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  • How's it going beautiful people my name is Ben  Williams you might know me as Pete on The Next  

  • Step um before I start make sure to check  out full episodes of The Next Step on BBC  

  • iPlayer where you can watch all your favourite  dances and routines I'm a professionally trained  

  • dancer I've been dancing since I was about 10  years old so that's about 12 years now and for  

  • International Dance Day I'll be giving you  five tips on if you want a career in dance

  • okay so tip number one is to take in as  much as you can now dance is a whole world  

  • a whole universe there are so many styles  and different ways of dancing I'd say go  

  • out take all the classes and you really  find what speaks to you and sometimes  

  • that can be multiple different styles  sometimes it might be you love ballet  

  • but you love crump at the same time so go  ahead and take everything take it all in

  • tip number two is to embrace being a work  in progress now there is no such thing  

  • as a perfect dancer and what I love about  certain dancers a lot of the time is what  

  • makes them unique and different and there's  so much that we can work on there's so much  

  • that we can build on but you also need to  be thankful for where you are now so I'd  

  • say in general really embrace just being  a work in progress and loving the process

  • tip number three is be careful with comparing  yourself to others now when you get further  

  • in your career and dance especially you may be  going in auditions where there are people that  

  • may look like you or dance similar to you how  I feel is that again there's no one like you  

  • you are the only one you and there's no reason  to compare yourself to anyone there's always  

  • room for everyone even if you have a twin  don't compare yourself because there's so  

  • much that you as a person bring to these spaces  that everyone will love and everyone will enjoy

  • my tip number four and it's my favourite tip is to  not take yourself too seriously as you get further  

  • in your dance career of course you will be in  environments where you need to take your work  

  • seriously you need to take the job seriously yes  but in terms of yourself have fun you know what  

  • I mean you started dance because it was fun so  continue to have fun continue to enjoy being a  

  • work in progress continue to enjoy growing and  figuring things out and just finding what it is  

  • that you love as a dancer so don't take yourself  too seriously have fun and enjoy the process

  • always remember why you started once you start  competing once you start doing things like that  

  • once you start getting further sometimes  it feels like the pressure is on to be the  

  • best or do this or do that and then you stray  away from the core reason of why you started  

  • there and that was because you love it you  had fun doing it and you did it with your  

  • friends you know what I mean you're around  people who love it and you love it yourself  

  • so always remember at the end of the day you're  dancing because it's fun not because it's work

  • tip number six  

  • is to watch full episodes of The Next Step  on BBC iPlayer now go do that tip number six

How's it going beautiful people my name is Ben  Williams you might know me as Pete on The Next  


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The Next Step's Ben Williams on How to Be A Professional Dancer | CBBC(The Next Step's Ben Williams on How to Be A Professional Dancer | CBBC)

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