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  • Just one kiss.

    - 就一個吻

  • Just one.

    - 只有一個

  • Unless you beg for more.


  • Okay, Tiana, you can do this. You can do this. Okay.

    - 好了,蒂安娜,你可以的你可以做到這一點。 好吧- 馬爾多尼亞語

  • You don't look that much different, but how'd you get way up there and how'd I get way down here in all th-

    - 你看起來沒什麼不同、但你是怎麼上去的 我是怎麼來到這裡的? (蒂安娜尖叫)

  • Easy, Princess, Princess, do not panic.

    - 別慌,公主,公主,別慌。

  • What did you do to me?

    - 你對我做了什麼?

  • I'm green. And I'm slimy.


  • No, no, no. That is not slime.

    - 不,不,不。那不是粘液您正在分泌粘液。 (樂隊演奏)

  • What? - You are secreting mucus.

  • Back off.

    - 退後

  • Or I'ma break this thing into a million pieces.


  • Oh!


  • Naveen?


  • Now isn't this a whole lot better than hopping around the bayou for the rest of your life?

    - 這不是比一輩子在河口跳來跳去?

  • And all you got to do to make this a reality is hand over that little old talisman of mine.


  • No. This, this is not right.

    - 不,這,這是不對的。

  • Come on now darlin', think of everything you've sacrificed.

    - 來吧,親愛的想想你所犧牲的一切

  • Girl, all you ever do is work!

    - 姑娘,你只會工作

  • [Girl] I told y'all she wouldn't come.

    - 我告訴過你們她不會來的

  • Think of all those naysayers who doubted you.

    - 想想那些質疑你的人。

  • You ain't never gonna get enough for the down payment.

    - 你永遠也湊不夠首付。

  • A woman of your background...

    - 像你這樣背景的女人...

  • You're better of where you're at.


  • And don't forget your poor daddy.

    - 別忘了你可憐的爸爸

  • Now that was one hard working man.


  • See you in the morning, James!

    - 明早見,詹姆斯

  • Double, sometimes triple, shifts.

    - 兩班倒,有時是三班倒。

  • Never let know how bone tired and beat down he really was.


  • Daddy!

    - 爸爸

  • Hey, babycakes.

    - 嘿,寶貝蛋糕

  • Shame all that hard work didn't amount to much more than a busted up old gumbo pot, and a dream that never got off the back porch.

    - 遺憾的是,所有的努力都沒有帶來更多的收穫比一口破舊的濃湯鍋還難喝、 以及一個從未走出後門廊的夢想。

  • But you, you can give your poor daddy everything he ever wanted.


  • Come on, Tiana.


  • You're almost there.


  • My daddy never did get what he wanted.

    - 我爸爸從來沒有得到過他想要的東西。(笑聲)

  • But he had what he needed.


  • He had love.


  • He never lost sight of what was really important.


  • Easy with that. Careful.

    - 小心點小心點

  • And neither will I.

    - 我也不會。(神祕音樂)

  • Like I told y'all, kissing a princess breaks the spell.

    - 我跟你們說過,親吻公主會打破魔咒。

  • Once you became my wife, that made you - a princess.

    - 一旦你成為我的妻子,你--- 一位公主

  • You just kissed yourself a princess.


Just one kiss.

- 就一個吻

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