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  • Has Taylor Swift had facial cosmetic procedures?


  • Let's start with the facial analysis first, and at the end, we'll reveal the price of Taylor's potential procedures.


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  • In 2002, at the age of 13, you can see that Taylor has a rounded hairline with a widow's peak.

    2002 年,13 歲的泰勒的髮際線呈圓形,有一個 "寡婦峰"。

  • Her face is still developing.


  • Most girls will reach full facial maturity by around age 16.

    大多數女孩在 16 歲左右面部發育完全成熟。

  • In 2006, at the age of 17, you can see that Taylor has the almond-shaped eyes.

    2006 年,17 歲的泰勒擁有一雙杏仁眼。

  • She has a short philtrum, she has well-defined philtral columns, and a very well-defined Cupid's bow.


  • You can also see how distinct her white roll is right at the upper vermilion border.


  • And this, I think, is one of her most distinguishing facial features.


  • Taylor also has prominent upper tooth show on repose when she opens her mouth, and full exposure of her teeth on smile.


  • She has that great natural lip fullness, and she has a strong maxillary and mandibular jaw structure.


  • In 2007, at the age of 18, what you're seeing here is that her nose really fits her face well, given the facial width and the cheek position.

    2007 年,她 18 歲,從臉部寬度和臉頰位置來看,她的鼻子確實很適合她的臉型。

  • She does have slight bulbosity of the nasal tip.


  • As far as her nasal skin, it's quite thin, and that is judged based on the thickness of the ala, which are the wings of the nose.


  • The thinner they are, the thinner the skin of the nose is.


  • The thicker, the thicker the skin.


  • And that has some implications for how the nose heals after, say, a rhinoplasty.


  • She also has an appropriate nasal base width in that the width of her nose lines up with the inner corners of her eyes.


  • In 2008, at the age of 19, you can see how the lateral canthus of the eye sits higher than the medial canthus.

    2008 年,我 19 歲,可以看到外側眼角比內側眼角高。

  • And this allows for the proper flow of tears.


  • And the lacrimal gland, which is what generates our tears, sits on the lateral aspect up here by the orbital rim.


  • As it generates those tears, they wanna flow towards the nose, because that's where they end up.


  • So by having the eye cant like this, with the lateral side being higher, it provides that proper flow.


  • So in youth, that is a very natural feature.


  • Also, you can see that Taylor has nasolabial folds here, and this is quite normal.


  • Some people try to obliterate the nasolabial folds with, say, filler or sometimes surgery, mid-face surgery, especially in younger patients.


  • And that really isn't necessary most of the time, because this is a very natural trait to have a degree of these folds.


  • In 2009, at the age of 20, I'm not seeing any changes.

    2009 年,我 20 歲,卻沒有看到任何變化。

  • And that is the case all the way through 2012.

    這種情況一直持續到 2012 年。

  • In 2013, at the age of 24, what I'm seeing here is that she has full forehead mobility and those early etched-in lines right at the forehead.

    2013 年,她 24 歲,我在這裡看到的是,她的額頭有充分的活動度,額頭上有早期的蝕刻紋。

  • And this is telling me that she likely has not started Botox at this age.


  • And she's still young here, 24, though there are some people who, as early as in their early 20s, are starting to get into prejuvenation with Botox.

    她現在還很年輕,24 歲,不過有些人早在 20 歲出頭就開始使用肉毒桿菌毒素進行年輕化前的美容了。

  • Not saying that that's right, but I'm just saying that that does exist these days.


  • So Taylor, to me, looks like she has not started that yet.


  • In 2014, at the age of 25, there are no additional changes.

    2014 年,25 歲的年齡沒有額外的變化。

  • In 2015, at age 26, what jumps out at me is that the eyes look more open compared to prior.

    2015 年,我 26 歲,讓我眼前一亮的是,眼睛看起來比以前更開闊了。

  • So the options here for what Taylor may have had are brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, and or ptosis repair of the upper lids.


  • She may have had a combination of these.


  • My guess is that she likely had an upper blepharoplasty plus minus ptosis repair.


  • Also, I'm seeing that there's more significant cheek fullness and it looks fairly evenly distributed throughout the upper cheeks from medial to lateral.


  • So this is just a guess, but she may have had cheek implants that added this maxillary fullness.


  • And it appears maintained, as you'll see, throughout the upcoming years.


  • In 2016, at the age of 27,

    2016 年,27 歲、

  • I'm seeing some signs of a rhinoplasty.


  • The bridge and the tip appear to be more narrowed compared to prior.


  • This wasn't a major revolutionary change to her nose, and that's why it's very hard to tell.


  • But I do see that there is a difference in the overall width of her nose, from the top all the way down to the bottom of the nose.


  • In 2017, at age 28, you can really see the contour differences here between her nose appearing smaller and the upper cheeks being more pronounced compared to, say, 2009.

    2017 年,28 歲的她與 2009 年相比,鼻子顯得更小,臉頰上部更加明顯,你可以在這裡真切地看到輪廓上的差異。

  • In 2018, age 29, no further changes.

    2018 年,29 歲,沒有進一步變化。

  • In 2019, at age 30, it looks like Taylor may have had a brow lift with or without a revision upper blepharoplasty.

    2019 年,30 歲的泰勒看起來可能做了提眉術,或沒有做上眼瞼整形術。

  • You can see the increased supratarsal show right above the upper lid margin.


  • Also, I'm seeing here in the lower right part of the lip, there is this bulging.


  • And this may have been because of some filler that was placed, or it could just be from local trauma, such as biting your lip.


  • When it comes to brow lifting, there are different approaches, and we have a video that covers that in detail.


  • But briefly, there is a more direct approach where the incision can be right at the eyebrow, especially on the lateral element of it, to try to remove some skin and raise the brow.


  • It's highly unlikely that Taylor had that approach because that incision and scar can be quite visible once it heals.


  • Another approach is to use a wrinkle in the forehead to make an incision there, remove some skin and lift up.


  • Again, a very obvious location and something that Taylor, at age 30, would not have had done.

    同樣,這是一個非常明顯的位置,泰勒 30 歲時也不會這樣做。

  • The other approaches are more at the hairline or just behind the hairline.


  • And that usually is a pretty good place to hide the actual scar and to make it less obvious that work was done.


  • With the way that she wears her hair, especially with the bangs and the coverage over the forehead, it becomes very difficult to assess exactly where the incisions were placed for this potential brow lift.


  • In 2020, at the age of 31, there are no further changes seen.

    到 2020 年,即 31 歲時,則沒有進一步的變化。

  • Same in 2021 at age 32.

    2021 年也一樣,32 歲。

  • In 2022, at age 33, it looks like Taylor has a longer philtrum.

    2022 年,33 歲的泰勒似乎有了更長的咽鼓管。

  • Now, this could be due to one of two main reasons.


  • One is the aging process.


  • As we age, our skin tends to lengthen and drop.


  • So that might be one reason why the philtrum appears longer.


  • The other reason is because of the suspected rhinoplasty.


  • After a rhinoplasty, some of the musculature, the orbicularis musculature that attaches to the base of the nose can get disrupted.


  • As that occurs, the philtrum can get longer.


  • And that is something that many patients that come to me for lip surgery notice after they have had a rhinoplasty in the past.


  • And here's a comparison from age 19 to how she looks now.

    下面是她 19 歲時和現在的對比照片。

  • The total cost of these potential procedures is $80,000.

    這些潛在程序的總費用為 80,000 美元。

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Has Taylor Swift had facial cosmetic procedures?


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