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  • The 420 community is a shock today after reading Snoop Dogg's most recent post that he put out on his Twitter or X, whatever you wanna call it, and Instagram.

    420(大麻文化)群體今天在讀到 Snoop Dogg 最新在他的 Twitter 或 X(看你想怎麼稱呼)和 Instagram 上發佈的貼文後感到震驚。

  • Maybe he put it out somewhere else, but this is where I saw it.


  • But I had to actually interrupt my morning routine and bring you this breaking news because you know what, I think something funny is going on here.


  • But Snoop Dogg post on his social media today that "After much consideration and conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke.

    Snoop Dogg 今天在他的社交媒體上發文說「經過深思熟慮和與家人的交談,我決定戒菸。

  • Please respect my privacy at this time. Snoop Dogg."

    請尊重我這段時間的隱私。Snoop Dogg 筆。」

  • I mean, he gave the prayer hands, the sad face like RIP smoke.

    我的意思是,他照片放他祈禱的雙手,愁眉苦臉,就像在說抽煙 RIP。

  • This is kind of wild, right?


  • This is not anything a lot of people would expect it.


  • But if you look at the wording here, it's very, very, very specific.


  • "I've decided to give up smoke."


  • He didn't say I've decided to give up smoking.


  • He didn't say I've decided to give up weed.


  • He didn't say I've decided to never smoke again.


  • He said I've decided to give up smoke.


  • I want you to leave a comment and let me know what you think this means because I've seen so many comments a lot of people are wild takes on this.


  • Maybe he's doing this, maybe he's doing that.


  • I have my own suspicions.


  • But I also want to hear from you guys.


  • Now, this is wild to hear because Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous stoners.

    這聽起來很瘋狂,因為 Snoop Dogg 是最著名的抽麻的人之一。

  • Like if you asked any stoner, most stoners who they think is the most famous stoner, most people are gonna say Snoop Dogg and there's some other good answers out there.

    如果你問任何抽麻的,大多數抽麻的認為誰是最著名的抽麻的,大多數人都會說 Snoop Dogg,當然還有其他一些不錯的答案。

  • Seth Rogen, Willie Nelson, Cheech & Chong, the list goes on, but Snoop Dogg is at the top of the list. Easily at the top of the list.

    塞斯·羅根 、威利·納爾遜、Cheech & Chong 等,不勝枚舉,但 Snoop Dogg 毫無疑問名列榜首。

  • And mostly it's because he's just made the most content around it, tons of songs and tons of movies, always seen smoking, always in the media.


  • He's definitely one of the most famous people who uses the green herb, the devil's lettuce, whatever you wanna call it around the world.


  • He's one of the most famous people like so it's wild to hear this announcement and I don't think it means what it might sound like it means.


  • Now I asked you earlier, what you think. I'm obviously gonna look at some of these comments here, but I think this is kind of a hint he had something to come.


  • He said he's going to give up smoke.


  • When you say I'm gonna give up smoke, it doesn't sound like you're gonna give up smoking, right?


  • A lot of people are thinking this in me too that he's probably talking about maybe switching to vaping or something like that, maybe switching to edibles or tinctures or something.


  • I think that Snoop Dogg is gonna drop a line of edibles and vapes very soon and this is just cr eating a lot of buzz around his name and it's gonna get a lot of people looking at him for his next statement or his next announcement.

    我認為 Snoop Dogg 很快就會推出一系列的食用品和電子煙,因他的名號製造了很多熱潮,將吸引很多人關注他的下一個聲明或下一個公告。

  • Like the Twitter Post here has 10 million impressions, 146,000 likes.

    就像這裡的推文一樣,有 1 千萬人關注,146000 個贊。

  • The Instagram post has 919,000 likes.

    Instagram 上的這則貼文獲得了 91.9 萬個贊。

  • And he posted this just under two hours ago from the time I'm looking at it right now.


  • So I don't really think that Snoop Dogg is going to give up weed.

    所以我不認為 Snoop Dogg 會放棄大麻。

  • I mean, maybe, but if you think about it, he's known for mostly smoking blunts, and I think that that's the worst way to get high.


  • I think that you're adding in tobacco, you're adding in a lot of extra stuff that you're smoking.


  • And just from hearing the amount that he smokes a day, some people wanna say it's 80 joints or blunts or whatever.


  • But I think he said recently it was closer to like 10 or 11.


  • That's a lot of paper. That's a lot of smoke too.


  • That much smoke is just not good for you.


  • So it would be interesting to see if Snoop Dogg come out with his very own, like, high quality vaporizer or something like that.

    所以,如果Snoop Dogg推出自己的高品質電子煙之類的東西,那將是很有趣的。

  • But I don't really think that's what's going down.


  • I think we're gonna see a line of like prefilled vapes or vape pens and edibles drop or something.


  • So I'll keep an eye out for that.


  • Or maybe I'm completely wrong about this and Snoop Dogg's like, "Nah, bro, I'm just done smoking weed. I can't do it anymore."

    或者也有可能我完全錯了,Snoop Dogg可能會說:「不,兄弟,我只是不再抽大麻了。我受不了了。」

  • Either way I had to interrupt my morning routine; I thought this would be a very interesting topic to talk about.


  • A lot of peopel are gonna be talking about this and for the next week or so, or at least however long until it takes Snoop to drop his announcement or whatever he's planning,

    很多人會談論這個話題,接下來的一周或更長的時間,或者至少在 Snoop 公布他的聲明或計劃之前的一段時間。

  • because bro, you gotta be cooking something up with a post like that. With the prayer hands and the sad face.


  • "I've decided to give up smoke."


  • He knows what he's doing.


  • Or honestly, this whole thing could just be a total troll and like a complete publicity post.


  • Like Snoop Dogg has been known to troll people in the past.

    像 Snoop Dogg 過去常常愛開玩笑戲弄人一樣。

  • Does anybody remember microwaving your blunts for 11 seconds?


  • In like the one video of him demonstrating, he microwaves it for like four seconds, like, bro, you don't even follow your own steps.


  • So maybe he's just trolling, right?


  • What if he just posted a video in a week of him just smoking blunts, like, "What are you guys talking about? What do you mean give up smoke?"


  • I don't know.


  • Either way, come get high with me on Twitch.

    不管怎樣,來 Twitch 和我一起嗨吧。

  • The session's at 9 p.m. Bring that Amazon Prime and that Jeff Bezos weed money.

    直播時間在晚上 9 點。拿出亞馬遜Prime和傑夫·貝佐斯的大麻資金。

  • Have a good day, my dudes.


The 420 community is a shock today after reading Snoop Dogg's most recent post that he put out on his Twitter or X, whatever you wanna call it, and Instagram.

420(大麻文化)群體今天在讀到 Snoop Dogg 最新在他的 Twitter 或 X(看你想怎麼稱呼)和 Instagram 上發佈的貼文後感到震驚。

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