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  • Here they are, everyone.


  • The new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

    全新 iPhone 15 和 iPhone 15 Pro。

  • Yeah, the new iPhone 15 Pros have a new Titanium design, action button and improved cameras.

    是的,新款的 iPhone 15 Pro 採用了全新的鈦合金設計,新增了動作按鈕,並且改進了相機性能。

  • But the biggest news from today's Apple event:


  • We're bringing USB-C to iPhone 15.

    我們的 iPhone 15 導入了 USB-C。

  • Yep, I basically came all the way to Apple's Cupertino headquarters to see a tiny hole,


  • and to see if anyone would, well, take my lightning collection, which is basically trash.

    以及看看是否有人願意接受我的 Lightning 充電線收藏,它現在基本上就是垃圾了。

  • But seriously, the switch from Lightning to USB-C may be the biggest iPhone news to impact you in years.

    不過說真的,從 Lightning 轉換到 USB-C 可能是多年来影響你最大的 iPhone 消息。

  • Allow me to answer all your "important" questions.

    請允許我回答你所有的重要問題。(port 指連接埠)

  • I want to apologize for that pun.


  • Number one, what's this port anyway?


  • There are four new iPhone 15 models and they all have USB-C ports.

    總之,目前有四款新的 iPhone 15 型號,它們都有 USB-C 連接埠。

  • It's the same port found on Android phones, iPads and most Windows and Mac laptops,

    這跟在 Android 手機、iPad 以及大多數 Windows 和 Mac 筆電上,

  • and pretty much every other modern consumer gadget.


  • So that means you can charge all those things with one type of cable.


  • It's goodbye to Apple's favorite proprietary port introduced in 2012.

    我們要跟蘋果在 2012 年推出的最愛的專有連接埠告別了。

  • Our new connector is called Lightning.

    我們的新連接器稱為 Lightning。

  • This connector is a modern connector for the next decade.


  • But of course, now Apple is saying this USB-C port is even better, especially on the Pro models.

    當然,蘋果表示這個 USB-C 連接埠更好,特別是在 Pro 的機型上。

  • Using a USB 3.0 cable with iPhone 15 pro enables incredibly fast transfer speeds.

    使用 USB 3.0 電線與 iPhone 15 Pro 一起使用可以實現極快的傳輸速度。

  • So it's much faster to transfer your large ProRAW photos or ProRes videos to your Mac.

    所以將大型專業原始照片或專業分辨率視頻傳輸到 Mac 的速度會更快。

  • Yes, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can now get 20 times faster transfer speeds than previous iPhones if you have a special USB 3.0 cable.

    是的,如果使用特殊的 USB 3.0 電線,iPhone 15 Pro 和 Pro Max 現在可以實現比之前的 iPhone 快20倍的傳輸速度。

  • Another neat trick, you can charge airpods or the Apple Watch directly from an iPhone 15 model with the USB-C connector.

    另一個很棒的技巧是,你可以使用 iPhone 15 的USB-C 連接器直接為 AirPods 或 Apple Watch 充電。

  • And when you buy an iPhone 15, you'll get a new cable but not just any cable, it's a higher quality rated cable.

    購買 iPhone 15 時,你會獲得一條新的電線,但這不僅僅是一條普通的電線,它是一條品質更好的高等級電線。

  • That should mean no more of this grossness.


  • Number two, why is Apple doing this?


  • Well, to be clear, Apple didn't want to remove Lightning, but the European Union was adamant.

    說白了,蘋果並不想移除 Lightning,但歐盟的態度很堅決。

  • It wanted a common charger.


  • Really, you can blame this guy.


  • I'm Alex Agius Saliba, a member of the European parliament.

    我叫 Alex Agius Saliba,是歐洲議會的議員。

  • And some may call you the Lightning murderer?

    有些人稱你為 Lightning 殺手?

  • As you like if you like it. Call me so. No problem at all.


  • This is the past and this is the present.


  • Yes, he led the EU legislation that states that by the end of 2024,

    是的,他領導了歐盟立法,該立法規定,到 2024 年底,

  • mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets sold in the EU will have to be equipped with a USB Type-C receptacle, aka port.

    在歐盟銷售的手機、平板電腦和其他設備將必須配備 USB Type-C 連接孔,也就是俗稱的連接埠。

  • Apple wasn't happy.


  • We have benefits for consumers, benefits for the environment, faster when it comes to charging ,faster when it comes to data transfer.


  • So why should we continue to use Lightning cable?

    那麼,我們為什麼還要繼續使用 Lightning 電線呢?

  • The only advantage is for Apple to continue to sell proprietary charging solutions, which cost more for our consumers.


  • We were in Cupertino two years ago trying to meet with Apple as legislators to explain what we were doing.


  • They were not even engaging, brushing us off saying that they will see when and if the legislation will be approved.


  • They will see how they will adapt to it.


  • In an interview with me last year, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak,


  • argued that this would just create more e-waste since over a billion people would have to get rid of their Lightning cables.

    他認為這將只會產生更多的電子垃圾,因為超過十億人將必須丟棄他們的 Lightning 電線。

  • Governments don't get to do what they're going to do and obviously, we'll have to comply.


  • And we think the approach would have been better environmentally and better for our customers to not have a government be that prescriptive.


  • Which really does lead to our biggest issue: these.


  • Number three, what do I do with my old cables?


  • Maybe Tim Cook wants my collection.


  • He's, he's in there someplace.


  • There's no way I can get in there.


  • If you're buying one of these new phones, these are all relics now, essentially trash.


  • Now, when Android phones went through the micro USB to USB-C transition and laptops from USB-A to USB-C, these sorts of dongles became popular.

    當 Android 手機從 Micro USB 轉換成 USB-C,筆電從 USB-A 轉換成 USB-C 時,這些類型的轉接頭變得非常流行。

  • And now Apple is continuing its tradition of selling a $29 dongle.

    現在蘋果正延續販賣要價 29 美元的轉接頭的傳統。

  • Of course, it's more likely that you'll keep those old lightning cords in a bag or in your drawer.

    當然,你更有可能會將那些舊的 Lightning 充電線放在袋子或抽屜裡。

  • Apple does say you can recycle your old cords at its stores and there are plenty of recycling options.


  • But one thing is becoming increasingly clear: Apple doesn't like ports on its phones at all.


  • RIP headphone jacks.

    耳機孔 RIP。

  • We're taking the headphones and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to Lightning.

    我們將把 iPhone 7 和 7 Plus 的耳機孔改為 Lightning 連接孔。

  • It really comes down to one word: courage.


  • The courage to move on, do something new that betters all of us.


  • And over the years, the company has focused more on its wireless charging MagSafe option.

    多年來,該公司更加專注於其無線充電的 MagSafe 選項。

  • And for an easy wireless connection to chargers and other accessories, iPhone 15 has MagSafe.

    為了輕鬆實現與充電器和其他配件的無線連接,iPhone 15 配備了 MagSafe。

  • Which means it's really only a matter of time before I come to one of these Cupertino events and see a totally portless iphone and say, "USB, see you later."

    這代表早晚,我來參加庫比蒂諾活動時,將會看到一部完全無連接孔的 iPhone,然後說:「USB,再見了。」

  • I'm not proud.


  • Yeah, it's down there. RIP Lightning, RIP.

    是的,舊的充電線就在下面,RIP Lightning,RIP。

Here they are, everyone.


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