will be subject to a Chinese trade probe.


  • The probe will look at whether foreign firms dumped in the Chinese market between 2021 and 2024.

    調查將研究外國公司是否在 2021 年至 2024 年期間向中國市場傾銷。

  • It will take at least a year, and it's unclear what sanctions foreign firms could face in the end.


  • But for Taiwan firms at least, the stakes are high.


  • During that period, they sold over two million US dollars of the material to China, amounting to 60 percent of their exports.

    在此期間,他們向中國出售了 200 多萬美元的這種材料,佔其出口額的 60%。

  • While Taiwanese firms aren't the only target, some in Taiwan find their inclusion suspicious.


  • China claims Taiwan as part of its territory, and has sanctioned a range of Taiwanese products in recent years, including fruit and seafood.


  • It's something Taiwan sees as an attempt to pull it closer into Beijing's orbit.


  • Some see a repeat of this tactic just as Taiwan inaugurates its next president.


  • Taiwanese makers have 20 days to respond to China's announcement, and Taiwan's economy ministry says it will help them to do so, and find alternate markets.

    臺灣製造商有 20 天的時間對中國的聲明做出迴應,臺灣經濟部表示將幫助他們做出迴應,並尋找其他市場。

  • Still, researchers say Taiwanese firms face a tough road ahead.


  • Whatever Beijing's motives and intentions, the probe is a sign that cross-strait trade friction will continue, even as Taiwan welcomes a new president.


  • Luffy Lee and John Van Triest for Taiwan Plus.

    Luffy Lee 和 John Van Triest 為 Taiwan Plus 報道。

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A sudden announcement from China's Ministry of Commerce has Taiwan on edge.


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