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  • What's this?


  • It's five facts about The Nightmare Before Christmas!

  • Nothing quite says "Halloween" like a skeleton scarecrow with a pumpkin head!

    說 "萬聖節 "就像說一個南瓜頭的骷髏稻草人!事實一影片是該片改編自蒂姆-波頓在迪士尼擔任動畫師期間寫下的一首詩。

  • Fact one:

  • The film is based on a poem Tim Burton wrote while working as a Disney animator over a decade before the film was made.

  • Fact two:


  • Speaking of Disney, there are Hidden Mickeys and Donalds in this sequence where Jack's gifts attack.

  • Those toys are awesome but definitely wouldn't get past Disney quality control!


  • Fact three:


  • If there's one thing we love about our pumpkin king, it's how expressive he is!

  • Jack's puppet had around 400 heads made, all falling into one of four categories:

    傑克的木偶製作了大約 400 個頭,所有頭都分為四類:

  • Happy Jack, Sad Jack, Mad Jack, and Neutral Jack.

    快樂傑克(Happy Jack)、悲傷傑克(Sad Jack)、瘋狂傑克(Mad Jack)和中性傑克(Neutral Jack)。至少

  • At least there's not a tear away your face JackAHH! YIKES!

    你的臉上沒有一滴眼淚 傑克啊!事實四:傑克還在另一部《提姆》中客串伯頓製作的迪士尼電影《詹姆斯與巨桃》、

  • Fact four:

  • Jack also cameos in another Tim Burton produced Disney movie, James and the Giant Peach, featuring, of course, the fifth Jack expression: Pirate! Yar!

  • Fact five:


  • In addition to Jack's expressions, stop-motion animators had to get creative with their world building,


  • for example, using cotton balls for clouds and blowing a torch on the melting man each frame and letting it cool before shooting to achieve this melting effect.


  • A lot of creativity went in to make the Nightmare Before Christmas a real scream!


  • Thanks for watching!


  • Let us know what Disney films you would like to know more about, and everyone hail to the pumpkin king!


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