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  • The city mouse and the country mouse

  • A version of the tale by

  • This is a city mouse.

  • He lives in a big city with tall buildings and lots of shops and restaurants.

  • But today he is visiting his friend, a country mouse.

  • The country mouse lives in a cozy nest at the bottom of a tree.

  • Her home is small, but it is warm and comfortable.

  • The country mouse cooks a dinner of food from her garden:

  • corn, carrots, acorns

  • and a cold glass of water from the stream

  • Meanwhile, the city mouse talks and talks:

  • The city is amazing!

  • I go to the theater and the museum...

  • My house has TWENTY rooms.

  • You absolutely MUST visit!

  • Have you ever tried Chinese food?

  • That night, the country mouse dreams that she lives in the city.

  • She dreams that she eats at fancy restaurants,

  • says fancy things,

  • and buys fancy hats from fancy stores.

  • She dreams about eating Chinese food.

  • "How wonderful!" she thinks.

  • "I want to live in the city too!"

  • The next morning the country mouse agrees to visit the city mouse.

  • She packs her bag and follows the city mouse back to his big house in the city.

  • The house is enormous!

  • There are TWENTY rooms full of beautiful furniture.

  • The country mouse is amazed.

  • "Which room is mine?" she asks.

  • "Um... we actually live down here…" says the city mouse.

  • He leads her down some stairs to the basement.

  • In the darkness, the country mouse sees many families of mice.

  • "These are my housemates…" explains the city mouse.

  • The city mouse leads the country mouse back upstairs for dinner.

  • In the dining room there is a feast of delicious foods on the table:

  • cheese, bread, cookies, cakes, and lemonade.

  • There is alsoChinese food!

  • But just as they start to eat...

  • CRASH!

  • A cat with sharp teeth and sharp claws jumps up on the table.


  • The city cat chases the two mice off the table and across the floor.

  • The mice hide in a hole in the wall.

  • They are trapped!

  • They wait silently until the cat leaves.

  • Then, they quietly creep back to the dining room

  • but all the food is gone!

  • The city humans ate everything!

  • The country mouse hurries back to the basement and packs her bag.

  • "Where are you going?" asks the city mouse.

  • "Home.” she says.

  • I want to go back to the country.

  • Your city life isn't so wonderful after all.

  • Now, please, help me call a taxi.

  • Moral:

  • Sometimes other people's lives are not as great as they make you believe.

The city mouse and the country mouse


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A2 初級 美國腔

城市鼠和鄉村鼠(The City Mouse and the Country Mouse (UK English accent))

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