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  • Hi, ladies.


  • We all know that feeling when a man you love betrays you. - Yep.

    我們都知道當你愛的人背叛你時的感覺。- 是的。

  • I know. That's right.


  • Been through it a million times, but we don't get mad.


  • We get even.


  • He's playing with my heart, baby he's no good, so I took my lipstick, wrote my name on his hood.♪

    ♪ 他在玩弄我的心,寶貝,他不是好人,所以我拿起口紅,在他的引擎蓋上寫下我的名字♪

  • Mess with me, Imma mess you up, so I took my keys to his Chevy pickup

    ♪ 惹我生氣,我就把你搞砸,所以我拿著鑰匙去他的雪佛蘭皮卡♪

  • My man left and didn't treat me kind, y'all can mess with his truck, I will destroy his mind

    ♪ 我的男人離開了,對我不好,你們可以搞砸他的卡車,我會毀掉他的心♪

  • Break into his house, keep replacing his shoes with the same set of shoes but half a size bigger

    ♪ 闖進他的房子,不斷地用同一對鞋替換他的鞋,但尺寸大了一半♪

  • Every other week so it's got the boy thinking...♪

    ♪ 每兩週換一次,所以這個男孩在想...♪

  • Are these different or am I shrinking?♪

    ♪ 這些是不同鞋子還是我的腳縮小了?♪

  • You did what now?


  • You had a whole ass meal, but you left me for a snack, you better mark my words. I'm gonna get that boy back

    ♪ 你吃了整頓飯,但你為了一個小吃而離開了我,你最好記住我的話。我會找回那個男孩的♪

  • He's got a new chick and he thinks she rocks, but I'll get him back with my breakup bod

    ♪ 他有一個新女友,他認為她很棒,但我會用我的分手身材拿回他♪

  • ♪ I'm in his parents' house painted just like their wall, whispering "get out" in the middle of the night

    ♪ 我在他父母的房子裡,畫得跟他們的牆一樣,半夜對他們耳語「滾出去」♪

  • Get out.


  • They're telling me to get out!


  • They keep saying it!


  • Who? Who is saying that?


  • The walls!


  • I'm moving in with you.


  • You had a whole-ass meal, but you left me for a snack, you better mark my words. I'm gonna get that boy back

    ♪ 你吃了整頓飯,但你為了一個小吃而離開了我,你最好記住我的話。我會找回那個男孩的♪

  • Good luck finding a new botty call with your crazy ass mom still talking about the walls

    ♪ 祝你找到一個新的炮友,當你瘋狂的媽媽還在談論牆壁時♪

  • Not sure we're all on the same page as each other

    ♪ 不確定我們彼此是否意見相同♪

  • ♪I was more thinking to get beat up by my brother

    ♪ 我更傾向於被我哥哥揍一頓。♪

  • Oh, I got a brother too, but he taught me better

    ♪ 哦,我也有一個兄弟,但他教我更好♪

  • ♪ I'm ex-CIA and I go by the shredder, if you date my sis, you better adore her 'cuz she knows my tricks of psychological torture

    ♪ 我是前 CIA,我被稱為「碎紙」,如果你跟我的妹妹約會,你最好愛她,因為她知道我心理折磨的技巧♪

  • Like switching his sudoku with the one that can't be solved, plucking out his hair so he thinks he's going bold

    ♪ 像把他的數獨換成無法解開的,拔掉他的頭髮,讓他以為自己要禿頭♪

  • And here's my favorite, you won't regret this, date him as a new chick in prosthetics

    ♪ 這是我最喜歡的,你不會後悔這個,裝成有義肢的新女孩跟他約會♪

  • Make him fall in love then six months in, act like you only speak Romanian

    ♪ 讓他墜入愛河,然後六個月,表現得就像你只會說羅馬尼亞語 ♪

  • Why are you talking like this?


  • [Speaking in non-English language] What do you mean?

    [用非英語言語說話] 你什麼意思?

  • The Romanian girl has the eyes of the walls!


  • Stop talking about the walls!


  • [Speaking in a non-English language] Seriously, stop talking about the walls!

    [用非英語言語說話] 真的,別再提牆了!

  • Why's my new girl not speaking English, I just tried to pay my taxes, but they say I don't exist

    ♪ 為什麼我的新女友不說英語,我剛試圖繳稅,但他們說我不存在♪

  • When Jenny left me, man, I really missed her, she thought I was cheating, I was just texting my sister

    ♪ 當珍妮離開我時,我真的很想念她,她以為我出軌了,我只是在給我妹妹發短信♪

  • Oh, that was your sister?


  • Ahh!


  • ♪ I had a whole-ass meal, wouldn't leave her for a snack, that wild wall woman gave my mom a heart attack

    ♪ 我吃了整頓飯,不會為了小吃而離開她,那個瘋狂的牆壁女人把我媽媽嚇得心臟發作♪

  • I knew it!


  • The walls, they're alive!


  • Mark my words, Imma get the boy back

    ♪ 記住我的話,我會找回那個男孩的♪

Hi, ladies.


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