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  • The built-in Amp and Speaker cabinet simulation In Pro Tools SE

  • Will make recording your guitar easier than ever before.

  • Let's take a look at it

  • We're back in the Session, let's take a listen to what we've got.

  • Now I want to record some guitar but I'm going to have to create a track first.

  • I'm going to select my Bass track,

  • so that the new track will be placed directly below it. Nice!

  • Audio track, Mono

  • and that's it.

  • Now don't be tempted to NOT name your track,

  • all the Pro's do...

  • and you should too.

  • Now just like when we recorded the bass guitar,

  • Input 2 on the Fasttrack

  • is where my guitar

  • is plugged in.

  • Record enable the track,

  • and Gabe?

  • A little bit more...

  • Nice!

  • Now I'm going to load up a Track Preset,

  • a nice clean guitar tone.

  • Play a bit Gabe....

  • Let's try a Blues tone,

  • little bit of edge.

  • No, not right. I prefer the clean sound so I'm going to go back

  • and load up the first one. Now If I open up the Plug-in you can see the controls for the Guitar Amp,

  • and we'll take a look at these

  • later on

  • I'm going to bring up the track Volume so Gabe

  • can hear what he's playing..

  • One more time Gabe.

  • Nice! Alright, from the top of the song.

  • Okay, so once you've got your track recorded you still have lots of control over

  • your Guitar Tone.

  • Let's solo the track and I'll show you.

  • There's the Pre Amp Gain.

  • Drive, and EQ.

  • Now what you've created

  • a custom present or a modification

  • you can save that for later recall.

  • Just give it a name

  • and hit Okay.

  • Now let's cycle around the guitar part.

  • I'm going to bypass the Reverb,

  • and call up another Factory Setting

  • for the Guitar Amp.

  • I'll choose Pignose. It's a loud patch so I'll bring down the volume.

  • Nice, let's add some Dynamic Delay

  • and call up my custom patch.

  • Let's take a listen to that.

  • that's a great tone,

  • let's try something else maybe

  • a nice Twin.

  • Or my favorite the classic Marshall Plexi.

  • A little less on the Pre Amp.

  • Add the Delay.

  • Now instead of saving the Guitar Amp Preset, I'm going to save the Instrument Setting that way

  • it will encompass

  • the entire Effects chain.

  • I'm going to choose Save As,

  • and then give it a name, something that you can relate to, like... for me

  • that's Custom Plexi Setup

  • and it'll always be there for use at

  • a later time.

  • And of course you can clear all Effects in one go

  • by choosing

  • No Setting...

  • There we go.

  • And you can load them all up again

  • either from the open Plug-In menu, like so. Or

  • over on the track itself.

  • my savings, all restored.

  • Now I'm sure that you'll find many uses for the Guitar Amp Effects.

  • Let's check it in the mix.

The built-in Amp and Speaker cabinet simulation In Pro Tools SE


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Pro Tools® SE - 吉他放大器效果 - Win 7 & Mac OS X (Pro Tools® SE - The Guitar Amp Effect - Win 7 & Mac OS X)

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