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  • World Cup kiss scandal.


  • The president of the Spanish Football Federation quits.


  • This is News Review from BBC Learning English. I'm Beth.

    這是 BBC 學英文的新聞回顧節目,我是 Beth。

  • And I'm Phil.

    我是 Phil。

  • Make sure you watch to the end to learn the vocabulary that you need to talk about this story.


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  • Now, the story.


  • Luis Rubiales, head of the Spanish football federation, has resigned.


  • He caused controversy after grabbing and kissing footballer Jenni Hermoso, without her consent, after the World Cup final last month.

    在上個月的世界盃決賽後,他在未經她同意的情況下抓住並強吻了足球運動員 Jenni Hermoso,引發了爭議。

  • His actions caused anger and a debate about sexism, especially as he refused to leave his job, until now.


  • You've been looking at the headlines, Phil. What's the vocabulary?


  • We have: fallout, a win and in wake of.

    我們有:fallout、a win、 in wake of。

  • This is News Review from BBC Learning English.

    這是 BBC 學英文的新聞回顧節目。

  • Let's have a look at our first headline.


  • This is from ESPN: Spain federation president Rubiales resigns amid kiss fallout.

    來自 ESPN:西班牙足協主席魯維亞萊斯在強吻風波中辭職。

  • So, Luis Rubiales has resigned because of the kiss fallout and 'fallout' is the word that we're looking at here.

    路易斯·魯維亞萊斯因強吻風波辭職,而 「惡果」就是我們現在要學習的詞。

  • Now, Phil, if I fall over, or something falls, this is quite negative. Is there a connection here?


  • Well, fallout, it's a noun and it is negative.


  • We use it to talk about the negative result of something bad.


  • So, here we had the kiss, which is something bad, and the fallout to it is the negative reaction to it.


  • OK. Now, fallout often follows an adjective.

    好的。「惡果」 通常跟在形容詞後面。

  • It was 'kiss' here in the headline, but we also often hear about political fallout or public fallout.

    這裡的標題是 「親吻」,但我們也經常聽到政治惡果或公眾惡果。

  • And fallout is also followed by 'over' quite often, so you might see a headline that says 'Fallout over political scandal'.

    Fallout 後面也經常跟 "over",所以你可能會看到這樣的標題:「政治醜聞的惡果。」

  • Yes. And you could also fall out with someone, and that is a phrasal verb and it means to have an argument or a disagreement with someone.

    是的。你也可以用 fall out 來表示和某人鬧翻,這是一個短語動詞,意思是與人發生爭執或分歧。

  • Yeah. Now, don't fall out with me, Phil, but I need to talk to you about something later.

    是啊。別和我鬧翻了 Phil,但我待會兒要跟你談點事。

  • OK, let's look at that again.


  • OK, I'm worried now.


  • Let's have our next headline.


  • This is from BBC News: Luis Rubiales resignation a win for Spain's women's team.

    本文來自 BBC 新聞:路易斯·魯維亞萊斯辭職對西班牙女子足球隊是一個勝利。

  • So, this headline describes the resignation as a win.


  • Now, Phil, I can win a card game, win a match, but that's a verb.


  • This is a noun. What is 'a win'?

    這裡是一個名詞。什麼是「a win」?

  • OK, well, a win is a positive result, a victory. But not just in a sporting sense.

    好的,"a win" 意味著一個正面的結果或勝利,不僅僅在體育方面。

  • This was a positive result for the Spanish women's football team, but not on the pitch.


  • It wasn't a sporting victory, which of course, means this was quite a clever headline.


  • Exactly, yeah. There's a double meaning here so, of course, the Spanish team won the World Cup, but Rubiales resigning is seen as a win against sexism, so that is two wins.


  • Phil, have you had any wins recently?


  • Well, I did get a parking ticket the other week, which was really unfair.


  • I wrote to the council and they cancelled it, which was a win for me.


  • Yeah. That sounds really good. That's definitely a win.


  • Let's look at that again.


  • Next headline please.


  • This is from the Financial Times: Luis Rubiales resigns as Spanish football chief in wake of World Cup kiss.


  • Now, the language we're going to talk about is 'in wake of'.

    現在,我們要討論的用法是「in wake of」。

  • Now, normally this is 'in the wake of' but we often remove 'the' in headlines.

    現在,這個用法通常是「in the wake of」,但在新聞標題經常會省略「the」。

  • Phil, can you explain what this is?


  • OK, so, if something happens in the wake of something else, it happens after and usually because of that something.


  • Right. So, here in this headline, it's saying that the football chief resigned after the World Cup kiss and because of the World Cup kiss.


  • Exactly. Now it's quite formal and it's often used in headlines.


  • You might see something like 'Security tightened in wake of World Cup final'.


  • Yeah. That's right.


  • OK, let's look at that again.


  • We've had: fall out - a negative result.

    我們有:fall out (惡果) ,表示負面的結果。

  • A win - a successful result.

    A win (勝利) ,表示成功的結果。

  • In wake of - because of something recent.

    In wake of,表示因為最近發生的事情。

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World Cup kiss scandal.


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