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  • How long did it take you to write a song like "Yellow"?


  • 10 minutes.


  • Seriously? - Yeah.

    真的嗎?- 真的。

  • That I mean, in other words, you heard it in your head?


  • I didn't hear that. (It) just came out, came through. I'll tell you exactly how it happened.


  • We were in Wales and my microphone was broken or something; I was waiting to record something else.


  • And I was thinking about Neil Young and I was starting to do a Neil Young impression just to try and make everyone giggle.

    我當然想到 Neil Young,就開始模仿他,想逗大家笑。

  • I love Neil Young.

    我愛 Neil Young。

  • So I was like, doing this and I was like, and it was very starry outside.


  • I was like, look at the stars like trying to do, I can't do Neil Young for shit, but that's how it came out, (I) was trying to do that.

    我當時就唱:「看著這些星星」就像在嘗試在模仿他,但我模仿不來,但《Yellow》就是這樣做出來的,當我在試著模仿 Neil Young 的時候。

  • I never told anybody that.


  • You started to do it. You started to do your Neil Young impression.

    你開始這麼做了。你開始模仿 Neil Young。

  • This is pretty good.


  • And then Yellow came out with the lyrics? - Yeah.

    然後,《Yellow》就出現了歌詞。- 對啊。

  • Could you play a little of that, the way you did at that time that you, that it first came out of you?


  • Yeah. I have to switch to a guitar. Is that cool?


  • Hey, if you're willing to do it, go ahead. - I'll bring it.

    嘿,如果你願意,那就去吧。- 我去拿來。

  • Switch to anything you want.


  • I'm happy with that.


  • I didn't know you play guitar too.


  • So I was just waiting like sound checking like this.


  • We had another song called Shiver, which is on our first record, which is, OK.


  • And, I was waiting to do that and then I was found this chord because I like to use strange tuning on the guitar.


  • So that chord made.


  • I liked it.


  • And then that chord.


  • So it's like, "Look at the stars."


  • Real Neil Young and then the rest just come out.

    為了模仿 Neil Young,然後歌曲剩下的部分就出來了。

  • Come on, play a little.


  • In my voice or in my bad Neil young voice?

    用我的聲音還是用很爛的 Neil Young 聲音?

  • Do it in your voice. - OK.

    用你的聲音唱。- 好喔。

  • Yeah, they were all yellow


  • ♫I came along


  • ♫I wrote a song for you


  • And all the things you do


  • And it was called Yellow


  • So then I took my turn


  • Oh, what a thing to have done


  • And it was all yellow


  • Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones

    ♫妳的肌膚 妳的每一吋肌膚♫

  • Turn into something beautiful


  • And you know, you know I love you so


  • You know I love you so


  • Wow, that is beautiful.


  • Now, that is a romantic song. - Yeah.

    這才是一首浪漫的歌曲。- 對啊。

  • Were you in love with someone at the time you wrote that? - No.

    你在寫這首歌時是否愛上了某人?- 沒有。

  • That's not about a specific girl. - No, it's about all girls.

    不是寫個特定一個女孩的?- 不是,是寫給所有女孩的。

How long did it take you to write a song like "Yellow"?


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A2 初級 中文 模仿 和弦 吉他 聲音 肌膚 歌曲

你一定有聽過的酷玩樂團代表作《Yellow》只花克里斯·馬汀十分鐘就寫出來?! (Chris Martin Performs Coldplay’s “Yellow” on the Stern Show (2011))

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