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  • Taylor Swift has recorded a two-hour long album, and she is not holding back, specifically when it comes to Kim Kardashian.

    泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)錄製了一張長達兩小時的專輯,而她在談到金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)時也毫不避諱。

  • Headlines read, Taylor Swift has humiliated Kim Kardashian with the Tortured Poets Department diss track, Thank U, Amy, but reality star will not fire back over fears of furious attacks from singer's fans.

    標題寫道:泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)用 "折磨詩人部"(Tortured Poets Department)的反對曲目《謝謝你,艾米》(Thank U, Amy)羞辱了金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian),但這位真人秀明星不會還擊,因為她擔心會遭到歌迷的憤怒攻擊。

  • I think we can all acknowledge that Taylor Swift is at a high right now, and if she does a diss track on you, you better be worried, even if you are Kim Kardashian.

    我想大家都知道泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)現在正處於巔峰期,如果她對你有異議,你最好擔心一下,即使你是金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)。

  • Reports claim that Taylor Swift has humiliated Kim Kardashian by reigniting their feud with the release of an apparent diss track.

    有報道稱,泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)發佈了一首明顯帶有敵意的歌曲,再次挑起了金-卡戴珊與泰勒-斯威夫特之間的恩怨,令其顏面盡失。

  • Fans are describing this as the ultimate F-U.

    粉絲們將其形容為 "終極 F-U"。

  • Now this album that Taylor just released is impressive because it has double the amount of songs that people were anticipating, and in my opinion, this song titled Thank U, Amy is definitely about Kim.


  • I mean, look at how the wording is spelled, Amy isn't A-M-Y, it has an I-M, and that's because she wanted to capitalize K-I-M in that song, Kim.

    我的意思是,看看歌詞是怎麼拼寫的,艾米不是 A-M-Y,而是 I-M,那是因為她想在那首歌裡大寫 K-I-M,金。

  • So if we didn't know it was about Kim Kardashian, we knew for sure.


  • Her track Thank U, Amy centers on Taylor's apparent dislike for a mean schoolgirl she refers to as Amy, who fans believe is actually Kim as Taylor confirms she changed the name of the woman in question.

    她的歌曲《謝謝你,艾米》(Thank U, Amy)以泰勒明顯不喜歡一個被她稱為艾米的刻薄女學生為中心,歌迷們認為她其實是金,因為泰勒證實她改了那個女人的名字。

  • So this is definitely Taylor Swift's revenge song on Kim.


  • Taylor Swift has written a song with Kim Kardashian's name in the title, and in the song, Taylor sings that sometimes Taylor's mom wishes Kim Kardashian was dead.

    泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)寫了一首歌,歌名中就有金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)的名字,泰勒在歌中唱道,有時候泰勒的媽媽希望金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)死掉。

  • The title of the song is Thank U, Amy, with three letters capitalized that spell out Kim.

    這首歌的歌名是《謝謝你,艾米》(Thank U, Amy),其中三個字母大寫,拼成了 Kim。

  • No one has used the name Amy as creative as this since Britney Spears said, if you seek

    自從布蘭妮-斯皮爾斯(Britney Spears)說過 "如果你想尋找......

  • Amy.


  • This song is fucking brutal, and it's a story of their whole feud and how Taylor Swift will never forgive Kim Kardashian, and she paints Kim out to be equivalent to a high school bully who's evil.


  • Now wishing death upon someone is pretty intense, but keep in mind their feud was tragic.


  • We have a video breaking it down, and it was brutal.


  • In one line, Taylor sings, there's a bronze spray-tanned statue of you and a plaque underneath it that threatens to push me down the stairs at our school.


  • All that time you were throwing punches, I was building something, and I can't forgive the way you made me feel, screamed F U Amy to the night sky as the blood was gushing, but I can't forget the way you made me heal.

    在你揮舞拳頭的那段時間裡,我一直在創造一些東西,我無法原諒你給我的感覺,在鮮血噴湧的時候,我對著夜空大喊 "F U Amy",但我無法忘記你讓我痊癒的方式。

  • Taylor goes on to add, and it wasn't a fair fight or a clean kill.


  • Each time that Amy, ahem, Kim, stomped across my grave and she wrote headlines in the local paper laughing at each baby step I take.


  • So she's talking about Kim, creating these rumors, saying these things about her, rewriting the narrative, and being good at it, kinda like a mean girl would be at high school.


  • She knows how to be mean, she's skilled at it, and Taylor didn't know what to do.


  • When I think of my hometown, I think of a bronze spray-tanned statue of you with a plaque underneath it that threatens to push me down the stairs at school.


  • This could be referencing when Kanye did a Revenge porn music video with naked statues of everyone and Kim's was all nice and spray-tanned and Taylor looked very gaunt.


  • Then Taylor sings, it wasn't a fair fight or a clean kill every time Amy stomped across my grave and she'd write headlines in the local paper laughing at every baby step I take.


  • That could be a reference to how Kim Kardashian has talked about Taylor in multiple papers and on her TV show over and over again, all in a very not-good light.

    這可能是指金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)在多份報紙和電視節目中一次又一次地談論泰勒,而且都是以非常不友善的態度談論泰勒。

  • You know, just another way to play the victim, definitely got her a lot of attention the first time.


  • Then Taylor sings, and I've made a thousand songs that you find uncool, but I've made a legacy that you can't undo.


  • In reference to the thousand songs that you find uncool, there's that infamous time that


  • Kim and North's TikTok account reposted a video making fun of Taylor Swift calling her cringe and uncool.

    金和諾斯的 TikTok 賬戶轉發了一段取笑泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)的視頻,稱她令人討厭和不酷。

  • Shout out to Paddy Pop Culture, we love that he comes with the receipts.

    向 Paddy Pop Culture 致敬,我們喜歡他的收據。

  • I think he's doing more long-form content on YouTube, so I will link his channel in the description below.

    我認為他在 YouTube 上做了更多的長篇內容,所以我會在下面的描述中鏈接他的頻道。

  • But Taylor seems to reference Kim's 10-year-old daughter, Northwest, dancing to her 2014 single

    但泰勒似乎提到了金正日 10 歲的女兒 Northwest,在她 2014 年的單曲中翩翩起舞。

  • Shake It Off on TikTok back in January, finding it ironic as the song is about you.

    早在 1 月份,他就在 TikTok 上發表了《Shake It Off》,並認為這首歌是關於你的,是以具有諷刺意味。

  • Which is definitely big of Taylor to say that that song, Shake It Off, is about Kim and how she had to essentially shake off what Kim had done to her, the lies that she had spread, she couldn't fight anymore, and she moved on.

    泰勒說那首歌《Shake It Off》是關於金的,她不得不擺脫金對她所做的一切,擺脫她所散佈的謊言,她再也無法抗爭,於是她繼續前進。

  • She sings, and so I changed your name and any real defining clues, and one day your kid comes home singing a song that only us two know is about you.


  • Essentially saying that now Northwest, Kim's daughter, is consuming Taylor and her content


  • Not even realizing that her own mother, Kim Kardashian, was the one to put her through this hell.

    她甚至沒有意識到,她的親生母親金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)才是讓她經歷這一切的罪魁禍首。

  • Taylor sings, and one day your kid will come home singing a song that only us two know is about you.


  • Like Kim and North have literally danced to You Need To Calm Down, and the lyrics are snakes and stones never broke my bones, but Kim, you're the one who called her a snake to try to end her career.

    就像金和諾斯真的跳過 "你需要冷靜下來 "這首歌,歌詞是 "蛇和石頭從未打斷我的骨頭",但金,是你說她是蛇,試圖結束她的職業生涯。

  • But in the end, just like she did in her Time article, she acknowledges that without the trials and tribulations Kim put her through, she wouldn't have built a stronger rapport and ultimately a stronger, more accomplished career.


  • So she finishes the song by saying, and when I count my stars, there's a moment of truth.


  • There wouldn't be all this if there'd never been you.


  • So thank you, Amy.


  • But don't try that shit again.


  • It does pain me to see these two of the most famous women in the world who are extremely accomplished in their businesses and in media and in world building and fan building have to be enemies because of a line drawn in the sand by a man in a war that they were against each other in.


  • It just makes me sad, and maybe in another life they could have been friends.


  • I really hope Kim hears this song so the situation can take another lap around her conscious and maybe she'll actually feel bad and reach out and apologize.


  • Now up until this point, I thought that this feud was over.


  • The pair appeared to have brought an end to their feud, but in an interview with Rolling


  • Stone, Taylor noted that this was far from the case.


  • Taylor said, I'm standing in an audience with my arm around his wife and this chill ran through my body, she recalled.


  • She said, I realized he's so two-faced, talking about Kanye, that he wants to be nice to me behind the scenes, but then he wants to look cool, get up in front of everyone, and talk crap.


  • And I was so upset.


  • He wanted me to come talk to him after the event in his dressing room, and I wouldn't go.


  • Fans also suggested that a second song, Cassandra, could be about Kim Kardashian, owing to multiple references to snakes, because essentially when Kim did send a hate mob to Taylor, they were all leaving snake emojis.

    粉絲們還認為第二首歌曲《Cassandra》可能是關於金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)的,因為其中多次提到了蛇,因為基本上當金-卡戴珊向泰勒發送仇恨暴徒時,他們都會留下蛇的表情符號。

  • Do you guys remember the scandal between Kanye and Taylor and Kim Kardashian, and this recorded phone call that Kim Kardashian released on Snapchat?

    你們還記得坎耶、泰勒和金-卡戴珊之間的醜聞,以及金-卡戴珊在 Snapchat 上發佈的電話錄音嗎?

  • Well many people believe that in this song, Cassandra, that Taylor is Cassandra, and it references the call, which are alluding to the phone call between the singer and Kanye, which Kim secretly recorded and posted online.


  • This added an explosive new level to their feud.


  • Kanye shocked the internet when in 2016, he released his song Famous, which featured vulgar lyrics like, I feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex, why?

    2016 年,侃爺發佈了他的歌曲《Famous》,其中的粗俗歌詞震驚了互聯網:"我覺得我和泰勒-斯威夫特可能還會做愛,為什麼?

  • Because I made that b-word famous.

    因為是我讓這個 "B "字出名的。

  • Kanye had furiously defended himself in a now-deleted tweet, in which he claimed Taylor thought it was funny and gave her blessings, which was not the case.


  • Taylor's representative hit back, claiming that she was never made aware of the misogynistic message.


  • But then Kim, of course, sparked a social media firestorm when she shared a Snapchat video of Kanye during a phone call with Taylor, which she appeared to have been asked permission to include lyrics with her name in the song.

    但隨後,金在社交媒體上分享了一段坎耶與泰勒通電話時的 Snapchat 視頻,視頻中她似乎被要求允許在歌曲中加入帶有她名字的歌詞,這當然引發了一場社交媒體風暴。

  • Now this is a video that Taylor claims has been altered, but here's the clip.


  • This snake emoji had played a major role in the ongoing feud between Taylor and Kim, which started over a dispute between Taylor and Kim's ex-husband, Kanye West.

    這個蛇形表情符號在泰勒和金之間的恩怨中扮演了重要角色,這場恩怨起因於泰勒和金的前夫坎耶-韋斯特(Kanye West)之間的爭執。

  • Because everyone felt like Taylor had lied and Kim had proved that she was right by sharing this recording, everyone went after Taylor and put the snake emoji all over her page, which now she kind of takes ownership of.


  • Taylor responded by saying that moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posted it on the internet.

    泰勒迴應說,坎耶-維斯特(Kanye West)偷錄了你的電話,然後金把它發到了網上。

  • She wrote before asking,


  • Where's the video of Kanye telling me who's gonna call me that b-word in his song?

    坎耶告訴我誰會在他的歌裡罵我 "B "的視頻在哪裡?

  • It doesn't exist because it never happened.


  • You don't get to control someone's emotional response to being called that b-word in front of the entire world.

    你無法控制別人在全世界面前被罵 "B "時的情緒反應。

  • He promised to play the song for me, but he never did.


  • While I wanted to be supportive of Kanye on the phone call, you cannot approve of a song you haven't heard.


  • So Taylor is not holding back.


  • She said,


  • Being falsely painted as a liar when I was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination.


  • I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one I've never been asked to be a part of since 2009 when he went on stage and took away her moment from her when she was getting that award.

    我很想被排除在這一敘事之外,自從 2009 年他上臺奪走她領獎的時刻以來,我從未被要求參與其中。

  • Taylor took a break from the limelight after this before returning in 2017 with her new single Look What You Made Me Do, which pointed a dig at Kim and Kanye and it took aim at the trolls who furiously branded her as a snake.

    此後,泰勒暫時離開了人們的視線,直到 2017 年才帶著她的新單曲《Look What You Made Me Do》迴歸,這首歌不僅諷刺了金和坎耶,還將矛頭對準了那些怒斥她為蛇蠍美人的巨魔們。

  • Taylor said,


  • All I can think about was the incessant, manipulative bullying I received at his hands for years.


  • Like when Kim K orchestrated an illegally recorded snippet of a phone call to be leaked and then Scooter Braun got his two clients together to bully me online about it.

    就像 Kim K 精心策劃了一個非法錄製的電話片段被洩露出去,然後 Scooter Braun 找來他的兩個客戶在網上欺負我一樣。

  • Or when his client Kanye West organized a revenge P-O-R-N music video that strips my body naked.

    或者當他的客戶坎耶-韋斯特(Kanye West)組織了一個報復性的 P-O-R-N 音樂視頻,將我的身體剝得一絲不掛時。

  • It all exploded once more in 2020 when Taylor's film Miss Americana, in which she noted that she felt alone and bitter during her fallout with Kim and Kanye, added that she was branded wicked and evil.

    2020 年,泰勒的電影《美國小姐》(Miss Americana)再次引爆了這一話題,泰勒在片中表示,在與金和坎耶鬧翻的過程中,她感到孤獨和痛苦,還說自己被打上了邪惡和邪惡的烙印。

  • Around that time, leaked footage of her call with Kanye appeared to suggest that Taylor was telling the truth about the conversation.


  • So a little bit too late, but it did show that Taylor was honest that she never really got any real snippet of the song or lyric that would have insisted that she would be called a B-word.

    雖然有點晚了,但這確實表明泰勒是誠實的,她從未真正得到過任何真正的歌曲或歌詞片段,堅持認為自己會被稱為 B-word。

  • Days later, Kim Kardashian posted a series of messaging claiming that Taylor Swift was not fully being truthful and slammed the singer for her timing of the rehashing of the feud.


  • To be clear, the only issue I ever had around the situation was that Taylor lied through her publicist who stated that Kanye never called and asked for permission.


  • They clearly spoke, so I let you all see that.


  • Taylor's longtime publicist, Tree Payne, quickly responded with a social media post of her own, tweeting,

    泰勒的長期公關人員特里-佩恩(Tree Payne)很快在社交媒體上發文迴應,她在推特上寫道

  • I'm Taylor's publicist and this is my unedited original statement.


  • By the way, when you take parts out, that's editing.


  • P.S.


  • Who did you guys piss off to leak that video?


  • Kim then clapped back, I mean, they're going at it, that nobody ever denied the word B was being used without her permission, adding that she felt her actions that she and Kanye took were ethical.

    金姆隨後反駁道:"我的意思是,他們正在爭吵,沒有人否認 B 這個詞是在未經她允許的情況下被使用的,她認為她和坎耶採取的行動是合乎道德的。

  • Essentially, this conversation wasn't going anywhere.


  • After being named Times Person of the Year back in December 2023, Taylor slammed Kim for taking her down psychologically and forcing her into hiding during their long-running feud, while subtly branding the reality star and her ex-husband, Kanye West, as trash.

    在 2023 年 12 月被評為《泰晤士報》年度人物後,泰勒抨擊金正日在兩人長期不和期間從心理上打擊了她,迫使她躲藏起來,同時巧妙地將這位真人秀明星和她的前夫坎耶-韋斯特(Kanye West)打造成垃圾。

  • Which is funny that Taylor now has the confidence to do so.


  • I mean, Kim is very powerful, her family is very powerful, but I think Taylor Swift is much more powerful.


  • Taylor continues, and this is where it gets crazy.


  • All the time you were throwing punches.


  • I was building something and I can't ever forgive you for the way that you made me feel.


  • Everyone knows my mom is a savory woman, Ms. Andrea Swift, but she used to say she wishes you were dead.

    大家都知道我媽是個好女人 安德里亞-斯威夫特女士 但她常說她希望你死了

  • This is the part I love, because this is the question I've always had.


  • Why was it so easy for Kim to pretend like none of this ever happened?


  • Taylor sings, and maybe you've reframed it in your mind, and you don't think you really beat my spirit, black and blue.


  • Because in an interview when asked about it, Kim just said, I've moved on.


  • I think we've all moved on.


  • Still a little beef with Taylor after all that went down.


  • No, squash.


  • Over it.


  • Over it.


  • No, I feel like we've all moved on.


  • Okay.


  • But we know Taylor could never move on.


  • Being in her Time article for Person of the Year, she referred to Kim Kardashian as trash.


  • So maybe Kim thought that they'd be over it, but clearly Taylor isn't.


  • Kimberly has sent over her sources to the media, and she does feel like the track is about her.


  • I mean, her name is spelled out in the title.


  • She feels like she's backed into a corner and unable to speak out out of fear that she'll be alienated by Taylor's army of devout fans.


  • True.


  • People are already spamming Kim Kardashian on social media.

    人們已經在社交媒體上瘋傳 Kim Kardashian。

  • Taylor has humiliated Kim, and she knows there's nothing she could do about it.


  • Kim is now backed in a corner because she knows Taylor's army will destroy her if she says anything.


  • Taylor has claimed that Kim is going to stay silent and hope it goes away, but her friends know that this has only just started.


  • So it looks like we are getting ready for a big time feud.


  • I mean, honestly, I'm down for a big feud, but I just, I can't see how Kimberly can come back from this.


  • So the feud's over.


  • Taylor won.


  • Taylor has done a lot of diss tracks, but she's never named anyone that her songs are written for.


  • There can be no other interpretation.


  • This is spelt out and will last forever.


  • The insider says that Kim is aware of the pain that she caused Taylor, and she has tried hard to make amends in recent years, but she never did one thing that she really needed to all along, which was simply apologize.


  • So with Taylor Swift releasing this long album, a very much anticipated four album, people are having a lot of mixed reactions to this Kim Kardashian diss.

    泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)發行了這張備受期待的四輯長專輯,人們對金-卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)的這一言論反應不一。

  • I've seen so many people say that Taylor Swift took it too far