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  • Class is in session.


  • Taiwanese universities like this one are offering more and more science and technology courses.


  • But that's not enough to meet the country's demand for talented workers.


  • The government has been working to attract Taiwanese with the necessary skills back from overseas.


  • But those efforts haven't met expectations.


  • Over the past four years, the country's National Science Council has spent a staggering 12.4 million U.S. dollars on a STEM recruitment program to attract Taiwanese talent residing overseas.

    在過去的四年中,國家科學委員會花費了 1240 萬美元開展 STEM 招聘計劃,以吸引居住在海外的臺灣人才。

  • But since its launch, only 131 people have returned, with fewer than 100 actually staying.

    但自推出以來,只有 131 人返回,實際留下來的不到 100 人。

  • Despite failing to attract citizens living abroad, universities say they've successfully recruited foreign students.


  • The STEM recruitment program implemented in 2020 has only recruited a small number of people.

    2020 年實施的 STEM 招聘計劃只招聘了一小部分人。

  • And in a recent legislative debate, an opposition Kuomintang legislator said the results were less than ideal.


  • We spent more than 400 million dollars in four years.

    我們在四年內花費了 4 億多美元。

  • We questioned the effectiveness of the program, and only 97 people stayed.

    我們對計劃的有效性提出了質疑,結果只有 97 人留了下來。

  • Do you really think that we have achieved the plan you had in mind?


  • The program's lackluster results have become a hot-button issue regarding government spending.


  • One NGO that bridges international and Taiwanese institutions says that overseas recruitment programs often struggle to convey their initiatives to their target audiences.


  • When it's an internationally-facing program, sometimes it's not necessarily the best marketed or even actively marketed sometimes.


  • So a lot of times the effectiveness of people being informed about this is actually very, very low sometimes.


  • Without proper promotion, government-funded recruitment initiatives may struggle to reach their quotas.


  • The National Science Council has recently launched a doctoral scholarship program to address the issue of understaffed Taiwanese universities.


  • But with their track record on recruiting talent, the council is under increasing pressure to prove that their funds aren't going down the drain.


  • Devin Tai and Wesley Lewis for Taiwan Plus.

    Devin Tai 和 Wesley Lewis 代表 Taiwan Plus。

Class is in session.


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