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  • One out of every five high school students currently vapes in the US and in the UK, 7% of kids aged 11 to 17 now vape.

    在美國,每五名高中生中就有一名抽電子煙,而在英國,11 至 17 歲的孩子中有 7% 抽電子煙。

  • And that number has nearly doubled in the last two years, so currently more young people Vape than smoke cigarettes.


  • But with the news of vape deaths amongst young people, the insane chemical flavoring and lack of regulation amongst new vapes, could science now say that vaping is worse than cigarettes?


  • To start, the nicotine in vapes hits your bloodstream and brain faster than cigarettes.


  • This is because vapes consist of a coil that ranges from 110 °C to 1000 °C, which creates thermal conditions for a carrier like propylene glycol, which is literally stage smoke.

    這是因為電子煙由一個溫度範圍為 110°C 至 1000°C 的線圈組成,這為丙二醇等載體創造了熱條件,丙二醇實際上是舞台煙霧。

  • Yes. When you are vaping, you're inhaling like Taylor Swift stage smoke right into your lungs.

    是的。 當你吸電子煙時,你就像把泰勒絲舞台的煙霧直接吸入肺部。

  • Mixed with an active ingredient, most commonly nicotine and chemical flavorings,


  • the vape smoke hits your lungs in a way that studies show ushers nicotine faster into your bloodstream and brain than cigarettes.


  • Another study found that the sheer way that people like hit vapes like so hard, bro, each puff gives you more nicotine in vapes than in cigarettes.


  • And nicotine is an intense drug.


  • I always say that the hardest drug I did this year at Pride was when I hit someone's vape at a rave and I was ripped.


  • This is because when you vape, the nicotine enters your bloodstream through the lungs where it quickly makes its way to your head and passes through the blood-brain barrier to go directly into your brain.


  • Here, the nicotine causes a series of complex biochemical processes to increase dopamine cause feelings of motivation, awareness, concentration, elevated mood and other neurochemical processes that will relax your muscles.


  • Nicotine is an interesting drug.


  • It makes you feel mentally aware and alert while physically relaxing it.


  • It's an amazing feeling that people get addicted to.


  • As the nicotine rush ends, cravings begin, and most recent studies show that the cravings appear within four hours of your last nicotine hit.


  • In theory, this whole process is more intense with vapes than cigarettes because vapes have more nicotine in them.


  • Nicotine also alters blood flow in your body, making people with penises lose their penis girth.


  • Yep. A bit of watermelon ice can shrink your dick.


  • One study found that men who use E-cigarettes are more than twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction compared to those who don't vape.


  • 13,000 men aged 20 and older who had daily E-cigarette use were 2.2 times more likely to report having erectile dysfunction compared to men who never vaped regardless of other risk factors.

    13,000 名 20 歲及以上、每天吸電子煙的男性報告患有勃起功能障礙的可能性是從未吸過電子煙的男性的 2.2 倍,無論其他風險因素如何。

  • Because ED is caused by nicotine and there's more nicotine in vaping than cigarettes, in theory, you will get more erectile dysfunction from vaping.


  • Now, you also may have heard of the mysterious vaping deaths that as of February 2020 had 2807 patients hospitalized with severe lung issues from vaping, some of whom were under 18 years old and 68 people ended up dying.

    你可能還聽說過神秘的電子煙死亡事件,截至 2020 年 2 月,有 2807 名患者因電子煙出現嚴重肺部問題而住院,其中一些人年齡在 18 歲以下,68 人最終死亡。

  • What you may not have heard is that these deaths were actually from THC vapes which are less regulated than nicotine vapes.

    但你可能沒有聽說過,這些死亡案例其實是因為 THC 電子煙造成的,THC 電子煙的監管比尼古丁電子煙少。

  • Some of the THC vapes had a chemical called vitamin E acetate in them which when inhaled ravaged people's lungs and alveoli, leaving them with symptoms of coughing, wheezing and chest pain.

    有些 THC 電子煙含有一種名為維生素 E 醋酸酯的化學物質,吸入後會破壞人們的肺部和肺泡,導致咳嗽、氣喘和胸痛的症狀。

  • Doctors were shocked and scared at first, but the general consensus was that mistakenly there was vitamin E acetate ending up in THC vapes which was killing people.

    醫生一開始感到震驚和害怕,但普遍的共識是,THC 電子煙中錯誤地添加了維生素 E 醋酸酯,從而導致了死亡。

  • It created a disease called E-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury aka EVALI.

    它創造了一種稱為電子煙或電子煙使用相關肺損傷(又稱 EVALI)的疾病。

  • Now, the hope is that there obviously isn't vitamin E acetate THC vapes anymore.

    現在,希望顯然不再有維生素 E 醋酸酯 THC 電子煙了。

  • But again, EVALI, the disease was never caused by nicotine vapes.

    但同樣,EVALI 這種疾病從來都不是由尼古丁電子煙引起的。

  • But that doesn't mean there isn't other wild chemicals in these vapes because of the flavoring.


  • The concept of vaping was designed to be tasteless and ugly as a mechanism to help people quit cigarettes.


  • But capitalism came a calling and to expand the vaping market, companies started adding flavorings to make people want to consume vapes more.


  • Cinnamaldehyde, the artificial flavoring that creates cinnamon flavor in food is now added to vapes to give them a cinnamony taste.


  • But cinnamaldehyde also has been found to make the cilia in your lungs stop working, making it harder for your lungs to get rid of debris and expel pathogens, leaving you more vulnerable to lung infection.


  • 2,5-dimethylpyrazine is added to vapes to make them chocolatey and isoamyl acetate is added to create a banana taste.

    在電子煙中添加 2,5-二甲基吡嗪,使其具有巧克力味,並添加乙酸異戊酯,以產生香蕉味。

  • These chemicals have been found to cause proinflammatory effects on the respiratory tract that lead to cancer.


  • A recent study found vape smoke contains benzene and other volatile organic compounds which lead to chronic respiratory conditions.


  • Also, the vaping coils have manganese and zinc in them which you end up inhaling and this causes airway epithelial injury and tissue hypoxia.


  • Mice chronically exposed to vape aerosols developed lung changes consistent to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease aka COPD, the disease that kills 100,000 Americans a year from smoking.

    長期接觸電子煙氣霧劑的小鼠會出現與慢性阻塞性肺病(又稱慢性阻塞性肺病)一致的肺部變化,這種疾病每年導致 10 萬美國人因吸煙而死亡。

  • But in the end, scientists and physicians agree that cigarettes are still worse than vapes.


  • Cigarettes involve a combustion reaction with tobacco that causes you to inhale tar and other chemicals that ravage the lungs in unbelievable ways.


  • One lung researcher compared smoking cigarettes to putting your mouth over a car exhaust pipe and inhaling.


  • Also, you may not know this but 1.3 billion people in the world currently smoke cigarettes.

    另外,你可能不知道,目前全世界有 13 億人吸菸。

  • One in eight people is a smoker.


  • This is why cigarettes are killing millions of people a year.


  • Cigarettes are a worldwide trend.


  • Whereas right now vaping is mostly relegated to Europe, the US and China.


  • But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be worried because more than ever young people are vaping who have never even smoked cigarettes.


  • And we do know that there are chemicals in these vapes that can kill you.


  • And even though right now they might not be considered worse than cigarettes, there's still a lot we have to learn because these are a new concept.


  • Scientists will continue to study how vaping affects people's lungs, especially young people's lungs.


  • So, if you want more information about vaping, you can click our podcast here.


  • Thanks for watching our video about the insane way that humans have become addicted to getting nicotine into their lungs.


One out of every five high school students currently vapes in the US and in the UK, 7% of kids aged 11 to 17 now vape.

在美國,每五名高中生中就有一名抽電子煙,而在英國,11 至 17 歲的孩子中有 7% 抽電子煙。

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