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  • At Google, we are fully in our Gemini era.

    Google,我們完全進入了 Gemini 時代。

  • Today, all of our two billion user products use Gemini.

    如今,我們所有 20 億用戶的產品都在使用 Gemini。

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro is available today in Workspace Labs.

    Gemini 1.5 Pro 今天可在 Workspace Labs 中使用。

  • Let's see how this comes to life with Google Workspace.

    讓我們看看 Google Workspace 是如何實現這一點的。

  • People are always searching their emails in Gmail.

    人們總是在 Gmail 中搜索他們的電子郵件。

  • We are working to make it much more powerful with Gemini.

    我們正努力通過 Gemini 使其功能更加強大。

  • Now we can ask Gemini to summarize all recent emails from the school.

    現在我們可以請 Gemini 總結學校最近發來的所有電子郵件。

  • Maybe you were traveling this week and you couldn't make the PTA meeting.

    也許你本周正在旅行,無法參加 PTA 會議。

  • The recording of the meeting is an hour long.


  • If it's from Google Meet, you can ask Gemini to give you the highlights.

    如果是來自 Google Meet,你可以請 Gemini 給你重點介紹。

  • People love using photos to search across their life.


  • With Gemini, you're making that a whole lot easier.

    有了 Gemini,這一切就變得簡單多了。

  • And Ask Photos can also help you search your memories in a deeper way.

    Ask Photos 還可以幫助你更深入地搜尋你的記憶。

  • For example, you might be reminiscing about your daughter Lucia's early milestones.

    例如,你可能正在回憶女兒 Lucia 的早期里程碑。

  • You can ask Photos, show me how Lucia's swimming has progressed.

    你可以問 Photos,讓我看看 Lucia 的游泳進度如何。

  • Here, Gemini goes beyond a simple search, recognizing different contexts and photos, packages it up all together in a summary.

    在這裡,Gemini 不侷限於簡單的搜索,識別不同的背景和照片,並將其打包成一個摘要。

  • Unlocking knowledge across formats is why we built Gemini to be multimodal from the ground up.

    跨格式解鎖知識是我們從頭開始將 Gemini 打造為多模式的原因。

  • It's one model with all the modalities built in.


  • We've been rolling out Gemini 1.5 Pro with long context in preview over the last few months.

    在過去的幾個月裡,我們一直在推出具有長上下文預覽的 Gemini 1.5 Pro。

  • So today, we are expanding the context window to 2 million tokens.

    所以今天,我們將上下文窗口擴展到 2 百萬個 tokens。

  • So far, we've talked about two technical advances-- multimodality and long context.


  • Each is powerful on its own, but together they unlock deeper capabilities and more intelligence.


  • But what if it could go even further?


  • That's one of the opportunities we see with AI Agents.

    這是我們在 AI 助理中看到的機會之一。

  • Think about them as intelligence systems that show reasoning, planning, and memory, are able to think multiple steps ahead,


  • work across software and systems all to get something done on your behalf, and most importantly, under your supervision.


  • Today we have some exciting new progress to share about the future of AI assistants that we're calling Project Astra.

    今天,我們要分享一些關於 AI 助理未來的令人興奮的新進展,我們稱之為 Project Astra。

  • For a long time, we've wanted to build a universal AI agent that can be truly helpful in everyday life.

    長期以來,我們一直希望建立一個能夠真正為日常生活提供幫助的通用 AI 助理。

  • Here's a video of our prototype, which you'll see has two parts.


  • Each part was captured in a single take in real time.


  • What does that part of the code do?


  • This code defines encryption and decryption functions.


  • It seems to use AES-CBC encryption to encode and decode data based on a key and an initialization vector, IV.

    它似乎使用 AES-CBC 加密根據金鑰和初始化向量 IV 來編碼和解碼資料。

  • Do you remember where you saw my glasses?


  • Yes, I do.


  • Your glasses were on the desk near a red apple.


  • Give me a band name for this duo.


  • Golden Stripes.


  • Nice.


  • Thanks, Gemini.


  • Today, we're introducing Gemini 1.5 Flash.

    今天我們要介紹的是 Gemini 1.5 Flash。

  • Flash is a lighter weight model compared to Pro.

    與 Pro 相比,Flash 是重量更輕的型號。

  • It's designed to be fast and cost efficient to serve at scale, while still featuring multimodal reasoning capabilities and breakthrough long context.


  • There's one more area I'm really excited to share with you.


  • Our teams have made some incredible progress in generative video.


  • Today, I'm excited to announce our newest, most capable generative video model called Veo.

    今天,我很高興地宣布我們最新、最強大的影片生成模型 Veo。

  • Veo creates high quality 1080p videos from text, image, and video prompts.

    Veo 根據文字、圖像和影片指令創造高品質的 1080p 影片。

  • It can capture the details of your instructions in different visual and cinematic styles.


  • For 25 years, we've invested in world class technical infrastructure.

    25 年來,我們投資於世界一流的技術基礎設施。

  • Today, we are excited to announce the sixth generation of CPUs called Trillium.

    今天,我們非常高興地宣佈推出第六代 CPU,名為 Trillium。

  • Trillium delivers a 4.7x improvement in compute performance per chip over the previous generation.

    上一代產品相比,Trillium 的計算能力提高了 4.7 倍,每塊晶片的性能更高。

  • Google search is generative AI at the scale of human curiosity, and it's our most exciting chapter of search yet.

    Google 搜尋是人類好奇心規模的生成式 AI,這是我們迄今為止最令人興奮的搜尋篇章。

  • All the advancements you'll see today are made possible by a new Gemini model customized for Google Search.

    你今天看到的所有進步都是透過為 Google 搜尋客製化的新 Gemini 模型實現的。

  • What really sets this apart is our three unique strengths.


  • This is search in the Gemini era.

    這是 Gemini 時代的搜索。

  • By the end of the year, AI Overviews will come to over a billion people.

    今年底,AI Overviews 將惠及超過 10 億人。

  • We're making AI Overviews even more helpful for your most complex questions, the types that are really more 10 questions in one.

    我們正在使 AI Overviews 對你最複雜的問題更加有幫助,這些問題實際上是 10 個問題合而為一。

  • You can ask your entire question with all its sub questions and get an overview in seconds.


  • I'm really excited to share that soon you'll be able to ask questions with video.


  • Why will this not stay in place?


  • And in a near instant, Google gives me an AI Overview.

    就在一瞬間,Google 給了我一個 AI Overview。

  • I get some reasons this might be happening, and steps I can take to troubleshoot.


  • Since last may, we've been hard at work making Gemini for Workspace even more helpful for businesses and consumers across the world.

    自去年五月以來,我們一直在努力讓 Gemini for Workspace 為世界各地的企業和消費者提供更多幫助。

  • Now, I can simply type out my question right here in the mobile card and say something like, compare my roof repair bids by price and availability.


  • This new Q&A feature makes it so easy to get quick answers on anything in my inbox.


  • Today, we'll show you how Gemini is delivering our most intelligent AI experience.

    今天,我們將向你展示 Gemini 如何提供我們最聰明的 AI 體驗。

  • We're rolling out a new feature that lets you customize it for your own needs and create personal experts on any topic you want.


  • We're calling these Gems.

    我們稱之為 Gems。

  • They're really simple to set up.


  • Just tap to create a Gem, write your instructions once, and come back whenever you need it.

    只需點擊即可建立 Gem,編寫一次說明,然後在需要時返回。

  • Starting today, Gemini Advanced subscribers get access to Gemini 1.5 Pro with one million tokens.

    從今天開始,Gemini Advanced 訂閱者可以使用 100 萬個 tokens 存取 Gemini 1.5 Pro。

  • That is the longest context window of any chatbot in the world.


  • You can upload a PDF up to 1,500 pages long or multiple files to get insights across a project.

    你可以上傳長達 1,500 頁的 PDF 或多個文件,以深入了解整個專案。

  • Now, we all know that chatbots can give you ideas for your next vacation.


  • But there's a lot more that goes into planning a great trip.


  • It requires reasoning that considers space-time logistics, and the intelligence to prioritize and make decisions.


  • That reasoning and intelligence all come together in the new trip planning experience in Gemini Advanced.

    Gemini Advanced 的全新旅行規劃體驗將推理與智慧融為一體。

  • We've embarked on a multi-year journey to reimagine Android with AI at the core.

    我們已經踏上了以 AI 為核心重新構想 Android 的多年旅程。

  • Now we're making Gemini context aware so it can anticipate what you're trying to do and provide more helpful suggestions in the moment.

    現在,我們正在使 Gemini 具有上下文感知能力,以便它可以預測你正在嘗試執行的操作,並立即提供更多有用的建議。

  • Let me show you how this works.


  • So my friend Pete is asking if I want to play pickleball this weekend.


  • But I'm new to this pickleball thing, and I can bring up Gemini to help with that.

    但我對匹克球運動還是個新手,我可以讓 Gemini 來幫忙。

  • Gemini knows I'm looking at a video, so it proactively shows me an ask this video chip, so let me tap on that.

    Gemini 知道我正在看影片,所以它主動向我顯示詢問該影片晶片,所以讓我點擊它。

  • And now I can ask specific questions about the video.


  • So for example, what is the two bounce rule?


  • So give it a moment-- and there.

    所以,給它一點時間... 出現了。

  • I get a nice, distinct answer.


  • Starting with Pixel later this year, we'll be expanding what's possible with our latest model, Gemini Nano with multimodality.

    從今年稍後的 Pixel 開始,我們將擴展我們最新模型 Gemini Nano 的多模態功能。

  • This means your phone can understand the world the way you understand it.


  • So not just through text input, but also through sights, sounds, and spoken language.


  • Now let's shift gears and talk about Gemma, our family of open models, which are crucial for driving AI innovation and responsibility.

    現在讓我們換個話題來談談 Gemma,我們的開放模型系列,它對於推動 AI 創新和責任至關重要。

  • Today's newest member, PaliGemma, our first vision language open model, and it's available right now.

    今天的最新成員 PaliGemma,我們的第一個視覺語言開放模型,現已推出。

  • I'm also excited to announce that we have Gemma 2 coming.

    我還很高興地宣布,《Gemma 2》即將推出。

  • It's the next generation of Gemma, and it will be available in June.

    這是新一代的 Gemma,並將於 6 月上市。

  • So in a few weeks, we'll be adding a new 27 billion parameter model to Gemma 2.

    因此,幾週後,我們將向 Gemma 2 添加一個新的 270 億參數模型。

  • To us, building AI responsibly means both addressing the risks and maximizing the benefits for people and society.

    對我們來說,負責任地建構 AI 意味著既要解決風險,又要最大限度地為人類和社會帶來利益。

  • We're improving our models with an industry standard practice called Red Teaming, in which we test our own models and try to break them to identify weaknesses.


  • I'm excited to introduce LearnLM, our new family of models based on Gemini and fine tuned for learning.

    我很高興向大家介紹 LearnLM,這是我們基於 Gemini 並針對學習進行了微調的新模型系列。

  • Another example is a new feature in YouTube that uses LearnLM to make educational videos more interactive, allowing you to ask a clarifying question, get a helpful explanation, or take a quiz.

    另一個例子是 YouTube 中的一項新功能,它使用 LearnLM 使教育影片更具互動性,讓你可以提出澄清問題、獲得有用的解釋或參加測驗。

  • All of this shows the important progress we have made as we take a bold and responsible approach to making AI helpful for everyone.

    這一切都顯示我們在採取大膽和負責任的方法讓 AI 造福每個人時所取得的重要進展。

  • To everyone here in Shoreline and the millions more watching around the world, here's to the possibilities ahead and creating them together.

    致 Shoreline 的每個人以及世界各地數百萬人的觀眾,這是未來的可能性,並共同創造它們。

  • Thank you.


At Google, we are fully in our Gemini era.

Google,我們完全進入了 Gemini 時代。

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