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  • Talks between Taiwan's main opposition parties -- the Kuomintang and the Taiwan People's Party --appear to have collapsed.


  • The two sides had initially agreed to work together to form a joint presidential bid for the upcoming election in January.


  • But both parties walked out of talks, following bitter negotiations that were broadcast live on television.


  • Political parties have until tomorrow to register to run.


  • The ruling Democratic Progressive Party had confirmed their candidacy with the election office on Tuesday.


  • Tan Si Hui joins us live. She is in Taipei.

    現在讓我們直播連線到台北的Tan Si Hui。

  • So why did they decide to come together today?


  • Now it's really a last ditch effort to come together to form an opposition coalition before the final day of registration which is tomorrow.


  • And so all three opposition hopefuls came together.


  • We are talking about independent hopeful Mr. Terry Gou, the head of Taiwan People's Party Ko Wen Je, as well as Kuomintang's head Hou You Yi.


  • But it was a two-hour-long marathon conference which went kind of nowhere.


  • So there was no outcome after two hours which the conferences just ended two hours ago and they could not come to a consensus.


  • In fact, it was a very bitter atmosphere, both sides, both of the two main parties, TPP and KMT throwing hits at each other.


  • In fact, at one point of time, Mr. Terry Gou, who actually organized today's conference, he actually walked out of the meeting halfway,


  • because he said he could not understand why both sides did not seem to want to compromise.


  • He had actually booked a discussion room for TPP and KMT to discuss but KMT's head, which is Mr. Hou You Yi did not want to talk separately in a conference room.


  • He wanted to talk openly in front of the media and to come to a consensus.


  • Now, the main point of contention is the fact that neither TPP nor KMT want to compromise and they don't want to take up the vice presidential post.


  • Both of the leaders want to take up the top post, which is the presidential post.


  • So let's hear what the two candidates had to say.


  • (Speaking in Chinese) Since there is a stronger combination, why not choose the stronger one? What the Kuomintang wants today is not regime rotation.

    [中文] 既然有更強的組合,為什麼不用更強的組合去選?所以你(國民黨)今天想的不是政黨輪替,

  • You jsut want to take toaday's opportunity to expand the interests of political parties and personal interests.


  • We are a team and we are a group. This is not a knockout match. No matter what combination is within the margin of error, most polls show that the two sides are tied and will win against the ruling DPP.

    我們是一個 team,我們是一個組合,不是一個淘汰賽。侯柯,柯侯基本上都在誤差範圍裡面,所謂誤差範圍裡面就是平手,所以大部分的民調的是這樣子,而且對賴蕭(民進黨)都贏。

  • So you can really hear the bitterness from both of these leaders and Mr. Terry Gou had in fact likened this to almost like a wedding reception that he hoped to bring the bride and groom together,


  • but it seemed that both sides don't want to talk to each other, they don't want to compromise.


  • So the coalition is at a stalemate, and this comes right after just last week when former President Ma Ying Jo had tried to bring both KMT and TPP together, but that had also stalled as well.


  • So Mr. Terry Gou stepped in and he wanted to try to broker an alliance, but this has also still resulted in a stalemate.


  • And so currently only DPP has officially registered at the election commission.


  • So what happens then if this political marriage, this coalition were to break down?


  • Well, DPP, which is the ruling Democratic Progressive party, it is currently ahead in opinion polls.


  • So if there is no coalition, that means that they stand a chance to continue with this big lead ahead of all of the other parties.


  • And so if there's no coalition, DPP really stands to possibly win big, but at this point of time, it's still too early to say.


  • But at the same time, we cannot rule out a coalition between Mr. Ke Wen Je of the TPP as well as independent hopeful Terry Gou.


  • This could possibly be an alliance as they have been talking for a number of days over the last few days.


  • So that is one alliance that we cannot rule out, but also at the legislative level,


  • all hope is not lost because the TPP, as well as the KMT have agreed to form a coalition at the legislative level so that they can win more seats at the parliament.


  • So this is currently where it is right now, but tomorrow is the final date for registration and we will be at the election commission to bring you the latest.


  • We look forward to that.


  • Si Hui, thank you very much for that.

    Si Hui,非常感謝你的報導。

  • Tan Si Hui there reporting for us live from Taipei.

    Tan Si Hui在台北現場為我們報導。

Talks between Taiwan's main opposition parties -- the Kuomintang and the Taiwan People's Party --appear to have collapsed.


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