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  • This week at the company's annual conference in Las Vegas, Adobe emphasized that AI is very much part of its future and that it plans to capitalize on this big technology shift.

    本週在拉斯維加斯舉行的公司年會上,Adobe 強調,人工智能是其未來的重要組成部分,並計劃充分利用這一重大技術轉變。

  • Here with more, we are now joined by Adobe's David Wadwani.

    Adobe 公司的大衛-瓦德瓦尼(David Wadwani)將為我們帶來更多精彩內容。

  • David, thank you for joining the show.


  • I wanna get right to a data point that stood out here.


  • Adobe now sees its total addressable market reaching 293 billion in 2027.

    Adobe 現在認為,到 2027 年,其可尋址市場總額將達到 2930 億美元。

  • That is up from a projected $205 billion in 2024.

    這比 2024 年預計的 2,050 億有所增長。

  • So, you know, David, that's a nice size jump.


  • What explains that jump and how much of that market do you think Adobe can ultimately capture?

    你認為 Adobe 最終能佔領多少市場?

  • Yeah, thanks for having me, Josh.


  • First of all, it is a significant growth in what we see in the market.


  • And a lot of it is driven by the fact that generative AI is helping make creativity and communication.


  • And also marketing and digital experience is much more approachable for everyone from communicators, all the way up to the largest enterprises in the world.


  • And given that we already do business across that spectrum, it's giving us an opportunity to reach those customers in a much more significant way than we've been able to reach in the past.


  • So we feel that we are going to be one of the primary winners of that market.


  • And we're very excited about the announcements we had at Summit yesterday.


  • Yeah, and so David, let's dig right into some of those announcements.


  • One, you unveiled Firefly services.

    第一,你揭開了 Firefly 的服務。

  • Walk us through that product, David, and just what it's gonna mean for Adobe customers.

    請向我們介紹一下該產品,以及它對 Adobe 客戶意味著什麼。

  • Great, yeah, for those viewers that don't know what Firefly is, Firefly is Adobe-owned generative models,

    很好,是的,對於那些不知道 Firefly 是什麼的觀眾來說,Firefly 是 Adobe 旗下的生成模型,

  • so foundation models that let you create the widest set of AI creative content in the world, everything from imaging to design to text to vectors and other capabilities coming like video and audio and 3D later this year.

    也就是基礎模型,可以讓你創建世界上最廣泛的人工智慧創意內容,從影像、設計、文本到矢量,應有盡有,今年晚些時候還將推出視頻、音頻和 3D 等其他功能。

  • What we did was we enabled all of the ability to reach all of that through API.


  • So you can now, through an API, an application programming interface, enable automation in enterprise workflows so that you can generate content, you can assemble content,


  • and then you can distribute that content through an automation layer that helps enterprises move much more quickly and produce more content that they can use for personalizing their experiences with their customers.


  • And another product I wanna touch on with you, David, because it made some headlines, was GenStudio.

    大衛,我還想跟你談談另一個產品,因為它上了一些頭條新聞,那就是 GenStudio。

  • So this kinda sounded like a sort of end-to-end platform for delivering campaign content, David.


  • That's exactly what it is.


  • Every enterprise is struggling with content velocity, so they need to think about their content as a content supply chain.


  • How do you start by planning what you want to build?


  • How do you actually go through the process of creating that content?


  • How do you decide how to activate it and distribute it and what channels you want it to go out on?


  • And then how do you measure it?


  • And all of it sort of sitting on a platform of how do you manage, just the proliferation of content you're creating.


  • Content is fueling the global economy.


  • Digital content is really the way that enterprises need to engage their customers and drive and grow their business.


  • And this is a single solution and application that they can do all of those five stages on.


  • You know, David, when we talk about AI and these sort of AI innovations you are announcing here, one question, certainly for investors, when are they gonna see meaningful AI monetization, David?


  • Any sense of timeline there?


  • Is that late 2024, 2025?

    是 2024 年底還是 2025 年?

  • How are you thinking about it?


  • Yeah, we've been very clear with investors that we are hyper-focused on really the proliferation of the use of this technology, starting in October of last year when we took a lot of this technology generally available.

    是的,我們一直向投資者明確表示,我們非常關注這項技術的普及應用,從去年 10 月開始,我們將這項技術的大量應用推廣開來。

  • And since then, we have seen an incredible adoption.


  • First of all, one of the key things about the way we do AI is we build these products, these models responsibly, so everyone knows what we train on.


  • And then secondly, we integrate it into our tools, everything from Photoshop to Adobe Express, all the way into our enterprise products that we just talked about.

    其次,我們將其集成到我們的工具中,從 Photoshop 到 Adobe Express,一直到我們剛才談到的企業產品。

  • We've now generated over 6.5 billion assets with all of this, so we feel really good about that proliferation.

    目前,我們已經創造了超過 65 億美元的資產,我們對這種擴散感到非常滿意。

  • And we are now starting to look at different ways to monetize it more actively.


  • We've said we should expect to see some of the benefit of that in the back half of this year, and certainly ramping going forward.


  • But we're thrilled with the adoption, and that gives us all the levers we need to monetize this over time.


  • David, when you talk about AI, one issue that comes up, and for good reason, it's copyright issues.


  • What's interesting to note is Adobe actually provides legal protection for users, a legal shield.

    值得注意的是,Adobe 實際上為用戶提供了法律保護,即法律盾牌。

  • Explain that for us.


  • Yeah, this is very important, and thank you for asking the question.


  • I don't think it gets enough coverage.


  • The problem with AI is also a question and a discussion we need to have around: how is the AI trained?


  • Where are we getting the content, and how are we enabling that content to be trained?


  • Adobe is one of the only companies that trains our models on content that we have 100% access to and 100% license to.

    Adobe 是僅有的幾家對我們的模特進行內容訓練的公司之一,我們對這些內容擁有 100% 的訪問權和 100% 的許可權。

  • We're also very transparent about how we train that license.


  • So therefore, everything that people use for generative AI, if you're an organization, really we're one of the only choices in market.


  • The second thing we do is that everything that gets created with our artificial intelligence, or any of our tools for that matter, is inserted with content authenticity, meaning it's like a digital label, a nutrition label for how this content was created,


  • so that not only do enterprises know where they got the content, but when the content does go out, consumers will know how the content was produced.


  • And we think this is a really important thing, especially in an election year when over 50% of the world is going out to vote.

    我們認為這是一件非常重要的事情,尤其是在大選年,全世界超過 50%的人都會去投票。

  • David, I wanna bring this back to investors.


  • You know, when you talk about your TAM, David, that total addressable market, and you see it kind of growing mid-teens, but you also are just projecting about 10% growth.

    你知道,當你談到你的 TAM 時,大衛,即總的可尋址市場,你看到它在中位數增長,但你也只是預測 10%左右的增長。

  • There's some investors, David, who might hear that and think, you know, Adobe is a real leader here. It should be growing faster than the overall market.

    有些投資者聽到這些可能會想,Adobe 在這裡是真正的領導者,它應該比整個市場增長得更快。

  • What is your response to that?


  • I come back to, you know, Adobe has always taken a long view on the market, and that's really what made us the company that we are today.

    Adobe 總是從長遠的角度看待市場,這也是我們成為今天的公司的真正原因。

  • We could, of course, take actions that are gonna drive more revenue in the short term, but we feel the right game to do right now is to drive proliferation, really get everyone adopting our technology, and then ramp the value and the monetization over time.


  • For us, it is about making sure that Adobe and Firefly and GenStudio are the places that companies and individuals come to create content more effectively, and then monetization will follow.

    對我們來說,要確保 Adobe、Firefly 和 GenStudio 成為公司和個人更有效地創建內容的地方,然後再實現貨幣化。

  • And David, I wanna get you out of here on a question about competition.


  • It interests me when folks saw OpenAI's Sora, David.

    當人們看到 OpenAI 的 Sora時,這讓我很感興趣。

  • I'm sure some Adobe investors, they might've gotten nervous, right?

    我相信一些 Adobe 的投資者,他們可能會感到緊張,對吧?

  • I'm more interested in how you at Adobe saw that, and whether actually you saw that as a kind of opportunity, meaning it's one thing to generate an image, but, you know, if you wanna cut, you wanna edit, et cetera, you still have to look for those Adobe tools.

    我更感興趣的是,你們 Adobe 公司是如何看待這一點的,以及你們是否真的將其視為一種機遇,也就是說,生成影像是一回事,但如果你想剪切、編輯等,你仍然必須尋找那些 Adobe 工具。

  • Is that how you saw it?


  • Absolutely.


  • Content production has always had multiple steps.


  • It starts with capturing content, then it goes into producing that content, and it goes into distributing that content.


  • Adobe has always played in the producing phase of this, and we think that's a massive market that we're gonna continue to play in.

    Adobe 一直在生產階段發揮著作用,我們認為這是一個巨大的市場,我們將繼續發揮它的作用。

  • What Sora does is it really addresses the capture part.

    Sora 所做的就是真正解決捕捉的問題。

  • So today, most of the content that's created that gets edited in our tools is through cameras and video machines.


  • Today with Sora, we're gonna expect to see more video created that needs to flow into our tools, and we're gonna integrate Sora and other video models directly into our tools.

    如今,有了 Sora,我們有望看到更多的影片被創造出來,需要流入我們的工具,我們將把 Sora 和其他視頻模型直接整合到我們的工具中。

  • I do wanna also add that we have our own technology.


  • The research is very similar to what Sora is doing, and we expect to have that out later this year.

    這項研究與 Sora 正在進行的研究非常相似,我們希望在今年晚些時候完成這項研究。

  • So we feel very pleased with what Sora is doing.

    我們對 Sora 所做的一切感到非常滿意。

  • We'll have our own with hopefully increased levels of controllability, but it all flows into our tools and helps our business.


  • David, thank you so much for joining the show today.


  • Appreciate your time.


  • Thank you for having me, Josh.


This week at the company's annual conference in Las Vegas, Adobe emphasized that AI is very much part of its future and that it plans to capitalize on this big technology shift.

本週在拉斯維加斯舉行的公司年會上,Adobe 強調,人工智能是其未來的重要組成部分,並計劃充分利用這一重大技術轉變。

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