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  • Chat GPT. There’s been a lot of buzz around it  recentlyEveryone’s saying how great it is…  

    哈拉 GPT。大家都在說它有多棒......

  • But youll be surprised to find out that ChatGPT  is not the only one out there. What’s even more,  

    但你會驚訝地發現,ChatGPT 並不是唯一的一個。更重要的是

  • it is not even the best one. Right now I’ll show  you 8 crazy AI tools that will blow your mind!

    這還不是最好的。現在,我將向你展示 8 種瘋狂的人工智能工具,它們將讓你大開眼界!

  • First - ChatSonic. ChatSonic is like ChatGPT on  steroids when it comes to writing and chatting.  

    首先是 ChatSonic。在寫作和哈拉方面,ChatSonic 就像打了類固醇的 ChatGPT。

  • ChatGPT, as a language model, uses a built-in  library of data, which means its knowledge  

    作為一種語言模型,ChatGPT 使用一個內置的數據庫,這意味著它的知識

  • is incomplete and outdated. If we ask it  directly about the span of its knowledge,  


  • itll say that it knows nothing after September  2021. This really limits the variety of its  

    它會說 2021 年 9 月之後它就什麼都不知道了。這確實限制了其

  • responses. ChatSonic, on the other hand, doesn’t  have this problem. It is also powered by GPT-4,  

    回覆。而 ChatSonic 則沒有這個問題。它也採用了 GPT-4 技術、

  • but does support real-time search thanks to  its integration with Google. And it can give  


  • relevant and credible data, including  the latest news or events, which is  


  • absolutely fantastic. And you also can choose  a personality that'll answer you. For example,  


  • I want a travel guide to create me a travel plan  for a round-trip across the US. So I asked for it,  


  • and it actually planned a trip and calculated  the budget. Neat! But that’s still not everything  


  • it can do. It also can connect with DALLE and  StableDiffusion to generate images straight from  

    它能做什麼。它還能與 DALLE 和 StableDiffusion 相連接,直接從 DALLE 和 StableDiffusion 生成影像。

  • the chat. The quality of results will depend on  the prompt you type. Here I asked for a 50-dollar  

    哈拉。結果的品質取決於您輸入的提示。在這裡,我要求輸入 50 美元

  • bill with Colonel Sanders as president. It took  me a few attempts to formulate a prompt, but  


  • the final results are lowkey great. And I’m still  not done. ChatSonic also supports Text To Speech  

    最後的結果非常好。我還沒說完呢。ChatSonic 還支持文本到語音

  • conversion and Voice Commands, which makes itperfect candidate for a virtual assistant instead  


  • of Google or Siri. Let’s ask it for something with  a voice-command. “How to peel an apple?” Whoah,  

    谷歌或 Siri。讓我們用語音命令向它詢問一些事情。"怎麼削蘋果?"哇哦

  • and it reads the instructions out loud! There’s  only one drawback about ChatSonic - for free  

    並大聲朗讀說明!ChatSonic 只有一個缺點--免費

  • you get only 10 thousand words per month if you  use GPT 3.5 and only 2 and a half thousand with  

    如果使用 GPT 3.5,每月只能獲得 1 萬字,使用 GPT 3.5 每月只能獲得 2.5 萬字。

  • GPT-4+. If your needs are above that limityoull need to pay. Also, WriteSonic has an  

    GPT-4+。如果您的需求超過了這一限制,則需要付費。此外,WriteSonic 還有一個

  • extensive list of AI tools for copywritersbloggers, ad-specialists, etc. to help with any  


  • written work like blog posts, product details  and headlines, social media content plans,  


  • website landing pages and so on. And all of those  tools are available in a single subscription.


  • Second - durable. This AI will be extremely  useful to anyone who needs a website. You  


  • surely imagine website building as something  long and complex. But Durable makes it super  

    網站建設肯定是一件漫長而複雜的事情。但 "可持續 "讓它變得超級

  • easy. All you need to do to create a website  is fill in a few details. Let’s say my business  


  • type is Dog walking. The name will beTired  Paws Inc.” Now wait a few seconds while the  

    類型是遛狗。名稱為 "Tired Paws Inc."現在等待幾秒鐘,當

  • AI does all the heavy lifting and generatingYes, it’s done! Look at it! It has the header,  

    人工智能完成所有繁重的工作並生成數據。 是的,已經完成了!看看它!它有標題、

  • the images, the descriptions, everythingIt even filled in the services available  

    圖片、描述,應有盡有。 它甚至還填寫了可提供的服務

  • like On Leash and Off Leash walks. Even the  testimonials and a map are there. You can  

    如 "牽繩 "和 "不牽繩 "散步。甚至連推薦信和地圖都有。您可以

  • regenerate every part of the website if needed.  I think this is a perfect tool for anyone who’s  

    如果需要,還可以重新生成網站的每一部分。 我認為,這對於任何有以下需求的人來說都是一個完美的工具

  • trying to start a small business or just  establish some online presence. So now you  


  • can forget about paying thousands for a website  - the AI will do it for free! But remember - to  


  • make changes to the designed website you  need to register. Otherwise - it’s free.


  • Three - Eightify. You know what I’m missing from  ChatGPT? It can’t work with videos. But Eightify  

    三 - Eightify。你知道 ChatGPT 缺少了什麼嗎?它無法使用視頻。但 Eightify

  • can. Eightify is a powerful AI-based chrome  extension that easily summarizes videos. Weve  

    可以。Eightify 是一款功能強大的基於人工智能的 Chrome 瀏覽器擴展,可輕鬆總結視頻內容。我們已經

  • all been in situations when we need to learn  something on YouTube, but the lecture is too  

    我們都曾遇到過這樣的情況:我們需要在 YouTube 上學習一些知識,但講座太

  • long and filled with useless small-talk. With  Eightify you can strip the video of all that,  

    冗長,充滿了無用的閒言碎語。有了 Eightify,您就可以將這些內容從視頻中剝離出來、

  • leaving a short yet concise summary. No need  to watch 3 hours of some dude teaching the  

    留下簡明扼要的摘要。沒必要看 3 個小時的花花公子講授

  • basics of python - just read the summary  and youre good to go! Let’s summarize  

    python 基礎知識--只需閱讀摘要就可以了!讓我們總結一下

  • this video on another channel about an iPhone  15 leaks. ClickSummarize”, wait a little,  

    另一個頻道上關於 iPhone 15 洩露的視頻。點擊 "總結",稍等片刻、

  • and here’s the summary. The 8-minute video is  now a one-minute read. Youre welcome, students!

    這裡是摘要。8 分鐘的視頻現在只需 1 分鐘即可讀完。不客氣,同學們!

  • Four - Perplexity. Perplexity is yet another  Chat Bot but with a twist. It operates just  

    四 - Perplexity。Perplexity 是另一款哈拉機器人,但有一個轉捩點。它的操作只是

  • like ChatGPT but has one huge advantage  - it supports real-time search AND gives  

    與 ChatGPT 相似,但有一個巨大的優勢,即它支持實時搜索,並提供

  • sources of information with each answer. It  also suggests related queries so you could  


  • get even more information. This makes  it a perfect tool for anyone who needs  


  • exact information with sources. Because ChatGPT  even at times when it gives real information,  

    有來源的準確資訊。因為 ChatGPT 有時甚至會提供真實資訊、

  • it gives no links to sources, so you just have  to trust it. Perplexity, on the other hand,  


  • proves its words and backs them with reputable  data sources. I think perplexity is the future  


  • of search engines - no more long lists of  links with similar info - all you get is a  


  • single response with links to source materialsAt the same time it can also write texts for you  

    單個回覆,並提供源材料鏈接。 同時,它還可以為您編寫文本

  • like emails or essays with the same accuracy  and fluency of speech as ChatGPT. Win-win!

    像電子郵件或論文一樣,具有與 ChatGPT 一樣的準確性和流暢性。雙贏!

  • Now when were halfway there, I think I should  clarify one thing - even ChatGPT can surprise  

    現在,當我們走到一半的時候,我想我應該澄清一件事--即使是 ChatGPT 也能帶來驚喜

  • you if you use the right prompts. It’s crucial  to exactly know what to ask to get the desired  


  • answers. That’s why we created the pack of prompts  you can use to take your game to the next level.  


  • In this pack there are tons of ready-made  prompts that you just need to copy and paste.  


  • We think this list will be a game-changer  for businesses, marketing specialists,  


  • or just average people! I’ll leave a link  in the description for you, so check it out!


  • Five - Runway ML. Runway is a very complex and  powerful AI that covers almost everything that  

    五--Runway ML。Runway 是一種非常複雜和強大的人工智能,幾乎涵蓋了以下所有領域

  • has something to do with images. If you thought  Stable Diffusion and Dalle are cool - you should  


  • take a look at Runway ML. This AI can convert  text to image, remove background, expand images,  

    看看 Runway ML。這款人工智能可以將文本轉換為影像、移除背景、擴展影像、

  • erase and replace objects on photos. It also  can color grade videos only by your text input,  


  • it can remove objects from images and  replace them with descriptive text,  


  • create new frames to turn low-frame-rate  footage into smooth slow-motion videos,  


  • automatically blur faces, and so on. C’monit can even automatically create greenscreens  


  • from your videos. This is a really powerful  tool that can make content-production easier.  


  • The Runway ML is free to use and create  an account. The free version provides  

    Runway ML 可免費使用並創建賬戶。免費版本提供

  • unlimited project creation and video  export with a maximum quality of 720p.

    無限制地創建項目和導出視頻,最高畫質可達 720p。

  • Six - Amazon Code Whisperer. If youreprogrammer, you probably already tested ChatGPT  

    六 - 亞馬遜代碼耳語者。如果你是程序員,你可能已經測試過 ChatGPT

  • for coding. And while it’s great for standalone  small tasks, it cannot be integrated into your  


  • coding infrastructure in any way. So even if  you make it generate you a piece of code, youll  


  • still need to spend time on fiddling with it and  incorporating it into your main code. With Amazon  


  • Code Whisperer, you can just write a comment  inside your code and instantly get a working  


  • and optimized suggestion. Code Whisperer analyzes  the code and suggests code snippets depending on  


  • the context. It can suggest functions, variable  names, and entire code lines. All you have to do  


  • as a programmer is click enter when you like the  suggestion, or edit the suggestion if something  


  • is not to your liking. This way you can code  much faster and save a ton of time on endless  


  • typing of simple elements. The best part is that  it supports a ton of languages, from Python and  

    簡單元素的類型。最棒的是,它支持大量語言,包括 Python 和

  • Java to SQL and Scala. This AI tool is free for  individual developers, so be sure to check it out!

    Java 到 SQL 和 Scala。這款人工智能工具對個人開發者免費,請務必查看!

  • Seven - Caktus AI. This AI was specifically  designed to help students, and every feature  

    Seven - Caktus AI。該人工智能專為幫助學生而設計,其每項功能

  • was specifically tailored to studentsneeds. The  only issue with this Ai is its price. Caktus AI  

    是專門為學生的需求量身定製的。這款人工智能唯一的問題是價格。Caktus AI

  • has no free trial - you need to pay to use it  straight away. I think this is a huge drawback,  


  • but I also get the point of such a decision. But  again, Caktus is the best all-in-one platform  

    但我也明白這樣做的意義。但同樣,Caktus 是最好的一體化平臺

  • for students to really boost productivity and  streamline the workflow. Caktus can write essays,  

    為學生真正提高工作效率和簡化工作流程。Caktus 可以撰寫論文、

  • generate questions for discussions, write  summaries and personal statements. And if  


  • youre a future programmer - it can generate you  full programs in just a click. We can ask it, for  


  • example, write a python program, and itll do it  in a few seconds. Of course, this coding AI can’t  

    例如,編寫一個 python 程序,它就能在幾秒鐘內完成。當然,這種編碼人工智能不能

  • create really complex projects, but it surely  will be enough for anything a school can ask for.


  • Eight - Reimagine Home AI. This AI will  be perfect for anyone planning a makeover  

    八--Reimagine Home AI。該人工智能非常適合計劃進行改造的人

  • of their home. Basically what it does is analyzes  the photo of your place and based on your prompts  


  • creates a visualization of a new space. You  can input the details like color scheme,  


  • furniture style, or the room type when  needed to get a more complete makeover.  


  • I think this AI will be perfect at the  early stages of makeovers and renovations,  


  • as it helps brainstorm the idea and  visualize the general concept of the space.


  • There are dozens of other cool AI’s out thereSome are useful for optimizing productivity,  

    還有其他幾十種很酷的人工智能。 有些對優化生產力很有用、

  • others are better suited for businesses and  entrepreneurs. But one thing is certain - AI  


  • is the future, and we should start using  this tech to the fullest right now!


Chat GPT. There’s been a lot of buzz around it  recentlyEveryone’s saying how great it is…  

哈拉 GPT。大家都在說它有多棒......

由 AI 自動生成

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