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  • hello everyone today we're going to take a look  at 10 very common English idioms that I think  

    大家好,今天我們來看看 10 個非常常見的英語成語,我認為它們是

  • everyone should know first of all what is an  idiom? an idiom is an expression a group of words  

    首先,每個人都應該知道什麼是成語? 成語是一種表達方式,是一組詞語

  • that has a figurative meaning the overall  meaning of an idiom usually can be understood  

    具有比喻意義的成語 通常可以理解成語的整體含義

  • from the meanings of its separate words it must  be learned as a whole idioms are very important  

    必須作為一個整體來學習 成語非常重要

  • in English and they are used all the time so if  you're learning English and you want to expand  


  • your vocabulary you want to be able to speak in  a more natural way without being too repetitive  


  • then idioms are the perfect solution for you  so let's take a look at 10 very common idioms

    那麼成語就是您的完美解決方案,讓我們來看看 10 個非常常見的成語吧

  • turn a blind eye to turn a blind eye  means to pretend not to notice something  

    視而不見 視而不見是指假裝沒有注意到某件事情

  • to intentionally ignore something that you  know is wrong or shouldn't happen for example  


  • the mayor has turned a blind eye to the  city's homelessness problem that means  


  • he's disregarding the problem he's ignoring it  he's not paying any attention to the problem  


  • intentionally he knows there's a problem  to be fixed but he turns a blind eye he  


  • pretends not to notice if I know it would go  this far I would have just turned a blind eye  

    假裝沒注意到 如果我知道事情會發展到這一步,我就會視而不見了

  • I'm going to pretend I didn't see anything  that's what turning a blind eye means


  • drive somebody up the wall if  you drive someone up the wall  

    把人逼上絕路 如果你把人逼上絕路

  • you make them extremely angry you're annoying  them you're irritating them I'm working on a  


  • project with jake and he's been driving me  up the wall he's getting on my nerves that's  


  • another way to say it to get on somebody's nerves  and it means the same thing he's annoying me he's  

    另一種說法是 "惹惱了某人",意思是一樣的,"他惹惱了我","他......"。

  • irritating me I can't stand it anymore he's  driving me you could also use this idiom for  

    我受不了了,他快把我逼瘋了 你也可以用這個成語來形容

  • things not just people so something could drive  you up the wall like this heat is driving me up  


  • the wall it's too hot I can't stand it it's  making me feel irritated to drive up the wall


  • bark up the wrong tree first of all what is  barking barking is the sound dogs make dogs  

    首先,什麼是吠叫 吠叫是狗發出的聲音 狗

  • bark that one but barking up the wrong  tree means trying to get something in a way  


  • that's just not going to work like asking someone  for a favor when that person is just not the right  


  • person to do you that favor i'll give you some  examples let's pretend a friend of yours asks you  


  • to help them with their math homework and you know  nothing about math you couldn't possibly help them  


  • you could say i'm sorry you're barking  up the wrong tree you're trying to get  


  • something from someone who can't help you it  could also mean that that person is unwilling  


  • to do you that favor so it doesn't necessarily  mean that that person is unable it could also  


  • mean that they are unwilling but in this case  in the example that i've given you it stands  


  • for an ability you know you're barking up the  wrong tree you could also use it more generally  


  • you could say for example if you think  that'll work you're barking up the wrong  


  • tree you're mistaken you're misdirecting  your efforts to bark up the wrong tree  


  • number four sit on the fence this is a fence if  you're sitting on it it means you're undecided  

    第四個 "坐以待斃" 如果你坐以待斃,這就意味著你還沒有做出決定

  • it's a very simple idiom it means you're unable  or unwilling to make a decision about something or  


  • to commit to something you're on the fence you're  sitting on the fence for example a decision has to  


  • be made you cannot sit on the fence and hope it  will go away i'd like to get a tattoo but i have  


  • very sensitive skin so i'm sitting on the fence  about it i'm undecided i don't know what to do yet  


  • i'm still thinking about it i'm on the fence here  number five see eye to eye this is another very  


  • simple idiom if you see eye to eye with someone  it means you agree with them you share the same  

    簡單的成語 如果你與某人看法一致,這意味著你同意他的觀點,你與他有相同的看法。

  • opinion about something or in general you share  the same opinions for example we're friends but  


  • we don't always see eye to eye we don't always  agree on everything we have different opinions  

    我們並不總是意見一致 我們並不總是意見一致 我們有不同的觀點

  • about certain things we didn't see eye on another  way to say this is to be of the same mind which is  

    另一種說法是志同道合,這就是 "志同道合"。

  • pretty straightforward self-explanatory to be of  the same mind means to agree on a lot of things  

    一拍即合,不言自明 一拍即合是指在很多事情上意見一致

  • number six beat around the bush this is a bush  if you beat around it it means you avoid talking  

    第六條 繞彎子 這就是繞彎子,如果你繞彎子,就意味著你避而不談

  • about what's important you don't get to the point  in the uk you could also hear to beat about the  

    在英國,你也可以聽到關於 "什麼是最重要的 "的爭論。

  • bush instead of around the bush it has the same  meaning don't worry it's the same thing stop  


  • beating around the bush and get to the point stop  talking around it you're avoiding what's important  

    拐彎抹角,直奔主題 別再繞彎子了,你在避重就輕

  • get to the point another way to say getting to  the point is uh getting down to the nitty-gritty  

    切入正題的另一種說法是 "深入細緻"。

  • let's get down to the nitty-gritty let's  talk about what's important so anyway stop  


  • beating around the bush stop talking around  it there's no point beating around the bush  


  • number seven by the skin of your teeth the first  thing you notice if you're not familiar with  

    如果你不熟悉 "七號",你首先會注意到

  • this idiom is that teeth don't have skin and  that's exactly part of what makes its meaning  


  • by the skin of your teeth means  barely only just by a very small  


  • narrow margin for example he escaped the police  by the skin of his teeth that means the police  


  • almost got him but by a very small margin he  managed to escape he barely managed to do so  


  • seems you've passed by the skin of your teeth  demi lovato recently released a new song that goes  


  • i'm alive by the skin of my teeth i even made  a tick talk about it and that's exactly what it  


  • means i'm alive by the skin of my teeth meansalmost died but i managed to survive i survived  

    意思是我死裡逃生 意思是我差點死了,但我設法活了下來 我活了下來

  • by a hair's breath that's another way to say  it by a hairs breath so by something that is  


  • very very small very narrow byhair's breath by the skin of my teeth

    非常非常小 非常非常窄 就差一丁點兒 就差一丁點兒 就差一丁點兒 就差一丁點兒 就差一丁點兒 就差一丁點兒

  • number eight under the weather this is  one of the first idioms that are taught  

    八面威風 這是最早教授的成語之一

  • in schools to English learners because  its meaning is very basic it's very simple  


  • so to be under the weather simply means to  feel slightly ill when you don't feel well  

    所以,"不舒服 "只是指身體不舒服的時候有點不舒服。

  • let's pretend you're getting a cold you  start feeling a little ill you could say I  


  • feel a little bit under the weather today  a little under the weather, by the way,  


  • did you know why they say this? apparently  this idiom has a nautical origin because when  


  • sailors were at sea and the weather got rough  of course some of them would get seasick they  


  • depended on the weather so that's the explanation  if you're under the weather you don't feel well


  • number nine out of the blue this is one of my  favorite idioms ever i probably use it too much  

    九牛一毛 這是我最喜歡的成語之一,我可能用得太多了

  • out of the blue means suddenly unexpectedly but  it's such a nice way of saying it out of the blue  

    出乎意料 "的意思是出乎意料地突然,但 "出乎意料 "的說法非常好聽

  • it sounds poetic but actually it's used in  everyday conversations as well one day out of the  


  • blue she told me she was leaving it was completely  unexpected it was sudden abruptly yeah out of the  


  • blue out of the blue i love it number 10 call it  a day you might have heard this idiom watching  

    Blue out of the blue I love it number 10 call it a day 你可能聽說過這個成語 watching

  • movies or series that are set in the workplace  that's because it's very common to say this  


  • idiom in that environment its meaning is that's  it that's it for today that's enough for today  


  • so for example after a long day at work you could  say let's call it a day okay let's call it a day  


  • or if it's very late you could also say let's  call it a night that's enough for tonight and so  


  • after this idiom let's just call it a day that's  enough idioms for today i hope you guys enjoyed  


  • this video and i hope you learned something new  if you did enjoy this video please give it a big  


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  • of my new videos and you can also send me a super  thanks to support my work thanks for watching! bye


hello everyone today we're going to take a look  at 10 very common English idioms that I think  

大家好,今天我們來看看 10 個非常常見的英語成語,我認為它們是

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