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  • If there was ever to be a perfect adaptation for any anime ever, it would probably have to be Freerun and Studio Madhouse's immaculate presentation of it.

    如果說有哪部卡通片的改編是完美的,那可能非《Freerun》和 Studio Madhouse 製作的《Freerun》莫屬。

  • It's not often we get a literal one-to-one of anime to manga, but it's in the rare occasions that we do that they're never as refined as this is.


  • I mean, out of the 10 episodes I've seen so far, not a single cut or change has been made that takes away from the original. It's about as faithful as faithful can get.

    我的意思是,在我目前看過的 10 集裡,沒有一處刪減或改動是脫離原著的。這是忠實度所能達到的最高水準。

  • So, for a manga that's already popular to be adapted flawlessly, it's only natural it receives high ratings in accordance with that.


  • The thing is, Freerun didn't just get rated highly, it got so many good reviews that it's now the highest rated anime ever.


  • Granted, it's sitting at about 90,000 reviews compared to Fullmetal Alchemist's 2.1 million.

    當然,與《全金屬鍊金術師》的 210 萬條評論相比,《全金屬鍊金術師》只有大約 9 萬條評論,但它甚至超過了一部自《物種間的評論家》以來從未被打敗過的卡通片,我認為這是一個值得一提的壯舉。

  • But to even surpass an anime that hasn't been dethroned since interspecies reviewers, well, that's a feat that I think is worth mentioning.

  • One I honestly don't have a solid explanation for, but I can at least try by highlighting what I think makes Freerun so good.


  • So, I'm just going to say this right at the beginning, but if you're looking for a fantasy where there's non-stop action and lots of conflict, you're probably going to get bored and not enjoy Freerun that much.

    所以,我想開宗明義地告訴你,如果你正在尋找一部動作不停、衝突不斷的奇幻小說,你可能會覺得無聊,也不會那麼喜歡《自由奔跑》。這不是一部經典的權力奇幻小說,也不是一部斬殺惡魔領主的冒險故事,而是一部緩慢燃燒的故事。是的,有一些場景很可能屬於權力幻想,但這些場景很少,留給你的是一種情感反思,思考 "實際上永遠活著 "是什麼感覺。雖然 "永遠 "這個詞並不準確,但對於我們這些只能活在 "永遠 "與 "永遠 "之間的人來說,"永遠 "是一個很好的詞、

  • This isn't your classic power fantasy or adventure to slay the demon lord, but instead a slow burn about what comes after.

  • Yes, there are some scenes that may very well belong in a power fantasy, but with those being far and few between, what you're left with is an emotional introspective on what it's like to live, well, practically forever.

  • Forever's not exactly right, but to us who can only live between, I hope, 60 and 80 years, 1000 plus might as well be forever.

  • It's a length of time that makes 1, 2, or even 10 years seem like nothing.

    我希望,60 年、80 年、1000 年甚至永遠。這個時間長度讓 1 年、2 年甚至 10 年都顯得微不足道。是以,對於弗裡倫來說,用 10 年時間殺死惡魔領主的旅程只不過是他生命中的百分之一,而他的生命卻充滿了更多。根據我在 YouTube 上的分析,我們的年齡應該在 20 歲到 40 歲之間。

  • So, a journey in which a decade was spent slaying the demon lord was to Freerun nothing more than 1 one-hundredth of a life filled with so much more.

  • To us who I assume are between the ages of 20 and 40 based on my YouTube analytics, that's only 4-ish months when scaled down to the life we've lived so far.

  • It's a marginal period of time that may seem significant when we're experiencing it, but in the grand scheme of life as a whole, those 4 months are something we'll barely remember when we're older.

    在我們經歷這段時間的時候,它可能看起來很重要,但在整個人生的大計劃中,這 4 個月是我們長大後幾乎不會記得的。這就好比讓你回憶上小學時的任何一組 4 個月。那時的經歷肯定會讓我們記憶猶新,但隨著我們生活得越久,經歷得越多,這些記憶就開始變得不那麼重要了。隨著更新、更充實的記憶取而代之,這些記憶曾經的分量也開始慢慢褪去。我想我們在自己的生活中已經經歷過數百次這樣的事情了,但如果這種事情變得像呼吸一樣普遍,那又會怎樣呢?

  • It's like asking you to remember any set of 4 months from when you were an elementary school.

  • The time we experience then would definitely be fresh in our memory closer to that, but the more we live and the more we experience, the less significant those memories start to become.

  • The weight they once carried before would slowly start to fade as newer, more substantial memories take their place.

  • I imagine this is something we experience hundreds of times over in our own lives, but what if such a thing became as common as breathing?

  • What if life extended so long that the world around you changed more than you yourself did?


  • Would you live differently and experience life slower, or would you perhaps treasure relationships and get to know people better?


  • Would you traverse the world getting to know everything you could, or would you perhaps estrange yourself and live apart from society?

  • These aren't exactly the questions Freirin is asking, but they are the concepts that are explored through her life as an elf.

    這些並不完全是 Freirin 提出的問題,但卻是通過她作為精靈的生活所探索的概念。我認為,正是這種超越單一旅程的生命故事,將《弗雷林》提升到了許多卡通片無法企及的高度。這是對奇幻的另一種描繪,從本質上來說,它大多是情節性的,但同時也捕捉到了弗蕾琳如何過著近乎永生的生活。是以,在奇幻卡通片層出不窮的時代,能看到一部與眾不同的卡通片著實令人耳目一新。我們沒有被單一的冒險或冒險者的壽命所限制,而是看到了永生對一個人的影響。這是一次對整個奇幻題材的深度挖掘,它很好地通過一個經歷過奇幻題材方方面面的人的視角來解構

  • And it's that take on a story about life beyond one single journey that I think elevates Freirin to a level not many anime get to.

  • It's a different portrayal of fantasy that's mostly episodic by nature, but at the same time captures how Freirin lives her life of near-immortality.

  • So, in an era where fantasy anime are a dime a dozen, it's quite refreshing to see one that does something different for once.

  • We're not limited by the constraints of one single adventure or the lifespan of those who embark on them, but are rather shown what living forever does to someone.

  • It's a deep dive into the fantasy genre as a whole, and it does well to deconstruct it through the eyes of someone who's experienced every aspect of it.

  • One such aspect that really stuck out to me was the innovation of magic to the point that spells of the past were obsolete now.

  • Magic once thought undefeatable was now nothing more than ordinary offensive magic.

  • This demon who'd developed a spell which could penetrate any defense had been sealed for 80 years and was awoken to find his magic useless now.

  • It turns out his magic was researched extensively, and in only a few years, humans had incorporated it into their own magic.

  • They had created these powerful new defensive spells, easily capable of blocking that previously undefendable demon magic.

  • I know that's not really that big of a deal, but I like the idea of the passage of time actually having an effect on the world.

  • I mean, normally the days, months, or years which pass in other series aren't enough to show any substantial change in the world itself.

  • When it comes to Freerun, though, it's that passage of time and the changes that have occurred because of it that are on display most frequently since that's the whole point of the story.

  • We're constantly shown through the parallels of flashbacks in the present, exactly what it is that's different for Freerun and how it is that change is perceived by her.

  • Now, to be a bit more specific with regards to the plot itself, Freerun is a story that starts after the Demon Lord is defeated.

  • This grand adventure lasting 10 years in total is already at its conclusion and begins with the aftermath.

    Freerun 的故事始於魔王被擊敗之後。這場歷時 10 年的大冒險已經接近尾聲,故事的開端是餘波盪漾。英雄們從危險的旅程中歸來,而 Freerun 也從這裡出發,繼續她自己的旅程。她離開了自己的隊伍,繼續追尋瞭解魔法的一切。對她來說,這場長達一個世紀的冒險不過是異想天開的啟蒙,但對她留下的其他人來說,這樣的時光就是生命本身。即使在她回來的短短 50 年裡,與她一起冒險的最親密的人如今都已年邁。Freerun 從未想過人類的生命究竟有多麼短暫,所以看到他們發生瞭如此大的變化,甚至在不久之後就離開了人世,這

  • The heroes are shown returning from their perilous journey, and it's from there that Freerun sets off to continue her own.

  • She leaves her party and continues her pursuit to know everything magic.

  • To her, this century-long adventure is nothing more than whimsical enlightenment, but to everyone else who she'd left behind, such a time was life itself.

  • Even in the short 50 years it took for her to return, the closest people she'd adventured with were now old.

  • Freerun had never considered just how fleeting a human's life really was, so to see them change so much and even pass away shortly after, well, that was a revelation that made her intrigued in something else for once.

  • She was now curious as to what it was like to live as a human.

    她現在很想知道作為人類生活是什麼樣子。對她來說,這些人不過是眨眼間的事,她只是短暫地認識了他們,現在卻離開了,儘管她花了 10 年時間和他們一起環遊世界,但她留下的記憶只能說是曇花一現。當然,對我們來說,十年的時間足以讓我們與任何人親近,但對弗裡倫來說,她對人際關係的理解有著本質的不同,她意識到的是,她對她的同伴們其實知之甚少,以至於她會後悔當初沒有多瞭解他們一些。

  • In what was essentially just the blink of an eye for her, these people who she'd only known briefly were gone now.

  • And it was despite spending 10 years travelling the world with them that the memories she'd made could be described as nothing more than ephemeral.

  • Sure, to us, a decade was more than enough time to get close to anyone,

  • but to Freerun, whose understanding of relations were fundamentally different, what she'd realized was that she actually knew very little about her companions, so much so that she would actually regret not trying to learn more about them.

  • So, as the years went on and Freerun's journey continued, she would make an effort to interact more with others and try her best to recoup with the party members that were still alive.

    是以,隨著歲月的流逝和 Freerun 旅途的繼續,她會努力與其他人進行更多的交流,並盡力與還活著的黨員們一起休養生息。

  • Eventually, she would find herself joined by a new party, and it's the introduction of them and their journey on that same heroic path of 80 years ago that brings us to a new story of parallels continuations and connections.

    最終,她發現自己加入了一個新的隊伍,而正是他們的出現以及他們在 80 年前的那條英雄之路的旅程,將我們帶入了一個新的故事,一個關於相似性、延續性和關聯性的故事。平行是因為 Freerun 的過去和現在不斷地來回穿梭,延續是因為過去的事件在 80 年後重溫的方式,而聯繫則是因為 Freerun 開始越來越多地考慮她的新同伴。以前的 Freerun 會毫不猶豫地花費數年時間完成一項任務,但在新人類同伴的推動下,她開始意識到,短暫的事情並不意味著無足輕重。是以,這兩者之間的對比

  • Parallels because of the constant back and forth of Freerun's past and present,

  • continuations because of the way events from the past are revisited 80 years later,

  • and connections because of the increasing consideration Freerun starts to have for her new companions.

  • The old Freerun would have had no problem spending years doing one single task,

  • but with new human companions pushing her forward, she begins to realize that just because something's brief doesn't mean it's insignificant.

  • So, it's that contrast between Freerun's dismissive nature towards time and everyone else's desire to not waste it that constantly reminds us of how time is always flowing here.

  • It's a recurring theme that's even more supported through the numerous flashbacks from 80 years ago.

    Freerun 對時間的不屑一顧,以及每個人都不想浪費時間的願望,無時無刻不在提醒我們時間在這裡是如何流動的。這是一個反覆出現的主題,通過大量 80 年前的閃回,這個主題得到了更多的支持。再加上 Freerun 的成長,讓他不再自滿,而是變得更有同情心,是以我們看到的是一個情感豐富、以人物為主導的故事,講述了長生不老可能對一個人造成的影響。在這個引人入勝的故事中,生命的無常變得越來越明顯。以前,她可能還不明白這意味著什麼,但隨著她的旅行和對過去的反思,我們看到她不僅懂得了生命的本質,也開始尊重時間的流逝。

  • Combine this with Freerun's growth beyond complacency towards something a bit more sympathetic, and what we get is an emotional, character-driven narrative on what living forever might do to a person.

  • It's this engaging story where the impermanence of life becomes increasingly apparent.

  • Before, she may not have understood what that meant, but it's as we watch her travel and reflect on the past that we see her come to not only appreciate the nature of life, but also respect the flow of time too.

  • Both of which are the core aspects shown pretty much every episode.

  • Now, when I said Freerun was episodic by nature, what I meant was that the narrative was loosely connected through the one or two independent stories happening between them.

  • Yes, there is a general goal in which Freerun is striving to accomplish, but that's rarely, if ever, the focus of the episode.

  • What we focus on instead are the smaller events occurring in whatever town, village, or city Freerun finds herself in than how it relates to the adventure she had 80 years ago.

  • So, if I had to compare Freerun to any anime already out there, I would have to say it's closest to Violet Evergarden.

  • I don't think it's anywhere near as emotional, but that episodic portrayal of independent stories throughout one larger one is actually very similar to each other.

  • You also have a main protagonist who lacks a fundamental understanding of what it means to be human, and it's their self-discovery of it that makes Freerun and Violet very similar too.

  • So, regardless of whether it's love or life that these two are trying to understand, I think the place they both start out at is pretty much the same.

  • They're both overwhelmed by the regrets of their past and are both actively doing whatever they can to mend that.

    她們都被過去的遺憾壓得喘不過氣來,都在積極想辦法彌補。也可能只是 Evan Call 的配樂讓我產生了這樣的想法,但我相當肯定的是,堅毅的女主角開始了一段理解之旅,這是我以前見過的。現在,如果我要抱怨一件事的話,那一定是幾乎每個角色都很委曲求全。我並不是說他們缺乏表情是件壞事,但他們沉著冷靜的行為和輕聲細語的舉止,再加上《Freerun》輕鬆愉快的故事進程,讓人感覺故事更加緩慢。我明白這是 Freerun 和 Fern 等角色的天性,但對有些人來說,這可能會顯得無聊,因為這些角色在螢幕上出現的時間最多。這

  • It could also just be the soundtrack by Evan Call making me think that, but I'm fairly certain the stoic female protagonist going on a journey of understanding is something I've seen before.

  • Now, if there is one thing I'm going to complain about, it would have to be the way that pretty much every character is stoic.

  • I'm not saying their lack of expression is a bad thing, but their composed behaviour and soft-spoken mannerisms, combined together with Freerun's leisured progression, makes a slow story feel even slower.

  • I get it's the nature of characters like Freerun and Fern, but to some that may seem boring since those are the characters that are on screen most of the time.

  • It's a stark contrast from the usual high-octane, high-emotion shounen protagonists we usually see.

  • Once again, this is just a nitpick though, so if you're fine watching slow-paced dramas with emotional story bits and the occasional action, you'll definitely be fine watching Freerun.

  • It's a captivating story despite its episodic format, perfectly blends several heavier themes we rarely get in a fantasy anime, then presents these well-developed characters in a setting both intriguing and memorable.

  • They're factors which all come together to make this series a worthwhile one.

  • I don't know if that's actually enough to make it worthy of the number one spot on Mal, but as far as adapting from the source to anime goes, Freerun has done it the best by a landslide.

  • The anime may not be for everyone, but in a time where fantasy anime are pumped out 10-20 a season, it's quite nice to get one that's both different and high quality.

    這部卡通片可能並不適合所有人,但在奇幻動畫一季推出 10-20 部的時代,能有一部既與眾不同又高質量的卡通片已經很不錯了。

  • But yeah, that's pretty much all I got to say about Freerun.

    關於《自由奔跑》,我想說的就這麼多。你認為它配得上馬爾的第一名,還是認為它只是本季表現稍好的另一部奇幻片?請在評論中告訴我你的想法。如果你喜歡你所看到的,並希望看到更多,也請留下贊並告訴我。現在,我希望我能為此剪輯一段內容,但相信我,即使是 5 分鐘的視頻也不夠。是以,除了《暗影中的傑出》和《單人練級》,我可能還會製作一個關於以下內容的視頻

  • Do you think it's worthy of the number one spot on Mal or do you think it's just another fantasy that's only doing a little bit better this season?

  • Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

  • Then if you liked what you saw and want to see more, feel free to leave a like and let me know too.

  • Now, I wish I could make a cut content for this, but trust me when I say that there wouldn't be enough to make even a 5 minute video on this.

  • So aside from Eminence in Shadow and Solo Leveling, I may make a video on Shangri-La Frontier next or just end up doing another Biggest Flexes in Isekai one.

  • Until then though, as always thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this type of anime content, then you already know what to do. So until next time, ciao!


If there was ever to be a perfect adaptation for any anime ever, it would probably have to be Freerun and Studio Madhouse's immaculate presentation of it.

如果說有哪部卡通片的改編是完美的,那可能非《Freerun》和 Studio Madhouse 製作的《Freerun》莫屬。

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