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  • Hey, everyone. Hope it's shaping up to be a terrific Tuesday.


  • Let's make this teacher time Tuesday, shall we?


  • Shout out to all the educators out there uplifting, informing, and inspiring students.


  • Go on and dap up your teacher. Give a handshake or high five. Let them know you appreciate all they do.

    給你的老師一個擊掌或高舉雙手表達你的敬意。 讓他們知道你感謝他們所做的一切。

  • All right, lots to get to today, but only 10 minutes to do it, so let's get to it.


  • I'm Coy Wire. This is CNN 10. And we start with the end of Title 42.

    我是 Coy Wire。這裡是 CNN 10 ,我們從《第42條法案》終止開始說起。

  • Last week, we told you about the looming expiration of Title 42, the policy set by the Trump administration at the start of the COVID pandemic,

    上週,我們提到了川普政府在 COVID 疫情爆發初期制定的《第42條法案》即將到期,

  • allowing migrants to be quickly expelled at the U.S. Southern border without a chance to ask for asylum.


  • The policy expired last Thursday night, along with the national coronavirus public health emergency.


  • With this expiration, there were major concerns about a massive surge of migrants at the border.


  • But according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the number of migrants at the U.S. Southern border is, "markedly down" over what they were prior to the end of Title 42.


  • Now, even though the number of people coming in may be lower than what federal officials were bracing for, communities at the southern border, well, they're still on high alert.


  • Ed Lavandera has more.

    接下來由 Ed Lavandera 帶來更多相關報導。

  • After Title 42 ended late Thursday night, some migrants discovered they didn't make it in time.


  • This father and son from Venezuela were turned away, but he says, "The goal is to get to the other side to find a way to reach the United States, but we'll have to wait and figure it out."

    這對來自委內瑞拉的父子被拒絕入境,但他表示:「我們的目標是要到對岸找到到達美國的方法,但我們必須等待並找出解決辦法。 」

  • We've been very, very clear that there are lawful, safe, and orderly pathways to seek relief in the United States.


  • And if one arrives at our southern border, one is going to face tougher consequences.


  • In the days leading up to last night's deadline, border officials saw a surge of migrants. More than 23,000 are now in CBP custody, down slightly from earlier this week.

    在該法案終止的昨天晚上,邊境官員見到了大量增加的移民潮。現在有超過 23,000 人被CBP拘留,稍微低於本週早些時候的數字。

  • But the end of Title 42 did not trigger the historic wave of migrants rushing to cross the border Friday that was predicted.


  • In El Paso, thousands were waiting to be processed outside a border gate.


  • We're prioritizing those most vulnerable populations. We're doing this as quickly and as efficiently and as safely as we possibly can.


  • That number now down to a couple hundred, says the city's mayor.


  • After yesterday's spike at about 1800 that came in yesterday, we've not seen any additional big numbers come in through the El Paso sector.

    在昨天的高峰時期,大約有 1800 人進入,但我們沒有看到額外的大量人數進入埃爾帕索地區。

  • We had lean-tos or tents, whatever term you want to use, literally all along the wall.


  • John Martin runs a network of shelters in El Paso and said the crowds have dramatically dwindled in recent days.

    John Martin 在埃爾帕索經一個收容所網絡,他表示近日人群數量急劇減少。

  • As of about 11 o'clock this morning, we had no new arrivals.

    截至今天上午 11 點左右,沒有新的人進來了。

  • While he was surprised at the lack of influx the morning after Title 42 lifted, he doesn't expect it will stay this way.


  • I have to admit it's nice to be able to breathe one more time, but we can't let our guard down because we still know it's coming.


  • In January U.S. Customs and Border Protection opened this massive tent processing facility in the El Paso area, about 20 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

    一月份時,美國海關和邊境保護局在埃爾帕索地區開設了一個龐大的帳篷處理設施,距離美墨邊境約 20 英里。

  • It's designed to be able to hold about 1000 migrants at a time.

    這個設施的設計目的是能夠同時容納大約 1000 名移民。

  • And as you can see, construction crews are working to expand and we're told by CBP officials in June, they'll have room for another 1000 migrants to hold at this facility.

    正如您所看到的,施工人員正在擴建,據美國海關和邊境保護局官員告知,到了六月份,這個設施將有能力容納另外 1000 名移民。

  • In Brownsville, dozens of buses line up near an intake facility, but a major humanitarian group in the area tells CNN they only had one bus of migrants arrive today.

    在布朗斯維爾,數十輛巴士在一個接待設施附近排隊,但當地一個重要的人道主義組織告訴 CNN,今天只有一輛巴士載著移民抵達。

  • About 155,000 migrants were estimated to be in shelters and on streets in Mexico waiting to enter the U.S., a source familiar with federal estimates said.

    根據一位熟悉聯邦估計的消息人士表示,估計有大約 155,000 名移民在墨西哥的收容所和街頭等待進入美國。

  • Migrants will still risk their lives to make it to the U.S., and from now on, people who cross the border illegally will face a tougher path to requesting asylum.


  • Many will be deported, like this group who were shackled and led onto a repatriation flight, like this one, leaving for Guatemala on Thursday.


  • In the days leading up to the end of Title 42, this alleyway, be kind of migrant shelter in El Paso was packed with migrants sleeping outside. All of that has changed.


  • And what several migrant advocates tell us is that for now, they think that migrants on the Mexican side of the border are reassessing the border landscape,


  • trying to figure out when the next best opportunity might be to cross into the U.S.


  • Ed Lavandera, CNN, El Paso, Texas.

    CNN記者 Ed Lavandera 在德州埃爾帕索市的報導。

  • Today we are going to spotlight an inspiring young woman named Yasmine Arrington who knows firsthand the challenges of growing up while having a parent who's incarcerated.

    今天我們要聚焦在一位鼓舞人心的年輕女子,名叫 Yasmine Arrington ,她深知在父母入獄的情況下成長所面臨的挑戰。

  • Gaining strength through her struggles, Yasmine started a nonprofit group called ScholarCHIPS. CHIPS is an acronym standing for Children of Incarcerated Parents.

    雅斯敏從困境中獲得力量,創辦了一個非營利組織,名為 ScholarCHIPS。CHIPS 是 Children of Incarcerated Parents 的首字母縮寫,意思是父母入獄的孩子們。

  • The organization provides scholarships, mentoring, and a network of support.


  • Meet our CNN hero, Yasmine Arrington.

    讓我們一起認識我們的 CNN 英雄,Yasmine Arrington。

  • My father has been in and out of jail, in prison my entire life.


  • My father's incarceration has certainly affected me on a personal level, emotionally, mentally.


  • Many young people who have incarcerated parents definitely feel stigmatized and marginalized.


  • - Are you looking at me? What are you looking at? - Probably... or some cookies.

    - 你在看我嗎?你在看什麼? - 有可能... 或是在看餅乾。

  • I was 13 years old when my mother passed away.

    我母親去世時我才 13 歲。

  • I was raised by my maternal grandmother. And my grandmother is a big advocate of education.


  • She knew that college was coming down the pike for me, but, you know, there was no college fund.


  • My grandmother began researching various scholarships online that I would be eligible for.


  • She said I don't see any for young people like yourself who have incarcerated parents.


  • And I kept that in my mind.


  • When I was a junior, I went through a social entrepreneurship program for teenagers, and we had to come up with a social venture.


  • So I pitched ScholarCHIPS. And the CHIPS, of course, is an imperfect acronym for Children of Incarcerated Parents.

    所以我提出了 ScholarCHIPS 的概念。而 CHIPS 當然是「父母入獄孩子」的不完美首字母縮寫。

  • And the judges, they love the idea.


  • And so here I was, 16 years old, with $1,000 seed grant. I wasn't even old enough to have a bank account.

    所以在那時,我只有 16 歲,拿到了1000美元的種子資本。我的年紀甚至還不足以擁有一個銀行帳戶。

  • ScholarCHIPS is a nonprofit organization that provides college scholarships, mentoring, mental health supports, and a robust support network to college-bound young adults who have incarcerated parents.

    ScholarCHIPS 是一個非營利組織,為那些父母入獄且即將進入大學的年輕人提供大學獎學金、輔導、心理健康輔助和強大的支持網絡。

  • The main objective is to help directly address the financial gap and challenges that many of our scholars face.


  • Our scholars are provided with brand-new laptops.


  • We also have an emergency fund. And so when scholars have unexpected challenges that come up, we definitely step in to help.


  • Hi.


  • Hello, there. How are we doing?


  • Our scholars have the option to opt in to being matched with a mentor who wants to be a cheerleader and a champion.


  • I mean, let's remember this journey, right? Just lean into it and let it just wash over. This is really good stuff.


  • They have someone who has already been through college and the process that they're currently going through.


  • Tiana (ph), hi.


  • I do personally check in with our scholars.


  • Get ready for graduation?


  • Yeah.


  • I know, congratulations. I'm so excited.


  • The check-ins are very helpful because oftentimes we will discover a need that a scholar has that we otherwise didn't know.


  • A judgy traffic light that only lets you pass if you're driving, right? Well, that's today's story getting a 10 out of 10.


  • This traffic light is watching you, monitoring your speed as you're passing through.


  • If you're under the limit, ding, ding, ding. Good job. Keep going. You can get your green.


  • But you'll feel the shame if you drive too fast. A red light, you shall not pass.


  • This is all part of an experiment in Canada, in a suburb of Montreal.


  • The light is also gathering information regarding traffic flow and driver behavior and then relays this information to the city for analysis.


  • In addition to making people ponder poor life choices by forcing them to slow down and stop at a red light. Now that's breaking news.


  • Today's special shout-out is going to Piedmont, South Carolina, Wren Middle School, you rock.


  • Thank you for everyone who's subscribed and have been commenting on our CNN 10 YouTube Channel. Much love, right back at you.

    感謝所有訂閱並在我們 CNN 10 的 YouTube 頻道上留言的觀眾們。向你們表達滿滿感謝之情!

  • Make it an awesome day, everybody. I'll see you tomorrow. I'm Coy Wire, and we are CNN 10.

    祝大家度過美好的一天。 明天見。 我是 Coy Wire,這裡是 CNN 10。

Hey, everyone. Hope it's shaping up to be a terrific Tuesday.


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