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  • Hello, lovely people; it is a terrific Tuesday and a perfect day to show some love and give a shout out to our teachers.


  • Go on and dap up your teach', give them a handshake or a high five, let them know you appreciate them.


  • Teachers, keep uplifting, informing, and inspiring; we are grateful for all you do.


  • I'm Coy Wire, you are awesome, this is CNN10, the best 10 minutes in news.

    我是 Coy Wire、你們很棒,而這是 CNN10,最棒的 10 分鐘新聞。

  • We start in Argentina, a vibrant country in South America known for:


  • stunning natural landscapes, being home to tango dancing, gauchos, the World Cup soccer champs, and vibrant city life in Buenos Aires, the capital.


  • It's the world's 8th largest country, covering a huge portion of southern South America.

    它是全世界第 8 大國家,覆蓋了南美洲南部很大一部分。

  • But now, Argentina's economy is on the edge of a crisis due to recession caused by a drought and growing inflation.


  • The costs of many goods in Argentina have more than doubled what they were last year.


  • It's the first time that this has happened in 3 decades.

    這是 30 年以來第一次發生的狀況。

  • Food and drink are among the items that were the most expensive.


  • Citizens in Argentina are finding it very difficult to live on their salaries and to save money for their futures.


  • They're taking to the streets to protest the government, which, they say, isn't doing enough to curb inflation and help its citizens.


  • But, while the government is acknowledging problems, they're also pointing to recent job growth as a good signthis all comes in the lead up to an election in October.

    但在政府承認問題的同時,也指出最近的就業增長是個好跡象,這一切都發生在 10 月選舉前。

  • Up next, CNN's Rafael Romo will break down the economic situation in Argentina, number by number.

    接著,CNN 的 Rafael Romo 將逐步地為我們分析阿根廷的經濟情勢。

  • Holding torches and banners, they march down some of the most iconic streets of downtown Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.


  • The march, organized by worker unions, is the latest in a series of anti-government protests.


  • Workers like Silvia Sarabia say the government is not doing enough to alleviate a galloping yearly inflation that reached 104%, the second highest in Latin America, after Venezuela's 501%.

    像是 Silvia Sarabia 這樣的工人表示,政府沒有採取足夠措施來緩解每年快速上漲、達到 104% 的通膨率,這個數字是拉丁美洲繼委內瑞拉 501% 後的第二高。

  • "Those who have a formal job get wages under the poverty line," she says, "that's why these protests are so big."


  • Workers say the government of Argentina is taking money from the working class to pay the International Monetary Fund.


  • President Alberto Fernandez admitted there are problems to be solved, but pointed to 30 months of job growth in the country.

    總統費南德斯承認有一些問題需要被解決,但也指出該國連續 30 個月的就業增長。

  • Last month, Argentina reworked a 44-billion-dollar loan with the IMF,

    阿根廷上個月與國際貨幣基金組織重新修訂了 440 億美元的貸款,

  • obtaining nearly 10 billion in fresh cash in exchange for measures to strengthen public finances and start reducing persistently high inflation.

    獲得近 100 億美元的現金以換取加強公共財政和開始減少持續高通膨的措施。

  • President Fernandez is calling for unity, asking his fellow Argentines to please look towards the future.


  • He says his finance minister is working on the issues and blames some of the problems on the country's drought.


  • But for many people in Argentina, it's hard to have that kind of optimism when they don't even know if the next paycheck is going to allow them to make ends meet.


  • 10-second Trivia

    10 秒趣聞

  • What is the city with the most fountains in the world?


  • St. Petersburg, Russia; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy; or New York, New York.


  • Italyno city on the planet has as many fountains as Rome, where you'll find more than 2,000 of them.

    答案是義大利,全球沒有任何城市的噴泉跟羅馬一樣多,你可以在那裡看到超過 2 千座。

  • Up next: A story about trying something new with something very, very old.


  • Thousands of objects not making it into the Colosseum's new museum, they're now on full display.


  • The Colosseum, the ancient Roman amphitheater in the center of the city best known for gladiator games, first opened in the year 80 AD.

    競技場是羅馬市中心的古羅馬圓形劇場,以角鬥士比賽而聞名,於西元 80 年首次開放。

  • Now, its storage facilities full of artifacts are open to visitors at tiny museums all around the city.


  • Let's go.


  • Under the shadow of the Roman Colosseum, millions of people immerse themselves in ancient Roman history each year.


  • Here in Rome, museum curators are spoiled for choice.


  • What do you do with 500 Roman-era coins?

    你該如何處理 500 枚羅馬時期的硬幣?

  • With limited space in the site's new museum, the Colosseum is trying a new hands-on approach.


  • Warehouses and storage facilities brimming with artifacts are currently open to visitors.


  • These former shops and market stalls have been converted into temporary museum space to hold the leftover artifacts that didn't quite fit into a new museum that opened in 2021.

    這些舊商店和市場攤子都被轉換為暫時的展覽空間,以展示沒辦法放在 2021 開幕博物館中的剩餘古物。

  • Until the end of July, 8 visitors at a time can reserve a special tour guided by an archaeologist,

    直到 7 月底,一是可以開放 8 名遊客預約由考古學家引導的展覽,

  • who will let them hold these important historical finds, many of which have not been on display in 30 years.

    考古學家會讓他們握著這些重要的古蹟,其中很多至少 30 年都沒被展示過,

  • "In this way, the people have direct contact with the ancient culture and materials," archaeologist Roberta Alteri says.

    考古學家 Roberta Alteri 說:「這樣一來,人民就可以直接接觸這些古文化和材料。」

  • After that, their fate is unknown.


  • The popular pieces will upgrade to the museum, and the rest will go back to collecting dust in the warehouse.


  • Alfonsina Russo, the director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, says she hopes the project gives people a better understanding of daily life in ancient Rome.

    競技場考古遺址公園的園長 Alfonsina Russo 說,她希望這個計畫能讓人們更好地了解古羅馬的日常生活。

  • "These artifacts tell the story of daily life, how they carried out activities, and, above all, to bring these objects that would otherwise have remained hidden in our warehouses."


  • She also hopes other historical sites open up their warehouses to let people see all history has to offer, and to bring the past into focus.


  • Barbie Latza Nadeau, CNN, Rome.

    CNN Barbie Latza Nadeau 來自羅馬的報導。

  • Up next, engineer and entrepreneur Dhruv Boruah is developing a submarine that can filter microplastics out of the ocean.

    我們緊接著看到工程師和企業家 Dhruv Boruah 正在開發一種能夠從海洋中過濾塑膠微粒的潛水艇。

  • The goal? Replace sea vessels that emit carbon with a fleet of plastic-filtering submarines that don't have emissions and are better for the environment.


  • It's part of our Call to Earth series; let's join Dhruv for his first sea trial in Miami.

    這是 CNN Call to Earth 系列的一部分,讓我們跟著 Dhruv 一起進行在邁阿密的首次海上測試。

  • Dhruv Boruah is on a mission to rid plastic from the ocean.

    Dhruv Boruah 正在執行讓海洋零塑料的任務。

  • It's a problem the engineer first became aware of during a yachting race across the Atlantic.


  • Since then, Dhruv has dedicated himself to raising awareness of the issue by cycling down waterways in the world's largest cities.

    從那之後,Dhruv 便投身於透過在全球最大的城市水道中騎水上自行車以提升大眾警覺。

  • Do you like the bike?


  • Now, he is starting to think about the bigger picture.


  • So, we're collecting rubbish as well, so you can see loads of them on the water, yeah.


  • I had reached around 300 million people worldwide, but the question here, I ask myself every day:

    我在全球已經接觸 約 3 億人,但這裡的問題、也是我每天問自己的問題:

  • Where is the tangible impact? Where is the scale we are talking about?


  • Because riding on a bicycle, there's so much you can do.


  • So, this project is all about restoring the ocean with microplastics collection, taking action around ocean acidification, and everything else, but we start with microplastics and other data sensors.


  • Putting his engineering background to work, Dhruv started Oceanways,

    Dhruv 運用了他的工程背景創立 Oceanways,

  • a company set on building a fleet of zero-emissions submarines that can carry cargo, replacing other carbon-emitting vessels, while also filtering microplastics from the water.


  • Here in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Dhruv and his team are taking the new prototype out for its first sea trial.

    在邁阿密的比斯坎灣,Dhruv 和他的團隊正帶著新的原型機進行首次海測。

  • The water comes into the pipe, goes herethis is the filtration systemit comes out here, and we will collect everything here.


  • Then, here, we have got some sensors to collect ocean data, behavior of the vehicle in the water todaythat we have collected a lot of data.


  • Hopefully, we can feed them into (the) simulator to learn what's going on here.


  • Disconnected.


  • Ultimately, the ambition is to use fuel cells that draw hydrogen from the ocean to power the submarines to travel autonomously.


  • And for today's story getting a 10 out of 10, please "bear" with me.

    今天的 10 秒趣聞,來講點「熊」事。

  • On a beautiful day in Asheville, North Carolina, a bare-footed man was chilling in his chair on his back porch until...


  • bear!


  • David Oppenheimer could barely contain his emotions, freezing like frozen, just him and a black bear locked in a stare.

    David Oppenheimer 幾乎無法控制情緒、原地凍結,他和那隻熊大眼瞪小眼。

  • Thankfully, the bear seemed to be just as scared as David.

    值得慶幸的是,這隻熊似乎和 David 一樣害怕。

  • I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but this could've turned out really badly.


  • Instead, it gives us a pretty hilarious moment.


  • All right, time for our shout out of the day.


  • Klamath Falls, Oregon, Ponderosa Middle School, we see you; thanks for all the love.

    俄勒岡州克拉馬斯縣的 Ponderosa 中學,我們看到你們了,謝謝所有的關愛。

  • Before I go, can you all please help me out with something?


  • I'm trying to be better about posting on social media,


  • But there are so many of these special abbreviations to keep up with, like LOL⏤I know that means "laugh out loud",

    但網路上有好多需要學會的特殊縮寫,像是 LOL(我知道那代表 laugh out loud,大聲笑出來),

  • but I keep seeing people use the letters IDK, and every time I ask someone what it means, they say, "I don't know."

    但我一直看到人們用 IDK,然後每當我問人它的意思時,他們都會說:「我不知道(I don't know)。」

  • So, please hit me up @CoyWire on Insta, Snapchat, and TikTok and let me know.

    所以請在 Instagram、Snapchat 以及 TikTok 上透過 @CoyWire 帳號告訴我。

  • See you tomorrow, lovely people.


  • I'm Coy Wire, we are CNN10.

    我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10。

Hello, lovely people; it is a terrific Tuesday and a perfect day to show some love and give a shout out to our teachers.


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