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  • Some of the most popular songs on TikTok has suddenly gone silent.

    Tik Tok 上最受歡迎的一些歌曲突然無聲了。

  • It's all over a dispute over music and money.


  • ABC Zarin Shaw is in Los Angeles with more details.

    ABC Zarin Shaw 正在洛杉磯報導更多詳情。

  • Good Morning, Zarin.


  • Hey, good morning, Ariel.


  • Some of the songs that we are obsessed with first went viral on TikTok.

    我們痴迷的一些歌曲最初先在 TikTok 上瘋傳。

  • Now they claim to have a billion active users.


  • But some of the biggest artists are now off all because of the deep rift between traditional media and modern tech and the battle over what music is worth.


  • This morning, Universal Music Group, the record company behind some of the world's biggest artists like Taylor Swift, Drake and Ariana Grande on time out from TikTok.

    今天早上,泰勒絲、德瑞克和愛亞莉安娜·格蘭德等世界上最著名的藝術家背後的唱片公司環球音樂集團從TikTok 上退出。

  • All the videos that I'd spent so much time on were basically unwatchable.


  • Universal pulling its artist catalog from the social media giant on Thursday, after failing to reach a new licensing agreement, leaving countless videos featuring their artists' music silent.


  • I was going through my drafts and looking through some of my older posts and like half of them are muted.


  • In a statement released Friday, Universal argued the platform is unwilling to appropriately compensate artists and songwriters, protect human artists from the harmful effects of AI and address online safety issues for TikTok's users.

    在周五發布的聲明中,環球公司辯稱,該平台不願向藝術家和詞曲作者提供適當補償,不願保護人類藝術家免受人工智慧的有害影響,也不願解決TikTok 用戶的線上安全問題。

  • TikTok saying they've been able to reach artist-first agreements with every other label and publisher.

    TikTok 表示,他們已經能夠與其他所有唱片公司和發行商達成藝術家優先協議。

  • Clearly, Universal self-serving actions are not in the best interest of artists, songwriters and fans.


  • What everyone can agree on is that TikTok now plays a major role in promoting artists, potentially making them go viral and raking a lot of cash.

    大家都同意的是,TikTok 現在在推廣藝術家方面發揮著重要作用,有可能使他們走紅並賺取大量現金。

  • We saw this particularly with Lil Nas X or for older songs like Murder On the Dance Floor, which was in Salt Burn, but was released 20 years ago and is now finding new life on TikTok.

    我們特別在Lil Nas X 的歌曲或老歌中看到了這一點,例如《舞池謀殺案》,它曾在Salt Burn 中發行,但已於20 年前發行,現在在TikTok上重新發光發熱。

  • TikTok creator Madelyn Mccray says she's looking for a silver lining, saying this could be a big opportunity for smaller artists.

    TikTok 創作者 Madelyn McCray 表示,她正在尋找一線希望,並表示這對小型藝術家來說可能是一個巨大的機會。

  • It's kind of like their time to come in and we could have new viral songs.


  • So as for those current viral songs, expect more Universal Music to be taken down the next few days, there are no signs of a deal being reached anytime soon. We'll see how artists and fans continue sounding off, guys.


  • Okay, sounding off without the music.


  • Yeah, exactly.


  • Thank you so much.


  • Hi, everyone.


  • George Stephanopoulos here.

    我是George Stephanopoulos。

  • Thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel.

    感謝你收看ABC News 的 YouTube 頻道。

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  • Thanks for watching.


Some of the most popular songs on TikTok has suddenly gone silent.

Tik Tok 上最受歡迎的一些歌曲突然無聲了。

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