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  • Hey everybody! It's Ariannita la Gringa and  welcome back to my YouTube channel. In today's  

    大家好!我是 Ariannita la Gringa,歡迎回到我的 YouTube 頻道。在今天的

  • video I will be going on a road trip. Yes a road  trip! A road trip is a long journey taken by a  


  • car or bus, but today I'm going to take a road  trip with my car. And it wouldn't be a fun road  

    ,但今天我將乘坐汽車進行公路旅行。 如果沒有我的朋友 ,這不會是一次有趣的公路

  • trip without my friends. This is Mateo and Lisanna  and they're going to join me to go on a road  


  • trip to Chicago. Lisanna, is this your first time  going to Chicago? My first time and I'm really  


  • excited. And then what are we going to do there? We're going to see the main attractions of the  


  • city and maybe see some basketball. Right now  we're in Cincinnati and it's really cold and  


  • it takes four and a half hours to drive to Chicago. Mateo, do you think that's a long drive four and  

    開車到芝加哥要四個半小時。 馬特奧,你認為 從這裡到芝加哥

  • a half hours from here to Chicago? That's a  really long drive I think I'm going to take  

    需要四個半小時的車程嗎 ? 這是一段很長的車程,我想我要

  • a great nap. A nap! Okay Mateo and Lisanna, let's  hit the road and get inside the car. Let's do it!


  • Okay guys, right now we're inside the car  so go ahead and buckle up and let's put our seat  


  • belt on. All right! And how do I know where to go? How do I know to get to my destination Chicago?

    。好的!我怎麼知道該去哪裡?我怎麼知道要到達目的地 芝加哥?

  • So you first go to your GPS and then you type in the city (Chicago) and then once I type in my  

    因此,您首先打開 GPS,然後輸入城市(芝加哥),然後一旦輸入我的

  • city Chicago I hit go and I'm ready to travel to  Chicago. Right now it's 1:22 p.m. and it takes 4  

    城市芝加哥,我就會點擊“開始”,準備前往芝加哥。現在是下午 1 點 22 分,

  • hours and 39 minutes to travel to Chicago. It takes  282 miles so we'll be arriving around 5:00 p.m.

    到達芝加哥需要 4 小時 39 分鐘。需要 282 英里,所以我們將於下午 5:00 左右抵達

  • five o'clock. On this road trip, we are going to see a lot  of road signs on our way to Chicago. I'm going to  


  • explain each sign I see on the road and on  the highway. For example this sign says  


  • "Do not litter". This basically means don't throw  garbage or trash on the road or you might be fined $1,000.

    「請勿亂丟垃圾」。這基本上意味著不要在路上亂丟垃圾或雜物,否則您可能會被罰款 1,000 美元。

  • The next sign is a cross road  warning sign. It warns the driver that another  


  • road crosses the main highway ahead. That means  you need to look left and right for traffic. Now  


  • I'm getting off the road and I will enter the  highway onto Interstate 74 West toward Indianapolis.

    我要離開公路,進入高速公路,進入 74 號州際公路西向印第安納波利斯方向行駛。

  • in the United States it's pretty common to see  giant blue signs that will tell you what food  


  • is nearby. Let me know down below if you have  this sign in your city. I'm going to take my  


  • first exit by getting off the highway via the  exit ramp. This is the exit ramp and the yellow  


  • sign lets me know I need to lower my speed to 25  mph. In America we use miles per hour we do not  

    標誌讓我知道我需要將速度降低到 25 英里/小時。在美國,我們使用英里每小時,而不

  • use kilometers per hour. Okay guys! I just got off  the highway and I'm at my first stop. So the nice  

    使用公里每小時。好吧夥計們!我剛剛下了高速公路,就到了第一站。 因此

  • thing about a GPS is you can actually add stops  and then this will add the time to your GPS to  

    ,GPS 的好處是您實際上可以添加停靠點,然後這會將 GPS 的時間添加到 目的地

  • your destination. I'm at my first stop Starbucks.  I'm going to drink a cup of coffee I'm going to  


  • order one inside. I'm going to stretch my legs  because we still have a long way to go. I just  


  • got my Venti white chocolate mocha from StarbucksAlso, if you guys don't know what Venti means go  

    星巴克買了 Venti 白巧克力摩卡。另外,如果你們不知道 Venti 是什麼意思,請繼續

  • ahead and check check out my new YouTube video  "Teaching English at Starbucks" because you guys  

    觀看我的新 YouTube 影片“在星巴克教英文”,因為你們

  • would know that Venti is a large. Go ahead and  check it out! Before hitting the road again and  

    會知道 Venti 很大。快去看看吧!在再次上路

  • going towards Chicago I want to ask my friends  a few questions... What do you guys think about the  


  • trip so far (the road trip)? What do you think about  the highway? Is it bumpy, is it smooth? I think the  


  • highway in United States is silky smoothly. And  Lisanna, since I'm driving (I'm in the front seat


  • do you think I'm a good driver? I think you're  excellent and I feel very safe. Great! And then  


  • what do you think about the United States so far  your road trip right now? I think it's really great  


  • it's good long road and it's not bumpy. Now  let's hop in the car and continue our road trip.


  • Now I'm entering a work  zone and I need to reduce my speed to 40 miles per hour

    現在我正在進入工作區,我需要將速度降低到每小時 40 英里。

  • Flashback: Mateo, do you think that's  a long drive four and a half hours from here  


  • to Chicago? That's a really long drive. I  think I going to take a great nap.


  • One hour later...


  • These cars got pulled over by the  police usually when this happens on the highway  


  • it creates a lot of traffic. Have you ever got  stuck in traffic? The yellow line on my GPS lets  

    ,會造成大量交通。你曾經遇過交通堵塞嗎? GPS 上的黃線讓

  • me know there's oncoming traffic. Before getting  to Chicago, I want to ask you guys... Are you on  


  • a bumpy road with your English journey? Well if, you're off the beaten track I want to tell you  


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  • I just made it to my second stop and  right now I'm at the gas station. I'm gonna  


  • fill up my car with gas. Also, a gas station  is really nice because I can get out of the  


  • car, stretch my legs, and use the restroom. When  you drive your car or if you're on a road trip  


  • like I am right now, you have to be aware of your  surroundings when you're driving. For example, you  


  • have to watch for the different cars around you, you have to watch for construction, you have to  


  • lower your speed limit if you're driving through  a construction zone, and you have to watch the  


  • speed limit. Some highways have a higher speed  limit than others. And make sure to follow your  


  • GPS and watch it so you don't miss your exit. Now  it's time to pump some gas! I'm going to pump my  

    GPS 並注意它,這樣您就不會錯過出口。現在是時候抽點氣了!我要給我的

  • gas tank and fill it up, but if you guys wantfull video about gas station vocabulary let me 


  • know down below! Lisanna, I have a question for  you... What do you think about the gas prices in  

    在下面告訴我! 麗莎娜,我有一個問題想問你......你對 美國的

  • the United States? Do you think they're expensive  or cheap? It's way more cheaper than in my country

    汽油價格有何看法 ? 你覺得它們貴還是便宜?它比我的國家

  • Estonia because it doesn't produce use gas. How  much does it normally cost to fill up your gas  

    愛沙尼亞便宜得多,因為它不生產用過的天然氣。 在愛沙尼亞

  • tank in Estonia? A car like this would cost $90. Wow  that's expensive. Normally it would cost around $40  

    加滿油箱通常需要多少錢 ?像這樣的汽車要花費 90 美元。哇那很貴。 通常,

  • to $50 to fill up your gas tank. And Mateo, what  do you do if you're going over the speed limit  

    加滿油箱的 費用約為 40 至 50 美元 。 馬特奧,如果你超速了

  • and a police officer pulls you over? Well here in [the] United States I will keep my hands on the wheel  


  • and I will just wait 'til the officer comes to  talk to me. Exactly! You'll move to the side of  


  • the road, you'll put your hazard lights on, and then  yeah you want to put your hands on the steering  


  • wheel make sure the police officer can see your  hands, and then roll down your window and then  


  • the police officer will talk with you. And then  once the police officer comes and talks with you  


  • you have to show him your driver's license (your  ID) as well as your insurance card. Right now we  


  • haven't seen any tolls so a toll is basically  where you have to pay to drive on a road or  


  • a bridge, but I think in Chicago there are some  tolls so we'll see that a little bit later. But  


  • Lisanna, are there tolls in Estonia where you're  from? Everything's free! It's really windy right  


  • now and it's cold so let's hit the road once  again because we still have one hour and a half to drive.


  • You can pay the toll with cash, a credit card, or you can purchase a  


  • monthly EZ Pass so you can pass through  the tolls to save you time and money. [Music

    每月 EZ Pass,這樣您就可以透過過路費,節省時間和金錢。 [音樂

  • Now I have to pay another toll. It costs six dollars and sixty cents.


  • $6.60


  • Hi my loves! Receipt? No thanks! What are you  all filming?


  • Mateo: It's for our YouTube channel it's a vlog. It's a travel vlog.

    Mateo:這是我們 YouTube 頻道的影片部落格。這是一個旅遊視頻部落格。

  • Welcome to Chicago.


  • Mateo: Thank you so much.


  • The windy city. Bye, my loves!


  • Peace on earth.


  • Okay guys, we finally made it to downtown  Chicago. We are at our final destination and we  


  • didn't get pulled over by the police which  is good. We went to two different tolls and  


  • paid $6.60 for each toll. And we didn't go over the  speed limit! I have a question for you two... What are  

    每次收費 6.60 美元。而且我們沒有超速! 我有一個問題想問你們兩個…

  • your first impressions of this city, Chicago? Nowfeel like in [the] USA for the first time. I love it. The  

    你們對芝加哥這座城市的第一印 像是什麼 ? 現在我感覺像是第一次來到美國。我喜歡它。這座

  • city is buzzing and it's super nice. It's called  the Windy City for a reason but I don't feel a  


  • lot of wind it's not too cold, right? We don't  feel any wind right now which is amazing. And  


  • we need to celebrate. Don't forget to subscribe to  my YouTube channel, but also their YouTube channel.  

    我們需要慶祝。不要忘記訂閱我的 YouTube 頻道以及他們的 YouTube 頻道。

  • Their YouTube channel is called Mateo y Lisanna   and they are travel vloggers where they go to  

    他們的 YouTube 頻道名為 Mateo y Lisanna,他們是旅遊影片部落客,前往

  • different countries and explore the cities in  each country. As I said before, Mateo and Lisanna  

    不同的國家並探索每個國家的城市。正如我之前所說,Mateo 和 Lisanna

  • are travel vloggers and they're going to upload  their video in Chicago soon. But before uploading  


  • it, what are you guys going to show around Chicago? What are you guys gonna do here? We are going to  


  • show a bit of everything. We like to get in touch  with the real culture and interact with people  


  • also with locals. And hopefully, see some basketball  some Chicago Bulls. Oh yeah! And if you guys want to  


  • learn some English vocab in this city go ahead and  comment down below. I'll see you guys next week bye!


Hey everybody! It's Ariannita la Gringa and  welcome back to my YouTube channel. In today's  

大家好!我是 Ariannita la Gringa,歡迎回到我的 YouTube 頻道。在今天的


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