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由 AI 自動生成
  • Now let's talk about open A I.

    現在讓我們來談談開放式 A I。

  • We haven't heard the end of it yet.


  • Yes, Sam Altman is back as the undisputed leader, his detractors in the board have been removed.


  • But the drama is not quite over.


  • The story has shifted to something called Q star.

    故事轉向了一種叫做 Q 星的東西。

  • It's a project that open A I was working on qar some latest reports have hinted at this.


  • They speak about a leap, a breakthrough of sorts, but this breakthrough was said to be alarming and concerns were raised internally.


  • Some people working on QTAR reached out to the company's board.

    一些在 QTAR 工作的人聯繫了公司董事會。

  • They spoke about the dangers of artificial intelligence and what they were making.


  • They thought it was dangerous.


  • And soon after that, Sam Altman was fired.


  • So was this a coincidence or the final straw?


  • And what really is this Q Star project?

    Q Star 項目到底是什麼?

  • Is it dangerous?


  • Is it something that the world should know about?


  • Here's what we've been able to gather reports say Q star could be a breakthrough.

    以下是我們所能收集到的資訊,報道稱 Q 星可能是一個突破。

  • It may lead to the development of artificial general intelligence, A G artificial General intelligence.

    它可能導致人工通用智能(A G artificial General Intelligence)的發展。

  • So how is A G different from A I?

    那麼,A G 與 A I 有什麼不同呢?

  • It's about what these models can do?


  • Let's first look at normal A IA I chat bots like chat GPT.

    讓我們先看看普通的 A IA I 哈拉機器人,如哈拉 GPT。

  • They work on language.


  • They'll type something out for you.


  • They'll translate a text and they do this by using statistical predictions in simpler terms.


  • These are educated guesses.


  • A I chat bots make these guesses.


  • After going through billions of pieces of text, they generate what they think is the right answer.


  • But because they're constantly getting trained, that answer can also change, which is why these chat bots can give different responses to the same prompt.


  • You must have seen this.


  • It's all basically very good guess work.


  • And that's A I for you artificial intelligence.

    這就是人工智能的 A I。

  • But that won't be the case with A G I artificial General intelligence because A G I focuses on facts and not guess work even initial A G I projects like QTAR, they work on mathematical problems, things that can have only one answer.

    但 A G I 人工智能不會是這種情況,因為 A G I 專注於事實,而不是猜測,即使是像 QTAR 這樣的初始 A G I 項目,它們也是在研究數學問題,研究只有一個答案的事情。

  • Now A G is still work in progress.

    現在,A G 仍在進行中。

  • If and when it is perfected, we may have something close to real intelligence and reports say this is already happening.


  • The qar project is allegedly solving basic math problems, junior school level sums.

    qar 項目據稱是解決基礎數學問題,即國中水準的總和。

  • And that's just the first step.


  • These programs will only become smarter with time and if unchecked more dangerous with time, apparently, Sam Altman was pushing this project.


  • It may have something to do with his ouster reports, say it was adding to existing existing grievances, but we cannot confirm any of this right now, these are just whispers from unnamed sources.


  • What we know for sure is this the open A I board thought that Sam Altman was not always honest when they sacked him, they released a statement, we told you about it when he was sacked that this is what the statement said.

    我們可以肯定的是,公開 A I 董事會在解僱薩姆-奧特曼時認為他並不總是誠實,他們發表了一份聲明,我們在他被解僱時就告訴過你們,聲明是這樣說的。

  • Let me read it out for you.


  • Mr Altman's departure follows a deliberative review process by the board which concluded that he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities.

    董事會在對 Altman 先生的離職進行審議後認為,Altman 先生在與董事會的溝通中未能始終保持坦誠,妨礙了董事會履行職責的能力。

  • This is what the board statement said.


  • It's a vague justification.


  • No specifics.


  • The board said he was not consistently candid in his communications, meaning he may have been hiding things, but they're talking about the dangers of Q star.

    董事會說,他在交流中並不一貫坦誠,這意味著他可能隱瞞了一些事情,但他們正在談論 Q 星的危險性。

  • We don't know.


  • The board also said that Sam Altman was hindering their work.


  • But what exactly are the responsibilities of this board?


  • Here's what the company says.


  • The goal is and I'm quoting building safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence for the benefit of humanity, not profits, not innovation, safety and benefiting humanity.


  • Open A I claims to be a different type of company, which is why the board had someone like Helen Toner as a member, the one who became the arch nemesis of Sam Altman, she's now being removed as he returns.

    Open A I 聲稱自己是一家與眾不同的公司,這就是為什麼董事會會有像海倫-託納這樣的成員,她是薩姆-奧特曼的死對頭,現在隨著奧特曼的迴歸,她也被撤職了。

  • Toner is the Director of Strategy at Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology.


  • This is an institute that analyzes the security implications of emerging technologies.


  • The director of Strategy was on the OPEN A I board and she was reportedly a thorn in Sam Altman's side.

    戰略總監是 OPEN A I 董事會成員,據說她是薩姆-奧特曼的眼中釘。

  • She was among the members who wanted him gone.


  • But as things stand, she is the one who's out the entire saga seems murky.


  • Hopefully we'll get some clarification soon.


Now let's talk about open A I.

現在讓我們來談談開放式 A I。

由 AI 自動生成

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