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  • Attack on Titan is an anime that deserves to be watched more than once.


  • Since the series contains complex world-building and insane plot twistsit's important to pay close attention to the show.


  • Luckily, A.o.T. fans are pointing out these small yet clever details you might have missed on your first viewing.

    必須密切關注節目。幸運的是,A.o.T. 的粉絲們指出你在第一次觀看時可能忽略的這些小而巧妙的細節。

  • Almost all the people who fight the Titans on a regular basis are very short and have a slim build.


  • Keep in mind that the Corps fight the Titans by throwing themselves around the air using ropes.


  • At the end of season 3 episode 50, Zeke launches a surprise attack on the Survey Corps in Shiganshina.

    在第 3 季第 50 集的結尾,齊克對調查局發動了一次突然襲擊。

  • He summons an army of titans around Wall Maria, using his voice command powers.


  • Many fans found this to beplot hole since neither Zeke nor the Eldians from Marley were discovered by the Scouts when riding into Shiganshina.


  • Howeverthere is a brief scene that reveals a small pipe sticking out from the ground.

    偵察兵們在騎馬進入希甘希納時發現了馬利的 "箭"。然而

  • This implies that Zeke and his army were chilling underground while using the pipes for air circulation


  • Carla lied about her legs while being stuck under the rubble to save Eren and Mikasa.


  • Her legs could be seen afterward struggling when picked up by the titan who ate her


  • As we know, Titans can acquire the powers of another Titan by eating them.


  • So why the Titan that ate Eren, didn't gain his power?


  • It's easy! Eren was not eaten but swallowed whole.


  • During season 2, the Scouts nickname the ape-looking titan "Beast Titan", since they have never seen an ape before

    在第二季中,童子軍給猿形泰坦起了個綽號 "野獸泰坦"、

  • Ymir, however, refers to him as a "monkey". 

    因為他們從未見過猿猴。 伊米爾卻稱他為 "猴子"。

  • During the female Titan Arc, Armin told Reiner and Jean to cover themselves so the Female Titan wouldn't recognize them

    在 "女性泰坦弧 "中,阿明讓萊納和琴遮住自己,以便

  • However, Reiner took off his hood before attacking the Female Titan.

    女泰坦不會認出他們。 不過,萊納在摘下頭罩之前

  • You could see the smile from Annie who was the Female Titan.


  • Did you know that the meaning of the Marley nation was based ontheory related to racism?


  • The Marley hypothesis is a psychological theory on how racial groups may have different perceptions of the current racism in society due to a difference in their extent of knowledge and awareness of racial history.

    與種族主義有關的理論?馬利假說是一種心理學理論種族群體如何對當前的種族主義有不同的看法? 這是因為他們對種族歷史的瞭解和認識程度不同。

  • Levi only sleeps 3-4 hours a day.

    李維每天只睡 3-4 個小時。聽他說

  • From what he saidwe know that he suffers from insomnia.

    我們知道他患有失眠症。第 1 集埃倫的夢預示著

  • Eren's Dream from Episode 1 foreshadows Willy Tybur's Family showing the scattered toys and guards in Season 4. 


  • Eren's eyes were getting emptier every season, depicting the path that he was taking.


  • Now, about Mikasa's scarfit's a famous accessory in the series.


  • In the Season 2 opening, you see Mikasa putting it on, but in the Season 4, she's taking it off.


  • This could symbolize the end of their journey and Mikasa distancing herself from her past, especially since the scarf is closely linked with Eren.


  • If you look closely, you can briefly spot a young Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt in Episode 2. 

    如果你仔細觀察,就能在第 2 集裡看到年輕的萊納、安妮和貝托爾特。

  • The character of the captain of the population pacification brigade, Kennywas modeled on Trevor.


  • Yes, one of the three main characters of the fifth installment of GTA


  • The Titans captured by the scouts were named Sawney and Bean.


  • Nothing strange about itbut Sawney Bean is the name oflegendary Scottish cannibal whotogether with his wife and descendantskilled and ate over a thousand people

    但索尼-比恩(Sawney Bean)是一個傳說中的蘇格蘭食人者的名字、和他的妻子及後代一起,殺死並吃掉了一千多人。

  • In Episode 27, Sasha fought with a titan that might have been Connie's father

    在第 27 集裡,薩莎與可能是康妮父親的泰坦巨人打了一架。

  • In Season 3, showed how Mikasa had better aim than Hange when they attacked the Armored Titan's eyes.


  • Jean had the habit of covering his ears when he felt overwhelmed.


  • After Mikasa's mother dies, she is the only female of the Asian clan.


  • Due to the rarity of her genes, there was a bounty on her head.


  • There are many people who would gladly pay a considerable amount of money for her on the black market.


  • Berthold's strange sleeping position is actually the equivalent of "The Hanged Man" tarot card.


  • It presents an old method of torture performed on traitors.

    被絞死的人 "塔羅牌。它展示了一種對叛徒實施酷刑的古老方法。

  • Niccolo put a bouquet of twenty-four white roses on Sasha's grave. It meant eternal love.


  • Older Eren appeared in Episode 1, but none of us ever realized it!


  • Remember the Talking Titan?


  • He was one of Ymir's friends or servants back then The special OVA episode titled "Ilse's Notebook" follows Ilse Langnar, a Survey Corps member who records her encounter with a talking titan

    特別 OVA 集 "伊爾莎的筆記本 "講述了調查團成員伊爾莎-蘭格納爾(Ilse Langnar)的故事。

  • Rather than immediately going after Ilsethe talking titan bows down to her and calls her "Lady Ymir."

    記錄了她與一個會說話的泰坦巨人的相遇。 而不是立即去找伊爾莎、

  • This is a reference to Ymir's past as she belonged to an Eldian cult dedicated to the worship of Ymir Fritz.

    會說話的泰坦向她鞠躬,並稱她為 "伊米爾女士"。這指的是伊米爾的過去,她屬於一個專門崇拜伊米爾-弗裡茨的埃爾迪亞邪教。

  • It would seem that Levi is not much older than ErenMikasa and the rest of their group.


  • However, as we learn from the Creator, Levi is in his mid-30s.

    三笠和他們的其他成員。然而,我們從造物主那裡得知,李維已經 30 多歲了

  • So sad we didn't get to see the Whale or Dinosaur Titans from Season 2's Opening


  • Some Titan Shifters were based on real-life MMA fighters.


  • The Beast Titan's small face and developed trapezius from Alistair Overeem,

    並從阿利斯泰爾-歐沃瑞姆(Alistair Overeem)那裡學到了斜方肌,從布洛克-萊斯納(Brock Lesnar)那裡學到了 "裝甲泰坦 "的設計、

  •  the Armored Titan's design from Brock Lesnar

    從布洛克-萊斯納(Brock Lesnar)那裡學到了 "裝甲泰坦 "的設計、

  • and The Eren's Attack Titan's frame and fighting style from Yushin Okami.


  • Thanks to the anime, Levi's hairstyle has become incredibly popular around the world.


  • Levi, on the other hand, cuts his own hair.


  • The Colossal Titan's hand mark back on anime's airing in 2013 still showed in 2019.

    2013 年動畫播出時,《巨像泰坦》的手印仍清晰可見。

  • Such details showed how much of gigachads the animators were.


  • The Titans from Season 1 were in fact Eldian Restorationists turned into monstrosities.


  • The world map showing Marley and Paradis Island looked like a flipped Africawith Paradis being Madagascar.


  • The city from Attack on Titan is a recreation of a real place and the creator's inspiration was Nordlingen, located in Germany.


  • Birds were a recurring motif in the seriessymbolizing freedom and the desire to break free from the Walls and the Titans.


Attack on Titan is an anime that deserves to be watched more than once.


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