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  • Studying in Strasbourg was the first opportunity I had to really live abroad, and try to figure

  • out how to make my life in a country where I didn't completely understand the language.

  • My house mother taught me how to cook French food, and we would sit around the dinner table

  • and talk about stuff, everything was in French, she hardly spoke a word of English. So I learned

  • to adapt, I learned to integrate myself into a new community, and talk to people and meet

  • people, and understand a culture. The classes are also very rigorous, one of my professors

  • actually, when she found out I was very into Broadcast Journalism and had some experience

  • in that way, she helped me kind of get a press pass into the Counsel of Europe and I did

  • a couple of freelance stories, just on my own duck into a panel discussion or a little

  • something like that and just did it for fun. You have to branch out and get to know French

  • people and do French things. In Strasbourg, I learned how to have fun on a budget. You

  • can rent a bike for 5 Euro and ride your bike as far as you can into Germany on a Saturday

  • and take the train back. The awesome thing is that every first Sunday of the month, all

  • of the museums are free. So we would have our first Sunday of the month day and we would

  • all go out and see as many things as we could in Strasbourg. We just had fun. There are

  • a lot of young people in Strasbourg, it's a very young demographic, there are a lot

  • of Universities and that kind of thing. Now that I have this experience of living abroad

  • I feel like if I'm able and have the opportunity to go into International Reporting later on,

  • I'll have that base, and I think that I learned when you meet the most incredible people and

  • you try the most amazing food and you just kind of see things, understand the history

  • of the region in a new way because you're there!

Studying in Strasbourg was the first opportunity I had to really live abroad, and try to figure


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