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  • The world of Instruments

  • All around the world, people play musical instruments.

  • Some instruments are known everywhere.

  • Other instruments are known in certain parts of the world.

  • One thing is the same for all instruments.

  • They make music!

  • Most instruments fall into one of  four families: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

  • Let's compare instruments from the  orchestra with traditional instruments.

  • We will see how they are alike and different.

  • STRINGS: The Violin and the Erhu

  • A string instrument makes music when its strings vibrate,

  • or move very quickly from side to side.

  • The violin is in this family.

  • The erhu is also in this family.

  • It is a traditional string instrument from China.

  • The shape of the violin  and the erhu are alike.

  • However, the instruments are different in one way.

  • Most violins have four strings.

  • The erhu only has two strings.

  • Woodwinds: The Flute and the Panpipes

  • A woodwind instrument makes music when air vibrates in a tube.

  • The flute iswoodwind instrument.

  • So are the panpipes, a traditional instrument played in Peru and other parts of South America.

  • The two instruments make similar sounds, but they are  different in other ways.

  • Flutes have one tube, while panpipes have many tubes.

  • Flutes are usually made of metal.

  • Panpipes are usually made of a different material such as bamboo or cane.

  • BRASS: The Tuba and the Didgeridoo

  • Brass players make music by vibrating their lips as they blow air into the instrument.

  • The tuba is a brass instrument.

  • The pitchor sound, of the tuba is low when you hear it.

  • The didgeridoo is from Australia.

  • The sound of the didgeridoo is as low as the tuba's sound.

  • However, unlike the metal tuba, the didgeridoo is made of wood.

  • Also, the didgeridoo is not as curved as the tuba.

  • Percussion: The Snare Drum and the Djembe

  • Percussion instruments vibrate and make a sound when something hits them.

  • An orchestra snare drum and the West African djembe are both drums.

  • However, they are different in some ways.

  • Snare drummers use drumsticks to make a sound,

  • but djembe drummers use their hands.

  • An orchestra snare drum is usually 15 centimeters deep,

  • but a djembe can be over 60 centimeters deep.

The world of Instruments


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Oxford Discover 3 Unit 12 The World of Instruments(Oxford Discover 3 Unit 12 Read along The World of Instruments)

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