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  • How many calories in a bag of popcorn?


  • The calorie count in popcorn varies  significantly based on its preparation  


  • and added flavors. Plain, air-popped  popcorn has roughly 31 calories per cup

    和添加的口味而有很大差異。每杯普通的空氣爆米花大約含有 31 卡路里。

  • However, microwave popcornespecially when butter-flavored,  


  • can contain 300 to 500 calories per  bag due to added oils and flavorings

    ,微波爐爆米花(尤其是黃油味爆米花)每袋可能含有 300 至 500 卡路里的熱量。

  • Flavored popcorn, like caramel or  cheese, sees an increased calorie count,  


  • with caramel glazed popcorn ranging from 120 to  150 calories per cup, and cheese-flavored popcorn  

    焦糖釉面爆米花每杯含熱量 120 至 150 卡路里,起司味爆米花

  • around 100 to 130 calories per cup, depending  on the flavor intensity and added ingredients

    每杯含熱量約100 至130 卡路里,取決於風味強度和加入成分。

  • Gourmet varieties, including those with chocolate  or nuts, can have even higher calorie counts,  


  • potentially over 200 to 300 calories per cup. A medium-sized bag (about 50 grams) of this kind  

    每杯可能超過 200 至 300 卡路里。一袋中等大小(約 50 克)的這種

  • of popcorn could range from 250 to 400 calories. Nutritional information on the package provides  

    爆米花可能含有 250 至 400 卡路里的熱量。包裝上的營養資訊提供了

  • the most accurate calorie count so  for accurate calorie assessment,  


  • checking the nutritional information is advisableas it varies widely between brands and flavors.


How many calories in a bag of popcorn?



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