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  • OpenAI helped Kickstart the new era of artificial intelligence with its text generating tool ChatGPT.

    OpenAI 憑藉其文字生成工具 ChatGPT 幫助開啟了人工智慧的新時代。

  • It stunned us with its AI-generated visuals through DALL-E and amazed us with its text-to-video tool Sora.

    它透過 DALL-E 的人工智慧產生的視覺效果讓我們驚嘆不已,它的文字轉影片工具 Sora 也讓我們驚嘆不已。

  • Now, it's unveiling Voice Engine, a new text-to-audio generator that can turn this real human voice sample...

    現在,它推出了 Voice Engine,這是一種新的文字轉音訊產生器,可以將真實的人類語音樣本轉換...

  • "Force is a push or pull that can make an object move."


  • ... into this AI-generated one.

    ....變成這個 AI 生成的。

  • "Have you ever wondered why a soccer ball soars through the air..."


  • OpenAI says it needs only a 15-second sample to generate a synthetic voice.

    OpenAI 表示,它只需要 15 秒的樣本即可產生合成語音。

  • It's going to get a lot of companies really rushing to perfect and to update a lot of their platforms.


  • OpenAI is not the first company to demonstrate the ability to clone voices.

    OpenAI 並不是第一家展示克隆聲音能力的公司。

  • The risks of the technology already clear.


  • Does it impress you or does it concern you?


  • I have to admit it's impressive but I'm very concerned at the possibilities for these kinds of powerful technologies. There are no regulations so far.

    我不得不承認這令人印象深刻,但我非常擔心這些強大技術的可能性。 到目前為止還沒有任何規範。

  • Other voice-generating programs have already been used to create fake ransom messages and even this fake robocall intended to sound like President Biden.


  • "It's important that you save your vote for the November election."

    「為 11 月的選舉保留選票非常重要。」

  • OpenAI acknowledging the risks of this emerging technology, saying in its blog that it's working on the tool with a limited number of partners and that "...we are taking a cautious and informed approach to a broader release due to the potential for synthetic voice misuse."

    Open AI 承認這項新興技術的風險,他們在部落格中表示正在與有限數量的合作夥伴合作開發這項工具,並且表示「……我們正在謹慎且審慎的方式下,因為合成語音可能被濫用,所以在更廣泛的範圍內進行發布。」

  • But the company also demonstrating its potential, showing what it can do across language.


  • "Friendship is a universal treasure."


  • Here's that same phrase in Spanish.


  • "La amistad es un tesoro universal."


  • Again, in Japanese.


  • "友情は普遍的な宝物です。"


  • And it's not just voices.


  • OpenAI is also partnering with some filmmakers to try out its video generator Sora, creating short movies like this one.

    OpenAI 也與一些電影製作人合作嘗試其視訊生成器 Sora,製作像這樣的短片。

  • "I am literally filled with hot air."


  • OpenAI demonstrating its capabilities in part to push society to prepare for technology that is no longer a matter of if but when.

    OpenAI 展現了其能力,部分是為了推動社會為技術做好準備,這不再是是否會出現的問題,而是何時出現的問題。

  • Marissa Parra, NBC News.

    Marissa Parra,NBC News。

OpenAI helped Kickstart the new era of artificial intelligence with its text generating tool ChatGPT.

OpenAI 憑藉其文字生成工具 ChatGPT 幫助開啟了人工智慧的新時代。

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OpenAI 推出全新「Voice Engine」只要 15 秒就可以複製你的聲音! (OpenAI unveils its Voice Engine tool that can replicate people’s voices)

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