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  • Whether you realize it or not, you're probably using AI in your daily life.


  • Typically, AI focuses on analyzing data to be used for things like translations or predictions,


  • but there's another type of AI that you might have learned of recently called Generative AI.

    但還有一種人工智能,你最近可能有了解到,叫生成式 AI。

  • Generative AI uses algorithms to analyze existing data, such as text and images, to then make new content.

    生成式 AI 使用演算法分析現有數據,如文章和圖片,製成新的內容。

  • Now you can use AI to create entirely new images with DALL-E in Bing Image

    現在你可以用 Bing Image Creator 中的 DALL-E 讓 AI 幫你生成圖片,

  • or generate code suggestions with GitHub Copilot.

    或使用 GitHub Copilot 生成程式碼建議。

  • But AI is getting put to work outside of work

    但 AI 應用正開始拓展到工作之外,

  • by helping you draft things like a dinner party invite or an itinerary for a 4-day trip to Mexico City.


  • To get technical,


  • this all happens because large neural networks that work together like neurons to pass along information


  • have been trained to analyze and recognize patterns within data.


  • So, let's try it.


  • I, a person who entirely lacks musical talent,


  • asked Bing chat to help draft lyrics about this topic.

    請 Bing chat 幫我以生成式 AI 為主題寫歌詞。

  • It searched for information on generative AI and on pop songs and created this:

    它搜尋了關於生成式 AI 和流行歌的資訊,並創造了這個:

  • Generative AI can make anything

    生成式 AI 可以創造任何東西

  • From text to images to sound


  • It learns from data and patterns

    AI 從數據和模式中學習

  • And then it makes something new and profound


  • Ok, I'm back!


  • Aside from catchy tunes, what can Generative AI help you achieve?

    除了朗朗上口的歌外,生成式 AI 還能幫你做什麼呢?

  • Imagine More with Microsoft AI.

    與微軟 AI 一起,超越想像。

Whether you realize it or not, you're probably using AI in your daily life.


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用對生成式 AI,讓你如虎添翼! (AI can do that? How generative AI is simplifying our everyday)

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