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  • From being very difficult to work with on movie sets to calling out the lack of diversity among film critics.


  • Here's why Hollywood hates Brie Larson.


  • Seriously, Bree gets so much hate that it's getting kind of hard to ignore, but don't worry, I'm gonna be spilling all the tea about it today.

    說真的,Bree 遭到了太多的憎恨,讓人有點難以忽視,不過別擔心,我今天會把所有的茶水都倒出來。

  • For starters, Larson has been a total diva on the Marvel set according to sources, ever since she bagged that Oscar Larson's been nothing but difficult to work with and the inside scoop came from Jeff Snyder himself.

    首先,據知情人士透露,拉爾森在漫威片場是個不折不扣的 "女強人",自從她拿到奧斯卡獎後,拉爾森就一直難以相處,而這一內幕消息來自傑夫-斯奈德本人。

  • Who if you guys don't know is one of the most reliable Hollywood reporters during a podcast.


  • He claimed that Bree's been a total nightmare to work with.

    他聲稱與 Bree 共事簡直就是一場噩夢。

  • She's apparently upset that the sequel's name has been changed from Captain Marvel to the Marvels, which obviously means less spotlight on Larson.


  • Bree believes that the franchise was built around her lead role, so the title should be that way too.

    Bree 認為,該系列電影是圍繞她的主角打造的,是以片名也應如此。

  • And well, this has led to some fights between her in the studio to make matters worse.


  • Snyder reported that Larson's even been clashing with her co star, Iona Paris all the time.


  • This isn't even the first time that Bree has been accused of not getting along with her co star.

    這甚至不是 Bree 第一次被指責與合作明星不和。

  • Things have gotten so bad on set that the sequel is now delayed by months.


  • Yikes, according to Jeff, the studio is in chaos, but let's get real for a second.


  • There are a lot of actors out there who behave in the same way but the industry puts up with it.


  • I mean, it's not rocket science to figure out why those actors have amazing acting skills to back it up with.


  • But that's not the case here.


  • Instead, Bree's acting skills have been nothing but average so far.


  • Now I get that she won an Oscar for best actress for her role in Room.


  • But you've got to understand that room was a completely different genre in the Marvel movies.

    但你必須明白,在漫威電影中,"房間 "是一個完全不同的類型。

  • Bree doesn't shine at all.

    Bree 一點也不耀眼。

  • I'm not saying she's a bad actress but she just doesn't fit right in the Captain Marvel role.


  • When the movie came out, fans were more than disappointed to see that Larson played the superhero with so much blandness.


  • You see all the other characters like Iron Man and Thor faced some sort of obstacles and fans watched them question their moral views.


  • But with Captain Marvel, we got literally nothing.


  • There was no character arc or touching story.


  • Instead, she started the movie by acting on impulse and her emotions and ended it the same way.


  • Even the final battle between her and her mentor wasn't thrilling to watch because Bree looked so done.

    即使是她和導師之間的最後一戰也並不令人激動,因為 Bree 看起來已經大功告成。

  • The plot was super sluggish at times and the dialogues were entirely forgettable.


  • The fact that she came off as cold and stiff throughout the press tour interviews didn't help her case.


  • And I get that not everything was Larson's fault, but still she could have handled the role with a bit more energy.


  • Some fans have even claimed that Breed took the role just so she could rise in the industry.


  • That's a wild a still even before the film was released, her character in the Marvel Universe started off on the wrong foot.


  • I mean, do you guys remember how much backlash the studio faced for casting her?


  • Now the hate came from a loud group of individuals as soon as Larson was announced as the actress who would play Carol Danvers at Comic Con, there was instant pushback from Marvel fans.


  • Most fans didn't think that she was fit for the Marvel Universe.


  • They even went online to suggest a list of other actresses that they felt would do the role more justice.


  • It got to a point where the fans started a petition to make Marvel reverse their decision.


  • Clearly, it didn't work.


  • Fans wanted the directors to make a character that stands out instead of casting a woman in a male superhero role.


  • Not only that, but then the comic Purist got angry too with the fact that a woman was going to play Captain Marvel because you see in the comics, the superhero is originally a man.

    不僅如此,"漫畫純粹主義者 "也對由女性扮演驚奇隊長感到憤怒,因為在漫畫中,超級英雄原本就是男性。

  • They felt like Marvel wasn't honoring the comic and the role should go to a male actor.


  • Let's not forget that some of this backlash also had to do with misogynistic men who couldn't see a woman playing their favorite superhero.


  • But hang on guys.


  • There's more before she was even cast in the movie.


  • Bree had been making waves with her controversial views.

    Bree 曾因其有爭議的觀點而掀起波瀾。

  • Now everyone knows that Larson isn't one to hold her tongue, especially when it comes to causes.


  • She believes in at the 2018 women in film awards, she literally said, I do not need a 40 year old white dude to tell me what didn't work for him about a wrinkle in time.

    在 2018 年女性電影獎頒獎典禮上,她信誓旦旦地說:"我不需要一個 40 歲的白人花花公子來告訴我《時間的皺紋》有哪些地方不適合他。

  • It wasn't made for him to no one's surprise.


  • A lot of white dudes didn't like this quote and felt personally attacked by it.


  • Plus many Marvel fans thought that her speech was really aggressive.


  • Some even took Larson's quotes as a statement that she didn't want white men to watch her films.


  • They even accused her of Miss Andre.


  • Then there was the time when Bree said that when she saw that most of the Captain Marvel's press junkets were overwhelmingly white males.

    還有一次,當 Bree 看到《驚奇隊長》的記者招待會上絕大多數都是白人男性時,她說。

  • So she decided to change it.


  • That clearly didn't help her in getting rid of these accusations.


  • What's more is that all these statements alienated a huge audience that now refuses to even watch her movies.


  • I'm not exaggerating guys.


  • Every time she's cast in a new film, fans are already boycotting it.


  • So it's no wonder why Hollywood doesn't cast Larson anymore.


  • And let's not forget that the actress is politically very active.


  • She talks about her controversial views in almost every interview and this makes it really difficult for people to separate her from those views.


  • People understand that she wants more equality in the industry, but constantly targeting a specific group of people hasn't put her in a good spotlight.


  • It's not like fans don't want actors to have an opinion, but it shouldn't become so overwhelming.


  • Fans have even started to call her the actress who hates white males, which if I'm being honest is a bit too dramatic.

    粉絲們甚至開始稱她為 "憎恨白人男性的女演員",老實說,這有點太誇張了。

  • And if all this wasn't damaging enough for her reputation in the industry, she decided to make a youtube channel, I'll admit, although this one doesn't sound like a reason to hate the actress.

    如果這一切還不足以損害她在業內的聲譽,她還決定製作一個 youtube 頻道,我得承認,雖然這聽起來不像是討厭這位女演員的理由。

  • At first.


  • The real issue is that there are actual creators who've been working super hard to make a platform for themselves on youtube.


  • But the second Bree made her channel, she was given instant monetization and subscribers.

    但 Bree 一建立自己的頻道,就立即獲得了盈利和用戶。

  • I mean, lots of youtubers grind for years to make sure their content reaches the same heights and for a celebrity to come in and get all of it in an instant.


  • It does sound a bit unfair, doesn't it?


  • And Bree's not the only one who's been criticized for pulling this sort of move Will Smith and many others came under fire for it too.


  • But with Bree, it felt a little hypocritical since she talks a lot about white privilege and how people shouldn't use it to get what they want yet.

    但對於 Bree 來說,感覺有點虛偽,因為她經常談論白人的特權,以及人們不應該利用這種特權來得到他們想要的東西。

  • She used that same exact privilege to launch her channel and get an automatic white list and promo from youtube.


  • Obviously, fans didn't let this slide easily and called her out on it on the first video she uploaded, Bree got like 200,000 dislikes.

    顯然,粉絲們不會輕易放過這個機會,在她上傳的第一段視頻中就將她罵了個狗血淋頭,Bree 獲得了大約 20 萬個贊。

  • So yeah, it's safe to say that the fans weren't happy with her behavior.


  • But for many people in the industry, the final nail in the coffin came when Larson called out the lack of diversity among film critics while making a speech at the 2018 women in film award free decided to demand for more diversity in film criticism to call out racial discrimination.

    但對許多業內人士來說,當拉爾森在 2018 年電影界女性獎自由演講時呼籲影評人缺乏多樣性,決定要求影評人更加多樣化以抨擊種族歧視時,棺材上的最後一顆釘子就釘上了。

  • Like that was a pretty brave move from her side but could it have been done in a better way for sure?


  • Because you see there's one thing that Hollywood absolutely can't stand and that is actors criticizing the way the industry works that too publicly sure she was doing it for the greater good and her intentions were pure.


  • But all of that didn't matter in the end and the backlash that came with this statement was huge.


  • Now nobody's denying the fact that there's a lack of racial diversity, but that definitely doesn't mean that the existing critics don't know their stuff.


  • The only reason Bree ends up getting so much criticism is because she doesn't always approach her causes in the right way.

    Bree 最終受到如此多責備的唯一原因是,她並不總是以正確的方式對待自己的事業。

  • Her outspokenness has only resulted in her making enemies in the industry she works in.


  • So from calling out the lack of diversity among film critics to being very difficult to work with.


  • That was why Hollywood hates Brie Larson.


From being very difficult to work with on movie sets to calling out the lack of diversity among film critics.


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