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  • About a year ago, everybody was roasting Mark Zuckerberg for flushing billions of dollars down the toilet to build a future for humanity that nobody wanted.

    大約一年前,所有人都在抨擊馬克-扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)將數十億美元衝進馬桶,為人類創造了一個無人問津的未來。

  • Called the Metaverse dude even changed the name of Facebook to meta but sadly had to give up on his dream when his stalk got cut in half.

    被稱為 "元宇宙"(Metaverse)的老兄甚至將 Facebook 更名為 "元"(meta),但遺憾的是,當他的跟蹤器被砍掉一半時,他不得不放棄自己的夢想。

  • Shortly after Apple rubbed salt in his wounds by announcing their own crappy Vrar headset called the Apple Vision Pro.

    不久之後,蘋果公司又在他的傷口上撒了一把鹽,宣佈推出自己的蹩腳 Vrar 耳機 Apple Vision Pro。

  • But just when you thought he was probably laying face down in a drained pool somewhere, Zuck rose from the ashes and recorded this casual video on his couch that totally embarrassed the Apple cult.


  • It is February 14th 2024.

    現在是 2024 年 2 月 14 日。

  • And you watching the Code report Apple Vision Pro has been out for a few days and it's even worse than I imagined it's uncomfortable to wear.

    你看,蘋果 Vision Pro 的代碼報告已經發布了幾天,它比我想象的還要糟糕,戴起來很不舒服。

  • It's got this big heavy battery that only has a two hour life.


  • The pass through clarity surprisingly sucks.


  • There's motion blur limited dynamic range like you're looking through a pair of binoculars.


  • The facetime A I is hilariously bad and when you take it off your eyes, feel all wonky Steve jobs must be rolling over in his urn right now.

    A I 的 Faceetime 功能非常糟糕,當你摘下它時,你的眼睛就會感覺眩暈,史蒂夫-喬布斯現在一定在他的骨灰盒裡打滾。

  • That being said it is an engineering marvel that can change the world for the right use case.


  • One thing you can do is use it as an ad blocker in real life.


  • So when you walk down Times Square, all you are apple ads.


  • Another great use case is for showing poor people that you are more tech savvy and have a superior bank account.


  • And finally, its most powerful use case is to turn your ugly girlfriend into a hot girlfriend.


  • No more paper bags are necessary, which is great for the environment.


  • Luckily my wife is hot.


  • So I don't have this problem, but that feature alone is easily worth 3500 bucks.

    是以,我不存在這個問題,但僅這一項功能就值 3500 美元。

  • Now, a lot of people might disagree with my review and think the Apple Vision Pro is the future.

    現在,很多人可能不同意我的評論,認為 Apple Vision Pro 是未來的趨勢。

  • But if you think different, that means you're probably in a cult.


  • One person who agrees with me though is Mark Zuckerberg.


  • I don't just think that quest is the better value.


  • I think question is the better product period.


  • I'm not sure which home he recorded this video from.


  • It could be his five property Palo Alto Compounds.


  • It might be his Lake Tahoe mansion, but I'm guessing it's from his 1400 acre Hawaii doomsday bunker.

    這可能是他在塔霍湖的豪宅,但我猜是來自他佔地 1400 英畝的夏威夷末日掩體。

  • In any case, he goes on to explain how the pastor is just as good, if not better on the $500 quest three.

    無論如何,他接著解釋說,牧師在 500 美元的三項追求上即使不是更好,也是同樣出色的。

  • It's also lighter and more comfortable to wear and has way more content to consume while Apple Vision Pro doesn't even have youtube or Netflix yet.

    它的重量更輕,佩戴更舒適,可消費的內容也更多,而 Apple Vision Pro 甚至還沒有 Youtube 或 Netflix。

  • I'm pretty surprised that quest is so much better for the vast majority of things with that price differential.

    我很驚訝,在這樣的價格差異下,quest 在絕大多數情況下都要好得多。

  • He even claimed that the quest hand tracking is better.


  • I doubt that, but he did concede that Apple's eye tracking is way better.


  • Um It's a nice interface.


  • It's not perfect for everything though, for typing or complex tasks.


  • Um You're gonna want things like hands or a keyboard or controllers or eventually a neural interface for, wait a minute.

    你會需要手、鍵盤或控制器之類的東西 最終還需要一個神經接口,等等

  • Did you hear that neural interface, neural interface?


  • What the hell is a neural interface?


  • Just a few weeks ago, Neuralink installed its first chip in a real life human.

    就在幾周前,Neuralink 在真人身上安裝了第一塊芯片。

  • It's only a matter of time before you have a chip too.


  • And that's awesome because I for one can't wait for mcdonald's to insert images of MC RBS into my dreams or to hear the voice of Logan Paul in my head telling me to buy prime energy drink.

    這真是太棒了,因為我已經迫不及待地想讓麥當勞在我的夢中插入 MC RBS 的影像,或者聽到洛根-保羅的聲音在我腦海中告訴我購買黃金能量飲料了。

  • But that technology is at least months away right now, Apple and Meta are fighting a war for VR dominance very much like the war for operating system dominance in the nineties, which was fought between Apple and Microsoft and of course, Amiga with Microsoft coming out on top, Apple won the war for mobile in the two thousands, but it's not guaranteed they're going to win the VR War.

    蘋果和 Meta 正在進行一場爭奪 VR 霸主地位的戰爭,就像上世紀 90 年代爭奪作業系統霸主地位的戰爭一樣,那場戰爭在蘋果和微軟之間展開,當然還有 Amiga,最終微軟勝出,蘋果贏得了 2000 年的移動戰爭,但不能保證他們會贏得 VR 戰爭。

  • The best part of Zuck's video is at the end when he talks about closed ecosystems.


  • Look, I know that, you know, some fan boys get upset whenever anyone dares to question if Apple is going to be the leader in a new category.


  • But the reality is is that every generation of computing has an open and a closed model.


  • And yeah in Mobile Apple's closed model one, but it's not always that way if you go back to the PC era Microsoft's open model was the winner.

    是的,在移動領域,蘋果是封閉模式的贏家,但並不總是這樣,如果你回到 PC 時代,微軟的開放模式才是贏家。

  • And in this next generation meta is going to be the open model.


  • And I really want to make sure that the open model wins out again.


  • The bottom line here though is that Vrar just kind of sucks for the average person.

    不過,對普通人來說,Vrar 的底線就是很爛。

  • Nobody wants to live life with a giant headset strapped to their face.


  • And that's why I'm bearish on VR but bullish on brain chips.

    這就是我看跌 VR 但看好腦芯片的原因。

  • This has been the code report.


  • Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.


About a year ago, everybody was roasting Mark Zuckerberg for flushing billions of dollars down the toilet to build a future for humanity that nobody wanted.

大約一年前,所有人都在抨擊馬克-扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)將數十億美元衝進馬桶,為人類創造了一個無人問津的未來。

由 AI 自動生成

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