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  • Hello everyone, and thank you so much for helping me reach 5000 subscribers!

  • I am so fortunate, and thankful to have come this far, and while I do still have plenty

  • of videos in the works, I wanted something special to mark the occasion.

  • Which leads me to a few announcements.

  • First of all, I will soon be doing my first livestream!

  • It will, in part, be a Q&A.

  • You may feel free to ask any questions you want in the chat while the livestream is going,

  • and I will do my best to answer them.

  • In addition, I will be doing some drawings in the background, specifically requests for

  • some of your characters!

  • You may, before or during the livestream, submit a picture of your character to me,

  • and I will use a randomizer to choose one to draw, and of course do as many as possible.

  • These will be entirely free, just as a gift for helping me reach this point, and they

  • will be headshots in one of a few poses and expressions pre-chosen by me, similar to Your

  • Character Here's.

  • But how will you submit these characters, or tell me what details to use in the drawing?

  • That is where my second announcement comes in.

  • I have started a discord server!

  • The link is now in the description, and will soon be in the description of all my videos

  • so it's easier to find.

  • Keep in mind though, that as Discord requires, no one under 13 years old may join.

  • In addition to being a place for Warriors discussion and talking to me and other people

  • who watch my channel, this discord server will be my main place for posting updates

  • on videos and Paws of Stars progress.

  • For now though, there is a channel in this server where you can fill out a form to submit

  • a cat for the requests livestream, add in any details about the pose, background, shading,

  • and more.

  • Each time I need a new cat to draw in the livestream, I will be randomly selecting a

  • post from that channel, so as long as you have posted your cat by that point, it will

  • be in the running.

  • There is no pressure to stay in the server if you'd rather leave after the event, but

  • I will be keeping it up for the foreseeable future, so feel free to join at any time.

  • As for when the livestream will be, I have left a google form link in the description

  • as well as in the announcements channel of my discord server so that you may vote for

  • the block or blocks in which you would be able to come to or would like to have the

  • livestream.

  • I do have a pretty tight schedule, so the blocks I've put on the form are the only

  • ones I can do, but I am entirely willing and able to stream during whichever of those blocks

  • gets chosen.

  • Additionally, if you can't make it, don't worry.

  • As long as I can figure out how to, I will be uploading the stream once it is done on

  • my channel, so you will be able to watch it back.

  • And if your cat was chosen to be drawn, it will be sent to you regardless of whether

  • or not you were there at the stream.

  • I do hope some of you enjoy these events and additions, and the videos that will be coming

  • in the future.

  • Thank you again for supporting me, regardless of whether or not you come to the livestream

  • or join the server at all.

  • I look forward to everything I have in store, and hope I see some of you in the discord

  • later.

  • Have a nice day!

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for helping me reach 5000 subscribers!


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