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  • Which countries get the best night's sleep?


  • We developed the LIE index to track the variation in sleep patterns across the world.

    我們開發了 LIE 指數來追蹤世界各地睡眠模式的變化。

  • The worst sleepers are mainly in Asian countries.


  • Per weeknight, Japan, South Korea and India average just over six hours.


  • Whereas in northern European countries like Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands, people log a solid seven hours a night, as they do in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Lack of sleep is a serious business.


  • Staying up for 20 hours has the same effect on your reasoning as drinking a bottle of wine.

    熬夜 20 小時對你的推理能力的影響與喝一瓶酒是一樣的。

  • And one study found lack of sleep cost Japan nearly 3% of its annual GDP, largely due to lower productivity.

    一項研究發現,睡眠不足對日本造成了近 3% 的年度 GDP 損失,主要原因是生產力下降。

  • What time people hit the sack and get up in the morning also varies by country.


  • South Africans go to bed earliest, before 11; while Japan and Russia have some of the latest bedtimes, turning in after midnight.

    南非人睡覺最早,11點前; 而日本和俄羅斯的就寢時間有些最晚,在午夜之後上床睡覺。

  • But in Japan, people are up nearly an hour earlier than in Russia.


  • Researchers think these variations could be connected to work culture.


  • And as two weeks of six-hour nights has the same effect on your brain as pulling two consecutive all-nighters, it's a good idea to try to get the lights off earlier.


Which countries get the best night's sleep?


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