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  • Hey it's me Destin welcome back to Smarter Every Day. This is Gordon. He's been doing the sound


  • for Smarter Every Day for years. This is the first time we've met, but it's in Peru. Pretty crazy - It's awesome.

    為Smarter Every Day多年。這是我們第一次見面,但它'在祕魯。很瘋狂--它'很棒。

  • He's from Canada. So what are we doing here? - We're fitting you up with

    他來自加拿大。那麼我們在這裡做什麼?- 我們在給你裝上

  • binaural microphones. So I want you to put that in your ear.


  • I'm gonna get you some windscreens, which make you look extra good.


  • - What are binaural microphones? - Binaural microphones are stereo microphones that take into account

    - 什麼是雙耳傳聲器?- 雙耳傳聲器是考慮到以下因素的立體聲傳聲器

  • the fact that you have a head, which most stereo microphones do not.


  • So your head is a big frequency filter, and if a sound goes in


  • this ear, not all the same frequencies are going to reach this ear.


  • In the same way, or at the same.. - That's because of the fatness of my head right? - You're very fat.

    同樣的方式,或者說同樣的......那是因為我的頭很胖吧?- 你很胖

  • [laughs] - Umm. They're not gonna.. There'll be a time delay

    [笑]嗯。他們不會...他們不會... ... 會有一個時間延遲

  • and there will be a frequency change. - That's awesome. So I did a

    並且會有頻率的變化。- 這'的真棒。所以我做了一個

  • back of the envelope calculation. If I have a sound coming in from the left it's a 500 microsecond


  • delay before it gets to my other ear. And they should be able to hear that? - They should be able to hear that as if it's

    在它到達我另一隻耳朵之前,延遲。他們應該能聽到嗎?- 他們應該能夠聽到,就像它'的

  • surround sound. If you put your headphones on.


  • surround sound. If you put your headphones on. - Oh ok. So go throw your headphones on

    環繞聲。如果你把你的耳機上。- 哦,好吧。所以去把你的耳機上

  • and we're gonna walk around Machu Picchu. The reason we're gonna do this


  • is because Jeff's up here taking the highest resolution photo of Machu Picchu that's ever taken


  • in a panoramic form and I'm trying to be productive with the time, so


  • go put headphones on right? - Right. - Alright. Here we go. Let's go check it out.

    去把耳機上的權利?- 好吧,好吧- 好吧。在這裡,我們去。讓我們去看看。

  • (Voiceover) Wait a second,


  • this is Gord. We have to make sure that your headphones are on correctly,


  • or it will ruin EVERYTHING. So let's test your left ear,


  • right ear, left ear, right ear, left ear, perfect.


  • Go.


  • (Girl in Peruvian Spanish) Thanks.


  • (Destin) You want a photo? - Perfect

    (Destin)你想要一張照片嗎?- 完美

  • - Thank you. - No problem.

    - 謝謝你了- 不客氣

  • (Male in Spanish) Let's sit.


  • (Man walking by) From here go to... Australia... (Woman walking by) From here go to Australia and then go to Asia?

    (男人走過) 從這裡去...澳洲...(女人走過)從這裡去澳洲,然後去亞洲?

  • (Destin in Spanish) Ready? - Yes.

    (Destin語) 準備好了嗎?- 準備好了

  • - Thank you.

    - 謝謝你了

  • (Destin) Is good? You want another one? - No. Is perfect.

    (Destin)好嗎?你想再來一杯嗎?- 不,是完美的。

  • - Perfect? Thank you very much. Have a good one.

    - 完美嗎?非常感謝你。有一個很好的一個。

  • (Man in Spanish) Hello. (Destin in Spanish) Hello.

    (西班牙文)你好(Destin in Spanish) Hello.

  • (Guy in Argentine Spanish) We have to check the trains schedule, right? (Woman in Argentine Spanish) yes, it's ready.


  • - Ok, so the trains schedule, and then we go catch the bus and we're good. - Yes, cause it doesn't matter which one we take, right?

    - 好吧,所以火車的時間表,然後我們去趕上巴士,我們'好。- 是的,因為它不'重要的是我們採取哪一個,對不對?

  • (Destin in Spanish) Excuse me.


  • (Man in Spanish) The Word of God is like the rain. It bears fruit. Calm.


  • (Woman in spanish) Stay close to the rock, stay close to the rock.


  • (Man in Spanish, pointing upwards) We're going up there, right?


  • (Man in spanish) Hey, Hey, Hey. It's not permitted.


  • (Destin) So it's against the rules?


  • (Destin) So apparently I was in somewhere I wasn't supposed to be.


  • (Man in Japanese) But there's nothing inside here. That's due to the type of people that worked on this area.


  • The people working here were important. Well, they weren't 'important'...They worked for the princesses of the sun.


  • And you'll see that there are more steps here in more of a trapezoidal shape. This means that they're attached to a more narrow area...

    你會發現這裡有更多的臺階,更多的是梯形。這意味著他們連接到一個更狹窄的區域... ...

  • (Destin) What's up man?


  • (Destin in Spanish) Crazy?


  • (Destin) Hello, how are you?

    (Destin) 你好,你好嗎?

  • - Fine, how are you? - I'm well. How are you?

    - 好吧,你怎麼樣?- 我很好你呢?

  • - Have a nice trip. - Thank you, and you.

    - 祝你旅途愉快- 謝謝你,還有你。

  • (Man) Wow nice. [laugh]


  • (Destin, voice echoing in cave) Well, it doesn't go anywhere. It closes off; I don't know if the camera can see that.

    好吧,它不會去任何地方。 它關閉了,我不知道相機是否能看到。它關閉了;我不知道相機是否能看到這一點。

  • Doesn't look like this was on purpose, though.


  • That's a good cornerstone went there, once upon a time.


  • If my wife was here, I would kiss her right there.


  • This is pretty cool. They terrace it off like this so that they can farm.


  • If the grade's super steep--like that over there--you can't farm, but if you terrace it off you can.


  • It's pretty awesome.


  • They said they had enough farming space to feed more than four times the capacity, people-wise, of Macchu Picchu.


  • What? Seriously?

    什麼? - 真的嗎?真的嗎?

  • Wow.


  • If you're hearing me breathing hard it's because I am.


  • Heh, a broom.


  • Check out the stones above the windows. It's pretty heavy.


  • So what do you think this was for?


  • Keeping a vase or something here?


  • (Destin in Spanish) Goodbye. (Woman in Spanish) How do you fire the flash?


  • - What? Flash?

    - 什麼?閃光燈?

  • Sorry, my spanish is very bad.


  • - How do you do it? - I don't have a flash.

    - 你是怎麼做到的?- 我沒有閃光燈。

  • - ... Picture? - Yes.

    - ...圖片?- 是的,我知道

  • Is it good? - It's good.

    好看嗎?- 很好

  • Oh wow.


  • (Tour guide in Spanish) A few minutes of explanation, then some pictures. ok?


  • Hi walking camera. (Destin in Spanish) Hi.

    嗨,行走的相機。(Destin西班牙語) 嗨

  • (Destin) Hey, is the red light still blinking up here? -Yep. - Great.

    嘿,這裡的紅燈還在閃爍嗎? - 是的。-是的。

  • (Destin) How's it going.


  • Oh, man, they even had running water! [laugh]


  • (Destin) How's it going? (Woman) Hey! Good, good.

    怎麼樣了? - 嘿!嘿,很好,很好

  • (Destin) Is that a Red Sox fan?


  • - No... - Nope? [laugh]

    - 不...沒有?

  • I'm in some jungle now.


  • (Destin in Spanish) Good afternoon. (Woman in Spanish) Good afternoon.

    (德斯坦語) 下午好(西班牙語女聲) 下午好

  • (Destin in Spanish) Funny? [laugh]


  • (Destin) Hello.

    (Destin) 你好

  • (Women) Hello.


  • (Destin) Oh, llamas.

    (Destin) Oh, flames.

  • (Man in Brazilian Portugese) Over there people are climbing down.


  • (Destin) Excuse me.


  • (Man in Spanish) Hey look. Look at the mister with the camera, look at his camera.


  • (Destin in Spanish) Hi. (Kid in Spanish) Why is he carrying a camera?

    (Destin in Spanish) Hi.(孩子在說西班牙語) 他為什麼帶著相機?

  • Llamas are bigger than I thought.


  • Here, you want some grass? [laugh]


  • (Man in spanish) Greetings.


  • So apparently I wasn't supposed to walk across that field like I did earlier.


  • (Woman) Hi.


  • Um...That is not the way. Hello? Hello? It's not the way.

    嗯......這不是辦法。喂?喂?不是這樣的。 It's not the way.

  • (Destin) It's the wrong way. Yes. Thank you.

    這是錯誤的方式。是的 謝謝你 Yes.謝謝你 Thank you.

  • Go ahead. You first.


  • (Man in broken english) Mister please,


  • it's down, it's going down.


  • (Destin in Spanish) That way?


  • (Destin) I'm in trouble again.


  • (Destin in Spanish) Which direction, Sir?


  • (Destin) Yeah I'm in trouble again.


  • (Destin in Spanish) Which direction, Sir?


  • Yes. There?


  • How many years have you worked here?


  • (Man in Spanish) 8 months, nothing more.


  • - 8 months? Only 8 months!? Nine?

    - 8個月?只有8個月!?九個月?

  • - Is it fun? - Yes, yes.

    - 好玩嗎?- 是的,是的。

  • - Which part is your favourite? - All of it!

    - 你最喜歡哪一部分?- 全部!

  • - Everything? The people?

    - 一切?人呢?

  • - Good, thank you.

    - 好,謝謝你。

  • (Destin in Spanish) Hello. (Man in Spanish) Hello.

    (Destin in Spanish) Hello.(西班牙語)你好

  • (Man in German) There he is again!


  • (Man in Spanish) Speak english? - Sorry?

    會說英語嗎?- 什麼?

  • (Destin in Spanish) Yes. (In English) - Do you just push a button for that? - Yeah. I'm getting audio.

    是的你只是按了一個按鈕嗎?- 是的,我在聽聲音。

  • Just like I hear it.


  • And this is a camera. - Really? - Yeah. - That's awesome.

    而這是一個攝像頭。- 真的嗎? - 是的- 是啊。

  • - It's pretty cool. - A lot better than this. - No, no, no! It'll be on YouTube, Smarter Every Day.

    - 很酷啊- 比這個好多了- 不,不,不!這將是在YouTube上,每天更聰明。

  • - Smarter Every Day. - Yeah, check it out. - Okay I'll do that.

    - 每天更聰明。- 是啊,檢查出來。- 好吧,我會做到這一點。

  • -Where you from? - Kansas City, Missouri. - Cool, I'm from Alabama. - Alabama?

    你從哪裡來? - 密蘇里州堪薩斯城- 堪薩斯城,密蘇里。- 酷,我來自阿拉巴馬州。- 阿拉巴馬州?

  • - Yeah, with a banjo on my knee. - Alrighty!

    - 是的,我的膝蓋上有一個班卓琴。- 好吧!

  • - Take it easy! - Smarter Every Day? - Yep! - Okay, I'll do that.

    - 悠著點!- 每天更聰明? - 是的!- 好吧,我會做的。

  • [Women cat calling]


  • Getting cat calls


  • (Man in Spanish) Camera?, That's a camera? (Destin in Spanish) On my head, yes.

    攝影機嗎 那是攝影機嗎(Destin in Spanish)在我頭上,是的。

  • (Man in English) Haha, it's very curious, i never saw one like this. (Destin) Yes. - Where are you from?


  • - Alabama, America, Estados Unidos. - Wow. Wonder place. (Destin in Spanish) Yes.

    - 阿拉巴馬州,美國,美國州。- 哇哦奇妙的地方。(Destin西班牙語) 是的

  • Oh, this is bigger.


  • Wow. I'd sleep in there. It's like a fort.


  • The Incas were very advanced in their ladder technology.


  • So I have to get up there.


  • Where the cameras are. I see the Gigapan sweeping...

    攝影機在哪裡?我看到吉加潘在掃射... ...

  • So... Wrong way.


  • You can see without mortar, just the stone on the stone, the high quality of the construction. The Inca used...


  • That's a big rock.


  • Well, this concludes your Machu Picchu experience. We saw llamas,


  • we got whistled at by girls, which never happens. That actually happened.

    我們得到了口哨的女孩, 這從來沒有發生。這是真的發生了。

  • - You got whistled at? - Yeah, that never happens. - You should wear that everywhere.

    - 你被人吹口哨了?- 是啊,這從來沒有發生。- 你應該戴著這個到處跑。

  • - I told them. I was like, look, I'm married. None of that. Cut it out.

    - 我告訴他們。我當時想,你看,我'結婚了。沒有這一點。切出它。

  • But it was awesome, so I hope you enjoyed it. Get smarter every day; please subscribe. Have a good one


  • Check out the thing on my head! [laughs]


  • Whoo! That's was harder to do... Hey, I walked across the...

    喔!這是更難做到的... ...嘿,我走過...

  • I actually walked across the green plaza. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to.


  • - Right in the middle of it?

    - 就在這中間?

  • - Yeah, I walked across the plaza, I just jumped straight down. They weren't happy about that. I got screamed at.

    - 是的,我走過廣場,我就直接跳下去了。他們不高興了。我被尖叫了。

  • - Really? That green plaza? You can't go across?

    - 真的嗎?那個綠色廣場?你不能去對面?

  • - Apparently not, but the entire internet gets to experience it now. [laughs]

    - 顯然不是,但整個互聯網 得到體驗,現在。[笑]

  • - Hey, it's a Smarter Every Day Exclusive.

    - 嘿,這是一個更聰明的每一天獨家。

  • - Yeah. You get to walk across the green plaza at Machu Picchu yourself.

    - 是啊,你可以自己走過馬丘比丘的綠色廣場。你可以自己走過馬丘比丘的綠色廣場。

  • [Music]


  • [ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]


  • With a lot of assistance and translation from Destin's viewers.


Hey it's me Destin welcome back to Smarter Every Day. This is Gordon. He's been doing the sound