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  • Honey, have you seen my car keys?

  • Did you lose them again?

  • We're going to be late to Gus's party!

  • So can you help me find them?

  • I swear, you couldn't find your keys if they were  in front of your face!

  • Are they in your pocket?

  • No, that's the first place I checked.

  • I've looked everywhere!

  • They're not on the table or on the bookshelf.

  • That's where I usually leave them.

  • Hmmm, okay.

  • I last saw them in the kitchen this morning.

  • On the counter?

  • No, they were by the coffee maker.

  • Hmmm... They are not here.

  • Maybe they are in the sink?

  • Ha ha...

  • I'm going to look in the fridgejust in case.

  • Maybe they are in the living room!

  • They're not behind the TV...

  • or under the coffee table.

  • Did you look between the sofa cushions?

  • I did, and they're not on, in, or under the sofa.

  • Okay, let's see.

  • Maybe you dropped them behind the plant?

  • Which plant?

  • The one near the patio door,

  • or the one beside Archie's food dish?

  • The one near the patio door.

  • No, they are not there.

  • I'm going to look in the garage. Do you mind looking in the bedroom?

  • Hmm, they're not on top of the car,

  • or under it

  • They're not in front of the car, or behind it

  • They're not by the door

  • Not under the bed

  • Not Under the sheets.

  • I'm sorry, dear.

  • I'll call Gus and tell him we'll be late.

  • Oh

  • Um… I guess I didn't check in my pocket, after all

  • Ah, okno problem!

  • Just don't forget to tell Gus you're sleeping at his house tonight!

Honey, have you seen my car keys?


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