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  • There was a time when seat selection, meals and check-in luggage were included in most standard airline tickets.


  • Yet, although airfare prices are on the rise, these amenities are now seemingly a luxury, and you can find yourself being charged multiple add-ons.


  • So how exactly did we get here?


  • It's completely related to the fact that more people are flying now than ever before.


  • They can charge more for these services and products.


  • Even though for the average American, that's something that they're gonna rely on no matter what, you know, I'm gonna pay the extra cost because I need to get to Texas to see my grandparents.


  • The airline industry made $33 billion from luggage fees alone last year.

    去年,僅行李費一項,航空業就賺了 330 億美元。

  • That's a 15% hike from their earnings in 2022.

    這比 2022 年的收入增加了 15%。

  • And that's not the only add-on making them the big bucks.


  • And particular airlines have started to charge for seat assignments. For a lot of it, it's even for all economy flyers.


  • I can pay an extra $20 to sit at the front of the plane, but I'm getting the same seat that the person in the back is getting.

    我可以額外支付 20 美元坐在飛機的前排,但我得到的座位與後排的座位相同。

  • Personally, when it comes to Wi-Fi, because I work for myself and I try to work while I travel, I will pay for Wi-Fi when I know that I can use it for business purposes.

    就我個人而言,說到 Wi-Fi,因為我是自由業,所以我嘗試在旅行的同時也要工作,所以當我知道我可以將其用於商業目的時,我會支付Wi-Fi費用。

  • But I personally don't enjoy paying for Wi-Fi on the plane because I feel like it should be included, you know.

    但我個人不喜歡在飛機上付費使用 Wi-Fi,因為我覺得它應該包含在內,你知道。

  • Airport food pricing has definitely gotten out of hand and is astronomical in some cases.


  • You're either gonna eat what the plan gives you, which might be, you know, a small snack or you're gonna pay $30 for a meal that would normally cost you 15 outside of the airport.

    你要麽吃他們給你的東西,這可能是一份小零食,要麽你花 30 美元吃一頓在機場外通常花 15 美元的飯。

  • I pack carry-on only for the most part.


  • I try to pack really light so I don't have to pay for extra bags.


  • I also fly a lot with points and miles, which is something that in my industry is talked about as just a great way to save money on tickets.


  • Tickets can be very expensive.


  • So if you're gonna use rewards programs or be loyal to an airline, you can get some rewards for that or even travel credit cards that can help you pay for flights.


There was a time when seat selection, meals and check-in luggage were included in most standard airline tickets.


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