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  • Plants: We Can't Live Without Them

  • Plants are useful to us in many ways.

  • Plants are our food.

  • We use plants to make things  like medicines and clothing.

  • And we breathe the oxygen that plants produce.

  • Without plants, humans cannot live.

  • Today, cars and factories  produce a lot of carbon dioxide.

  • That is what makes air pollution.

  • Plants take in carbon dioxide.

  • They turn it into oxygen.

  • Humans need oxygen to live.

  • We breathe in oxygen and  breathe out carbon dioxide.

  • So humans need plants to liveand plants need humans to live.

  • Humans eat plants to live.

  • We eat many different parts of the plants.

  • We eat the roots and stems.

  • We eat the leaves and seeds.

  • The roots are the part of the  plant that grows under the soil.

  • Potatoes and carrots are roots of plants.

  • We also eat the seeds of plants.

  • Rice, corn, and sunflower  seeds are seeds of plants.

  • If we don't pick the sunflower seeds, they fall to the ground and produce new plants.

  • Grain is the harvested seed of some  plants, such as wheat, oats, and barley.

  • We use these grains to make breakfast cereals.

  • Some grains are crushed to make flour.

  • Then we use the flour to  make pasta, bread, and cakes.

  • We use herbs and spices to add flavor to our food.

  • Herbs are the leaves of plants.

  • Spices are the roots, seeds, and barks of plants.

  • Just a pinch of herbs or spices  gives our food a delicious flavor.

  • Do you like celery? Celery  is the stem of the plant.

  • It is delicious with a spoonful of peanut butter.

  • What other plant parts do you like to eat?

Plants: We Can't Live Without Them


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