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  • Eating ass is on the rise.


  • Men on women, women on men, men on men, you get the point.


  • People like Anna lingus.


  • Ok?


  • And I know some of you might be thinking that it's only for queer or gay people.


  • But surveys show that 30% of heterosexual couples are also having Anno lingus.

    但調查顯示,有 30% 的異性夫婦也有 Anno lingus。

  • But new studies have found that it could be more dangerous than you think and even causing diseases that people are getting without even realizing they're getting it from tossing the salad.


  • So what is going on with rimming science to understand the risks of eating the booty like groceries?


  • You must first understand the bacteria.


  • Shigella shigella causes the disease shigellosis which affects 100 and 88 million people per year with symptoms including diarrhea, headache, upset, stomach bloating and tenesmus, which is a fancy term for needing to go to the bathroom.

    志賀氏菌引起的志賀氏菌病每年影響 1 億至 8 800 萬人,其症狀包括腹瀉、頭痛、心煩、胃脹和上廁所。

  • But when you get there, nothing happens, you get Sigal losis when you consume the bacteria shigella through your mouth.


  • Commonly you get this when someone's preparing food for you and they have shigella on their hands, maybe they aren't washing their hands properly.


  • The bacteria ends up on your food, you consume the bacteria in your food and you get sick.


  • This is also called food poisoning.


  • The thing about these shigella bacteria is that you don't need to consume very many of them to get sick.


  • In fact, only between 5 to 200 of these tiny microbes entering your G I tract can cause you to suffer.

    事實上,只有 5 到 200 個這樣的微小微生物進入你的胃腸道才會給你帶來痛苦。

  • The reason for Shiga's small infection dose is that the shigella microbes actually survived your acidic stomach and also have sneaky biochemicals that down regulate your body.


  • Natural antibacterial proteins.


  • This means these tiny bacteria can get to your large and small intestine where they cause cell injury, invade your colonic mucosa, create inflammation and cause epithelial damage that leads to tons of diarrhea.


  • They also impair your absorption of nutrients and water making you feel really sick.


  • How does this relate to eating?


  • But well, studies have found that gay men exhibit a like me, we were actually getting food poisoning at higher rates than the rest of society.


  • This caused researchers to hone in on other outbreaks of shigellosis that were appearing in the communities of men who have sex with men.


  • It was happening often enough in the last 20 years.

    在過去的 20 年裡,這種情況經常發生。

  • They found that they concluded many of these men may not have gotten sick from contaminated food but actually were getting sick from eating ass.


  • In the global South.


  • Mohala spread is from poor sanitation infrastructure but in the US and Europe Mohala is spread from fecal oral transmission, either from touching dirty bathroom services, drinking dirty pool water from dirty poopy kids spreading it at daycares or now we realize from eating booty, it was a series of Shigella outbreaks among men who have sex with men in Seattle, San Francisco London and a major study in Denmark that led researchers to the conclusion that people might be getting sick from eating the booty hole of others who had shigella in their G I tract.


  • One of the initial studies in the year 2000, from the time frame of June to December studied 230 cases of shigellosis in which 73% of patients had recently eaten ass.

    2000 年 6 月至 12 月期間進行的一項初步研究對 230 例志賀氏桿菌病進行了研究,其中 73% 的患者最近吃過屁股。

  • In Denmark of the 25,000.

    在丹麥的 25 000 人中

  • 215 respondents, 4000, 266 were men who had sex with men and it was found they were more likely to get food poisoning from shigella.

    215 名受訪者中,有 4000 人、266 人是男男性行為者,結果發現他們更容易因志賀氏桿菌引起食物中毒。

  • But also another microbe called Kleo Ater.

    但也有另一種叫 Kleo Ater 的微生物。

  • Campo is a bacteria that spreads in undercooked meat and poultry, but also can spread from the ass of someone who is infected with that bacteria.

    Campo 是一種在未煮熟的肉類和家禽中傳播的細菌,也可能從感染了這種細菌的人的屁股上傳播。

  • And the reason that eating ass may be spreading these bacterias without you knowing it makes sense because sheela and Campylobacter bacteria can stay in your fecal matter for up to two weeks after your last symptoms have shown.


  • So if you consume either of these bacteria, the symptoms appear within 1 to 2 days and most of the time your body fights off the infection in 5 to 7 days.

    是以,如果你吃了這兩種細菌,症狀會在 1 到 2 天內出現,大多數情況下,你的身體會在 5 到 7 天內抵禦感染。

  • But again, even after you feel better for two weeks, you can still transfer that bacteria to someone else.


  • This is why it can spread without people realizing they're spreading it.


  • Of course, there are many other microbes that can spread through rimming bacteria like e coli viruses like hepatitis A and even some parasites.


  • In fact, there is even a small risk of some ST I transmission.

    事實上,某些 ST I 傳播的風險甚至很小。

  • Though that risk is much higher in vaginal or anal sex compared to oral.


  • But the shigella outbreaks are most common in what helped researchers catch this phenomenon in the queer community.


  • So as of late doctors, researchers do agree that rimming can cause the spread of bacteria that makes you feel sick similar to that of food poisoning.


  • But that doesn't mean you have to stop doing the act of going down on summer from behind it.


  • It's about being aware.


  • Prevention is pretty simple, wash your hands, genitals and anus with soap before partaking in rimming.


  • Doctors describe washing your perianal in and around the anus and perennial region, the area between the anus and the scrotum or labia magna.


  • Well, before partaking in eating booty while having sex, try to be aware of how you move between anal vaginal and oral sex to not spread the bacteria.


  • For example, E coli picked up from rimming could be spread to the urethra and cause a ut I, you can always use latex barriers to be more efficient and safe too.


  • Most importantly, if you've had food poisoning, don't engage in rimming for at least two weeks after your last set of symptoms.


  • You probably also wanna make sure whoever's butt you're going down on is clean and they're healthy and not suffering from any potential bacterial infection.


  • Trigels is mostly treated with medication, your body will eventually fight it off.

    Trigels 主要通過藥物治療,你的身體最終會戰勝它。

  • But for people who are immunocompromised or if you're noticing that the symptoms are not going away after a while, definitely talk to a doctor and they may prescribe you a course of antibiotics.


  • Thank you for watching this rimming science video.


  • I hope you've made it to the end.


  • Make sure you subscribe and like do people even say that anymore spread this video with your friends like the Shigella bacteria and maybe they need to understand the science and we'll see you soon for a new science video as a puss.


Eating ass is on the rise.


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