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  • Remember the golden age of working for the tech industry?


  • Fortune is unveiling its top 100 best companies to work for.

    《財富》雜誌公佈了最適合工作的 100 家公司。

  • Google's number one again this year, it was number one last year and the year before.


  • Google has everything-- free food everywhere, a Wi-Fi enabled free shuttle.

    谷歌神麼都有——到處都有免費食品、有 Wi-Fi 的免費接駁車。

  • They have horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, street hockey, like, you know, pools.


  • Netflix's letting you parents take as much time off as they need during the first year of their child's birth or adoption.

    Netflix 讓父母在孩子出生或收養的第一年根據需要休假。

  • Salesforce has mindfulness areas designed with help from monks.

    Salesforce 在僧侶的幫助下設計了正念區域。

  • Airbnb gives employees a two grand travel stipend.

    Airbnb 為員工提供兩千元旅行津貼。

  • Music discovery platform Pandora even pays for its workers to have gender affirmation surgery.

    音樂發現平台 Pandora 甚至支付員工進行性別確認手術的費用。

  • Let's pause here.


  • It's not only big names like Google, Apple and Amazon that entice workers with these perks.


  • Smaller tech startups were also offering workers outlandish extras. Everything from performance-based prizes to an endless supply of company-branded swag.

    規模較小的科技新創公司也為員工提供了一些奇怪的額外福利。 從以績效為基礎的獎項到源源不絕的公司品牌贈品,一切應有盡有。

  • Top performers every month of the New York office, get an actual custom oil canvas painting.


  • If you pop it, actually reveals a secret room.


  • And we have like meetings in here do poker and maybe even close the deal have a shot of whiskey or something.


  • Here is a must-come spot for anybody who comes to New Relic is where we have all our swag all our New Relic pride.

    對於任何來到 New Relic 的人來說,這裡都是必來的地方,這裡是我們擁有 New Relic 自豪感的地方。

  • And the great thing is, is you can just come and grab whatever you want.


  • Well, that was the 2010s.

    那是 2010 年的事了。

  • This is how tech companies are grabbing headlines these days.


  • Layoffs in technology just keep coming.


  • The latest [is] Google cutting hundreds of jobs in its engineering product and hardware divisions.


  • So this is the latest round of layoffs we are hearing about in tech today.


  • It's two fintech companies Block and PayPal.

    是兩家金融科技公司 Block 和 PayPal。

  • Microsoft cutting almost 2000 jobs at Activision Blizzard and Xbox as the tech landscape resets.

    隨著科技格局的重置,微軟在動視暴雪和 Xbox 裁員近 2,000 人。

  • Layoffs in the tech industry surged in 2023, sparked by high interest rates and a pivot to generative AI.

    由於高利率和生成式 AI 的發展,2023 年科技業的裁員人數激增。

  • The pace of layoffs in the tech industry has persisted well into 2024.

    科技業的裁員步伐一直持續到 2024 年。

  • Workers who were laid off now see this industry in a different way.


  • When you work for a big tech company, you had this assurance that you were going to be okay that you were part of this greater thing that you were part of this culture that really meant something - you were making a difference.


  • At any moment -snap- you could be axed.


  • Before 2020, people were interested in the tech industry just because, I mean, the high pay prestige.

    2020 年之前,人們對科技業感興趣只是因為高薪聲望。

  • I think just seeing it as different, right?


  • You have all these traditional companies, and then you have all these companies that are just doing things different, and they look like kind of the future of work.


  • People thought it was gonna be like a huge shift towards these fun environments and flexible environments and places where they put employees first.


  • Now that sort of shifted anything.


  • Well, these aren't too much different than these older traditional companies that people were already working at in the early 2000s.

    嗯,這些公司與人們在 2000 年代初期就已經工作過的那些較老的傳統公司並沒有太大的不同。

  • The tech industry as a whole has completely lost its luster because people are starting to recognize that the tech industry is just like any other industry.


  • It was up one day and now it's down.


  • You consider what's going on a companies like Google, consider what's going on in the companies like Amazon.


  • The moment they started to announce layoffs, people start to recognize that these companies these tech giants are just like every other company.


  • They hire today and they get rid of you tomorrow.


  • The tech industry completely dominated the news headlines in the 2010s.


  • After the 2008 financial crisis, the US Federal Reserve brought interest rates to near zero and kept them there for years.


  • That allowed tech companies and startups to borrow money at rock-bottom prices, and open the floodgates for venture capital money too.


  • Boosted by ultra-low interest rates and a ready supply of venture capital money and skyrocketing adoption of smartphones and social media, tech companies took over the stock market as well.


  • Working at one of these tech companies became a way to get rich.


  • Employees often got a good portion of their compensation paid out in stock options.


  • As tech stocks rose, workers got richer and richer.


  • The tech-heavy NASDAQ for example, rose about 347% from January 2010 to December 2019.

    例如,科技股納斯達克指數從 2010 年 1 月到 2019 年 12 月,增長了約 347%。

  • Netflix was the biggest gainer among the FAANG stocks, surging more than 4,000%.

    Netflix 是 FAANG 股票中漲幅最大的股票,超過 4000%。

  • I think for a long time working for a major tech company like Google or Meta, Microsoft was really seen as a badge of honor, because these were companies that were growing tremendously.

    我認為,在 Google 或 Meta 這樣的大型科技公司工作很長一段時間,微軟確實被視為一種榮譽徽章,因為這些公司正在快速發展。

  • And through most of the lifetime, for many of our current students right now in our recent graduates, all they saw their entire childhood was growth.


  • They saw these companies get larger, they saw them innovate.


  • They saw new products that really transformed their day to day life.


  • So to be able to work in those companies was seen as prestigious, and it was seen as a very positive step in building their own careers to be able to contribute to the technology that they themselves and their families used every single day.


  • People definitely look at you differently when you have Microsoft or a larger tech company on your resume.


  • People have called it the easy door into your next job or whatever.


  • I don't know if it's that far.


  • But definitely, especially if you're going to a place that is built on Azure and you have Microsoft experience that seems like a no-brainer.


  • Or if you have going to somewhere that's a Google-based company, you have Google on your resume or Amazon, I think it probably puts you towards the front of the line.


  • When COVID-19 began, the economy initially struggled, but the tech industry thrived.

    當 COVID-19 爆發時,經濟最初陷入困境,但科技業卻蓬勃發展。

  • The Federal Reserve's swift actions, such as cutting interest rates back to near zero boosted tech stocks.


  • This in turn led to an increase in tech jobs, primarily as people stayed home.


  • However, tech stocks took a hit once the Fed started raising rates in 2022.

    然而,聯準會在 2022 年開始升息後,科技股遭受重創。

  • So the industry started using mass layoffs as one of the many ways of belt-tightening.


  • Wall Street loved this move, reflected in the bounce in tech stocks in 2023.

    華爾街喜歡這項舉措,2023 年科技股的反彈就反映了這一點。

  • The tech heavy NASDAQ climbed to 43% in 2023, its best years since 2020.

    以科技股為主的那斯達克指數在 2023 年攀升至 43%,這是自 2020 年以來最好的年份。

  • In the pandemic, the tech industry saw some pretty big pickups in job posting games on Indeed platform.

    在疫情期間,科技業在 Indeed 平台上發布的招聘上出現了相當大的成長。

  • We saw really strong hiring. People were at home, they were consuming more kind of these tech goods and services.

    我們看到了非常強勁的招募。 人們待在家裡,他們正在消費更多種類的科技產品和服務。

  • And many tech companies adjusted to that and hired more workers.


  • So we saw a big run-up in 2021-22.

    因此,我們在 2021-22 年看到了大幅成長。

  • And then in 2023, we saw some of that demand start to kind of cool down and soften.

    然後到 2023 年,我們看到部分需求開始降溫和軟化。

  • In 2024, so far, we've seen somewhat similar to 2023, some layoffs being announced.

    到目前為止,2024 年我們看到的情況與 2023 年有些相似,宣布了一些裁員。

  • We've seen kind of a continuation of pull back and job postings in the tech industry.


  • But again, a lot of these layoffs that we've seen so far this year in 2024, have really been about right sizing and adjusting to a world of post-COVID consumer demand and trying to figure out what does the world look like after COVID.

    但同樣,我們今年(2024 年)迄今為止看到的許多裁員實際上都是為了正確調整規模和適應新冠疫情后消費者需求的世界,並試圖弄清楚新冠疫情之後的世界會是什麼樣子。

  • So, a lot of it really comes down to businesses making moves to really understand, you know, where their consumers are, and trying to fit their workforces to that demand.


  • Now we see the stock market reacted quite favorably to this round of layoffs.


  • We see these record stock prices for a lot of these tech companies.


  • The investors really favored profitability, really favored this lean year that these tech companies had.


  • And so instead of rewarding the growth that we saw in them all pursue years ago, they're now rewarding profit.


  • And so the layoffs have continued, people have become used to them, and regrettably, and sadly, it seems that the layoffs is going to be the new normal.


  • Layoffs in tech show no signs of letting up.


  • In fact, more and more companies have embraced quote, "efficiency," as a common mantra in recent earnings calls.


  • A memo sent out by Elon Musk to the staff outlining that the company will be cutting more than 10% of its global staff.


  • The layoffs are the first for Apple since the pandemic and come shortly after the company shuttered its self-driving car project.


  • Amazon is cutting hundreds of jobs from its cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services.


  • Even though mass tech layoffs continue dominating headlines, the labor market still seems strong.


  • The US economy added 303,000 jobs in March well above the Dow Jones estimate for a rise of 200,000 with the unemployment rate edging lower to 3.8%.

    美國經濟 3 月新增就業 303,000 個,遠高於道瓊斯預計的 20 萬個崗位,失業率小幅降至 3.8%。

  • The tech layoffs have prompted new workers to seek other opportunities according to Handshake, a popular free job posting site for college students and graduates.


  • So the share of tech majors job applications submitted to internet and software companies dropped by more than 30% between November 2021 and September of 2023,

    因此,2021 年 11 月至 2023 年 9 月期間,向網路和軟體公司提交的科技專業求職應徵比例下降了 30% 以上,

  • while the share of applications submitted to government jobs, more than doubled.


  • And part of the reason why this is happening is because stability is such a major factor in student's decision around what types of jobs they apply to and what types of jobs they accept.


  • 77% of this recent class of 2024 cares about stability as the number one factor.

    77% 的 2024 年畢業生將穩定性視為首要因素。

  • And the government, for example, is an entity that provides a strong level of stability; whereas they're looking at the headlines and the news, and they're paying attention to all of the layoffs that are happening in Big Tech.

    例如,政府是一個提供高度穩定性的實體; 而他們關注的是頭條新聞和新聞,他們關注的是大型科技公司正在發生的所有裁員。

  • And that makes them feel unstable.


  • The layoff pandemic is not necessarily impacted tech the way we thought it was - largely because of the fact that these jobs still pay really well.


  • And there's still a degree of luster.


  • It's not nearly as exciting as it was 20 or 30 years ago, but it's still exciting, and people really want that bullet point on the resume, even if they only lasted a Google, for let's say six months or a year, they can still say they worked there.

    雖然不像 20 或 30 年前那麼令人興奮,但仍然具有吸引力,人們希望簡歷上有這個亮點,即使他們只在 Google 待了六個月或一年,他們仍然可以說他們在那裡工作過。

  • I think what we're starting to see ultimately is that people are starting to consider other options.


  • Whether they're deciding that once they get their degrees, they're going to go create their own businesses, they're going to get government space,


  • they're going to get in other industries, where there is a need for their technical skill set where they can essentially be a big fish in a small pond, which in many ways gives them job security that they don't necessarily get in the tech industry.


  • People that are wanting to work in tech and wanting to still stay in tech,


  • I think we just have to be a little bit more careful, and little bit more guarded about keeping our options open and not feeling the need to be extremely loyal and dedicated to one company.


  • Because they surely are not dedicated and loyal to us.


  • No matter what your manager no matter what your director is saying, no matter what praise you're getting, it doesn't really matter sometimes at the end of the day, at a lot of tech companies, unfortunately.


  • These layoffs have to an extent hurt the luster of the tech industry, but not to the point that I think that people all of a sudden are going to decide not to go work for them anymore.


  • But even we consider that recent college grads, five years ago, they couldn't wait to go to work for the big tech industry.


  • But now they're considering things.


  • Whether I go to tech, whether I go to government, whether I go someplace else, I want to go someplace where I feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself.


  • Tech companies are just not offering that anymore, because they're not necessarily disruptive.


  • And I'm talking the big giants.


  • I'm talking about the Amazons of the world, the Microsofts of the world, the Googles of the world.


  • They're not seen as disruptors, now they're seen as more established companies.


  • To the people who are chasing like a tech dream job, I think, keep your options open and be realistic.


  • Don't just focus on one company and feel like you have to get into that one company because it's the dream.


  • Pay attention to the other ones. Pay attention to smaller companies.

    注意其他的。 關注較小的公司。

  • There's a lot of really good smaller companies that are not in the headlines that are great places to work, but also don't hold back.


  • Drive towards something and have a goal. Just temper your expectations.

    朝著某件事努力並有一個目標。 只是調整你的期望。

  • I think the glory days of the tech industry will certainly continue to flow back into the existence in the eyes of our early talent.


  • I think it will look different as it continues to evolve.


  • I think the values and the needs and the desires of our early talent will continue to change as the macro economic situation around them also changes.


  • And I think Big Tech, if they want to remain an attractive option for early talent, will need to continue to evolve their workplace, their expectations and their benefits.


Remember the golden age of working for the tech industry?


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