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  • Oh no! I'm out of ammo.

  • So am I! Is this the end?

  • Absolutely not! I'm not giving up!

  • Ok! Neither am I!

  • One of us has to run to the control room to save the ship.

  • Jim, I'm scared!

  • So am I, but this is the only way.

  • Are you wearing your gravity boots?

  • No!

  • Neither am I. What will we do?

  • Wait wait wait! Pause the movie for a second.

  • I love how these two characters have so much in common.

  • They both scared but brave at the same time.

  • And forgetful! They both forgot their gravity boots!

  • Did you see how they were saying 'so am I' and 'neither am I?'

  • 'So am I' is a common way to say 'me too.'

  • We can use this if the first statement is positive, and uses the verb to be.

  • This means we can use it for adjectives...

  • I'm scared.

  • So am I.

  • nouns...

  • I'm an engineer.

  • So am I.

  • for prepositional phrases...

  • I'm outside the ship.

  • So am I.

  • or for present continuous sentences.

  • I'm losing oxygen!

  • So am I!

  • You've probably also heard the phrases

  • 'so have I', 'so do I', and other variations.

  • Don't worry! We'll cover these phrases in other videos.

  • Let's keep going!

  • 'Neither am I' works the same way as 'so am I',

  • but we use this when the original statement is negative.

  • Whew! I'm not dead.

  • Neither am I!

  • I'm not giving up.

  • Ok, neither am I!

  • I'm not a pilot!

  • Neither am I!

  • You can also use both of these phrases in the past.

  • I was worried we wouldn't make it.

  • So was I!

  • I wasn't very confident about this plan.

  • Neither was I, but now I think it's going to work!

  • You can also use any subject you want. Just remember to change the 'be' verb properly.

  • The control ruins don't fire, Captain.

  • So is the engine room.

  • I'm going to fight these aliens and so are you!

  • The pilots aren't in the main deck. Neither are the other crew members.

  • The laser cannons are destroyed. So are the shields!

  • 'So am I' and 'neither am I' are common phrases in English. Try to practice them in your next conversation.

  • Thanks for watching!

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  • Wow, that movie was amazing. I am not going to sleep after that.

  • Neither am I. I'm wide awake!

  • So am I!

Oh no! I'm out of ammo.


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文法(Grammar Tips: So Am I and Neither Am I Explained!)

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