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  • Plus.

  • I just think this is really interesting.

  • So I work with the Navy.

  • I've worked with the Navy seals and I asked them like, who do

  • you, how do you pick, like the guys that go on seal team six?

  • Right?

  • Cause they're the best of the best, of the best of the best.

  • And they drew it, they drew a graph for me.

  • And on one side they drew, they wrote the word for performance.

  • And on the other side, they wrote the word trust.

  • The way they define the terms is performance on the battlefield and

  • performance off the battlefield.

  • So this is your skills.

  • This is, did you make your quarterly earnings?

  • Whatever.

  • However you want to translate it, right?

  • Performance, it's traditional.

  • This is how are you off the battlefield?

  • What kind of person are you?

  • The way they put it is, I may trust you with my life, but do I trust

  • you with my money and my wife?

  • Their seals.

  • This is what they told me.

  • Nobody wants this person, the low performer of low trust, of course.

  • Of course, everybody wants this person, the high performer

  • of high trust, of course.

  • What they learned is that this person, the high performer of low trust, is a

  • toxic leader and a toxic team member.

  • And they would rather have a medium of high trust, sometimes even

  • a low performer of high trust.

  • It's a relative scale over this person.

  • This is the highest performing organization on the planet,

  • and this person is more important than this person.

  • And the problem in business is we have lopsided metrics.

  • We have 1,000,001 metrics to measure someone's performance,

  • and negligible to no metrics to measure someone's trustworthiness.

  • And so what we end up doing is promoting or bonusing toxicity in

  • our businesses, which is bad for the long game, because it eventually

  • destroys the whole organization.

  • The irony is it's unbelievably easy to find these people.

  • Go to any team and say, who's the asshole?

  • They will all point to the same person.

  • Equally.

  • If you go to any team and say, who do you trust more than anybody else?

  • Who's always got your back?

  • And when the chips are down, they will be there with you.

  • They will also all point to the same person.

  • It's the best gifted, natural leader who's getting, who is creating an

  • environment for everybody else to succeed.

  • And they may not be your most individual, highest performer, but that person,

  • you better keep them on your team.



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Simon Sinek - Trust vs Performance(Simon Sinek - Trust vs Performance (Must Watch!))

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